Shay Mitchell’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

30 years aged Candian beauty Shay Mitchell is an actress, model, entrepreneur and, an author by profession. She came into the limelight after portraying the famous character of Emily Fields in the Pretty Little Liars series. She has only 3 tattoos inked on her body which are quite dear to her. Check out her tattoos by reading further.

Shay Mitchell Tattoos1

1. Infinity Tattoo on Wrist

Shay Mitchell Infinity Love Wrist Tattoo

To come out differently she had her left wrist tattooed with an infinity symbol with a word “Love” tagged in it using white ink. Since the tattoo is in white ink so, it is merely visible because it blends in completely with the color of the skin.

2. Character Emily Fields Initial Tattooed on Finger

Shay Mitchell Emily Tattoo

She along with the cast of her Pretty Little Liars series got the initials of their characters played by them inked on their index fingers. She got the character Emily’s “e” tattooed on her right hand’s index finger. 

3. Roman Numeral Tattooed on The Side of Wrist

Shay Mitchell Roman Numeral Tattoo

The tattoo phobic actress took a bold step and got the side of her right wrist inked with the Roman numeral “I IV III” by the celebs favorite tattoo artist Jon Boy. The significance of her tattoo is still a secret though speculations are there that I IV III stands for “I Love You.”

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