Aaron Hernandez’ 33 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Aaron Josef Hernandez was an American football tight end who played in the National Football League (NFL) for three seasons with the New England Patriots until the time when was arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd and trial for dual murder, till he hung himself in the cell in the year 2012. Aaron had multiple tattoos on his body covering the whole of his arms, chest, and also his back. A few of his tattoos were also used as proof of showing him guilty in the murder of Lloyd as he got them after committing his murder. Let us explore his tattoos and see what meanings did they have for him.

Aaron Hernandez

1. The Royal Flush Tattoo

Aaron ace of cards and rolling dice tattoo

2. Angels vs Demons Tattoo

Aaron angel vs demons tattoo

3. ‘Baby Angel’ Tattoo

Aaron baby angel tattoo

4. Claw Tattoo

Aaron bicep claw tattoo

5. ‘BIG BROTHER’ Tattoo

Aaron BIG BROTHER Tattoo

6. ‘Cross’ Tattoo

Aaron bicep tattoo

7. Bicep Writing Tattoo

Aaron bicep writing tattoo



9. ‘BornToPlayThisGame’ Tattoo

Aaron borntoplaythisgame tattoo

10. ‘Gun Barrel’ Tattoo


Aaron bullet tattoo

12. Chest Tattoo

Aaron chest tattoo

13. Chinese Writing Tattoo

Aaron chinese writing tattoo

14. ‘Clouds and Rain Drops’ Tattoo

Aaron clouds and rain drops tattoo

15. Design on Arm

Aaron design on arm tattoo'

16. Dollar Sign Tattoo

Aaron dollar on wrist

Aaron dollar sign tattoo Aaron dollar tattoo

17. ‘Est. 1996’ Tattoo

Aaron est tattoo

Aaron left hand numbers

18. ‘Eye’ Tattoo

Aaron eye tattoo

19. ‘SOME DO SOME DONT’ Tattoo

Aaron HATE ME NOW Tattoo

20. ‘HERMANDEZ’ Tattoo

Aaron Hernandez tattoo

21. Mother and Child Tattoo

Aaron woman with child portrait tattoo

Aaron In Gods hands tattoo


Aaron left arm writing

23. Hand Tattoo

Aaron left hand tattoo

McDonnell says #AaronHernandez told him this tattoo means “Can’t be stopped. Won’t be stopped. I will be the greatest.” 

24. Portrait Tattoo

Aaron lower back portrait tattoo

25. Chest Tattoo

Aaron My perfect World tattoo

26. Neck Tattoo

Aaron neck tattoo

27. ‘Roaring Lion’ Tattoo

Aaron roaring lion tatttoo

28. ‘Some Do Some Dont’ Tattoo

Aaron some do tattoo

29. ‘Spider Web’ Tattoo

Aaron spider web tattoo

3o. Stars Tattoo

Aaron stars tattoo

31. ‘Torso’ Tattoo

Aaron torso tattoo

32. ‘BIG BROTHER’ Tattoo

Aaron Truly Blessed tattoo

33. ‘Bible Writing’ Tattoo

Aaron writing on bicep tattoo

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