Young Thug’s 32 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Atlanta based rapper who gained fame after the release of his mixtape, 1017 Thug, in 2013, Jeffrey Williams, professionally known as Young Thug is a rising young star of this generation. He is 10th of 11 children and had a rough childhood. His most successful singles are, Stoned, Lifestyle, and Danny Glover. He got many tattoos inked on his body; those represent his experience and struggles. Let’s check his inks.

Young Thug

1. “RIP Beanie” above his Left Eyebrow

rip beanie- Young Thug tattoo

Tattoo: “RIP Beanie”

Meaning: Thug got ‘RIP Beanie’ inked above his left eyebrow. Beanie was the name of his older brother. Beanie was 20 years old when he got killed. The reason behind his murder is not known.

2. “Snake” around his Hairline

snake-young thug tattoos

Tattoo: “Snake”

Meaning: Thug got a big snake inked around his hairline. The tattoo starts from the forehead, goes all the way around his hairline and ends again at the same point. It covers his whole hairline from front to back.

3. “6 Girls 5 Boys” above his Right Eyebrow

6 girls 5 boys-Young ThuG tattoos

Tattoos: “6 Girls 5 Boys”

Meaning: Thug got an ink tattooed above of his right eyebrow, which says, 6 Girls 5 Boys. He had 11 siblings in total, out of which 6 were girls, and 5 were boys.

4. “Cloud with drops” below his Lower Lip

cloud with drops-young Thug tattoos

5. “JACOB” beside his Right Eye

Jacob-Young Thug tattoos

Tattoo: “JACOB”

Meaning: Thug got the name of his second son, Jacob, inked beside his right eye.

6. “God I Trust You” beside his Right Ear

I trust God-Young Thug tattoos

7. “Undefined Word” at the center of his Eyebrow

Undefined Word in the centre of eyebrow- young thug

8. “Skull” on his Right Forearm

Skull -Young thug tattoos

9. “Crown” on his Right Forearm

Crown -yooung thug tattoos

10. “Logo of Louis Vuitton (LV)” on the front of his Neck

louis Vuitton logo-Young Thug tattoo

11. “THUGS WORLD” with a Globe on his Neck

Thugs World-Young Thugs tattoo

12. “Flower Designs” on his Neck

flowers on neck-young thug tattoo

13. “Stars” on his Neck

stars-young thug tattoos

14. “Flowers around Celtic Cross” on his Chest

Celtic Cross with flowers-young thug tattoos

15. “REACHELL”  below his Left Jaw Bone

Raechell-Young thug tattoo

Tattoo: “REACHELL”

Meaning: Young Thug got the name of one of his sister, Reachell, inked below his left jaw bone.

16. “Skeletal Hands with Some Names” on the back of his Both Hands

skeletal hands-young thug tattoos

17. “YC” on his Right Cheek

YC-Young Thug tattoos

18. “Ice Cream Cone” on his Left Cheek

icecream cone- Young Thug tattoo

Tattoo: Ice Cream Cone

Meaning: Thug got a tiny ice cream cone inked on his left cheek. He paid homage to Gucci Mane, by getting the same tattoo as him, as he bought him to the industry. The difference between the two inks is that Gucci’s is on his right cheek and is big while Thug’s replica is on the left and is tiny.

19. “Money Bag” on his Right Hand

Money Bag- young thug tattoos

20. “Angel” with Word Blessed on his Abdomen

Angel with blessed-Young thug tattoos

21. “Bitcoin Logo” on the Right Side of his Chest

Bitcoin Logo-Young Thug tattoos

22. “Flames” on his Left Upper Arm

Flames-young thug tattoos

23. “COME HERE” on his Both Upper Arms

Come Here -YOung Thug tattoos

24. “Jones Boro South” on his Chest

Jones Boro South-Young Thug tattoo

Tattoo:Jones Boro South”

Meaning: Thug got ‘Jones Boro South’ inked on his chest as he was raised in Jonesboro South housing apartments in Atlanta.

25. Undefined Design on his Left Forearm

Undefined design on left forearm

26. “Horshoe” with word TRUE behind his Left Ear

Horshoe and true- Young Thug tattoos

27. Letters, “A” and “T” on his Abdomen

A and T on his abdomen

28. Some Designs on his Right Upper Arm

undefined design on right upper arm-Young thug tattoos

29. “LOVE LIFE” on his Both Ribs

Love and Life-Young thug tattoo

30. “Musical Signs” on his Right Forearm

31. “Eye” on his Right Forearm

32. “FUTURE” 

Tattoo: “FUTURE”

Meaning: In an interview, Young Thug said that he and Future got the tattoos of each other’s name. However, the location of the tattoo is not revealed by any of them.

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