Vanessa Hudgens’ 2 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Born and bought up in California, US, the 29 years aged beauty Vanessa Hudgens is an American actress and a singer. She rose to fame by the role of Gabriella Montez portrayed by her in the High School Musical Series. She has namely 2 tatts inked on her body which hold significant meaning in her life.

Vanessa Hudgens Tattoos

1. Sacred Om Symbol on The Side of Hands

Vanessa Hudgens Om Tattoo

Vanessa has the sides of her both hand’s tattooed with the “Om” symbol which is a holy symbol of Hindu community. The placement of this tattoo is in such a way that the complete symbol will be formed when she brings both her hands together for praying. She explained,” I got this tattoo so that I can spread positive energy and bring it together to center [myself].”

2. Vibrant Butterfly on Neck

Vanessa Hudgens Butterfly Tattoo

Vanessa has the side of her left neck tattooed with a vibrant colored butterfly. Since butterflies are themselves very delicate they are the perfect symbol to explain that life is too fragile and shortlived.

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