Jessica Shears’ 8 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Born and bought up in England, Jessica Rose Shears is a glamorous model by profession. Being a part of the glamorous world she has got herself tattooed with some meaningful tattoos. Check out further to read and know about her body inks.

Jessica Shears Tattoos

1. Heart And an Infinity Symbol Tattooed on Foot

Jessica Shears Foot Tattoo

Jessica is known to have an outline of a heart wrapped in an infinity symbol on her right foot. This tattoo of her symbolizes that the purpose of the real existence is achievable only through infinite love, faith, and hope.

2. Lotus Design on Nape

Jessica Shears Nape Tattoo

The model has an amazing lotus design on her nape. She took her Instagram account to post a picture of her lotus tattoo captioned with, “In love with my new lotus tattoo by the amazing @tess_divine_ink. The Arabic script is an old tattoo that I wanted adding to make it more girly and I can’t believe how amazing this has turned out. More pics to come once healed also excuse all the baby hair.”

3. Tribal Design on Thumb

Jessica Shears Thumb Tattoo

A prolific tribal design is being tattooed on her right hand’s thumb which consists of an arrow with some graphical shapes and two crescent moons facing opposite to each other.

4. Writing on Wrist

Jessica Shears Happiness Tattoo

The UK born beauty has her left wrist inked with a word “Happiness” in a cursive style.

5. Quote on Ribcage

Jessica Shears Ribcage Tattoo

Jessica has a quote tattooed on the right side of her ribcage which reads, “It’s never too late to be what you could have been.” Undoubtedly, this quote of her is an inspirational piece of text.

6. Roses on Upper Thigh

Jessica Shears Rose Tattoo

The left side of her upper thigh is tattooed with a pair of roses and leaves. After getting inked she felt so good that she even asked her followers on Instagram to follow her tattoo artist Richard Mullane as well.

7. Hamsa Tattooed on Foot

Jessica Shears Humsa Tattoo On Foot


Jessica has her left foot inked with an ancient religious amulet known as Hamsa which is considered to be a protective symbol which assures to bring happiness, luck, prosperity, well being, and good fortune.

8. Ornamental Pattern And a Heart on Wrist 

Jessica Shears Ornamental Tattoo

A creative ornamental pattern along with a heart is tattooed on the right hand’s wrist of Jessica.

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