Alberto Moreno’s 27 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Alberto Moreno Pérez, a Spanish professional footballer, plays as a left-back for Villarreal CF. He has appeared for the Spain national team. Alberto is known to have got multiple body tattoos just like other footballers. Let us explore his body art.

Alberto Moreno

1. ’18’ Tattoo

Alberto 18 Tattoo

Tattoo: Alberto wears the tattoo of number 18 on the front side of his right leg.

Meaning: 18 is Alberto’s Jersey number. Moreno plays as a left-back for Villarreal at number 18.

2. Animal Tattoos

Alberto animal tattoos

Alberto bull dog Tattoo. Alberto panda Tattoo.

Alberto animal tattoo

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Tattoo: Alberto has got the animal tattoos inked around his right leg. The tattoos include the panda, a tiger wearing a bandana, and a dog with boxing gloves.

Meaning: Alberto got this tattoo inked in March 2017. The reason why he got these animal portraits inked is not known however, the dog represents his own pet dog, named Ali.

3. Writing on the right arm

Alberto right arm writing Tattoo

Alberto arm tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm there is Spanish writing inked which can be read as, ‘Pequeños Cambios Marcan Vida’.

Meaning: The Spanish phrase when translated into English stands for, ‘Small Changes Mark Life’.

4. Design on Leg

Alberto band Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tribal design inked and wrapped around Moreno’s left leg.

5. Horse Cart Tattoo

Alberto bicep tattoo

6. ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ Tattoo

Alberto bridge Tattoo Alberto buildings on arm Tattoo

Tattoo: On Alberto’s inner right arm there are few buildings inked along with the Brooklyn Bridge.

7. Chimp Tattoo

Alberto chimp Tattoo

Tattoo: Besides other animal tattoos, Alberto has got the tattoo of a gun-toting chimp who is seen wearing spectacles and wearing headphones.

8. Compass Tattoo

Alberto compass Tattoo

Tattoo: On the backside of his right leg, there is a huge compass inked. The address tattooed under the compass reads, 37 22′ 38″ N 05 59′ 13″ W.

9. Date Tattoo

Alberto date tattoo

Tattoo: Next to his Spanish writing tattoo, Alberto has a date inked as 3-3-11.

10. Dog with boxing Gloves Tattoo

Alberto dog with boxing gloves tattoo

Tattoo: On his upper right thigh, Alberto has the tattoo of his bulldog, Ali, inked. The English Bull Terrier is also wearing boxing gloves.

11. ‘All Seeing Eye’ Tattoo

Alberto eye Tattoo

Tattoo: On his inner right bicep, Alberto has a colorful all-seeing eye inked.

Meaning: All-seeing Eye also known as The Eye of Providence is the symbol of the fact that God is above all of us and he is watching over humanity. Thus, we should be afraid and conscious of our actions due to God’s omnipresence. The eye is enclosed in a triangle which is surrounded by the rays of light that symbolize enlightenment.

12. Symbols on Hand 

Alberto finger tattoos

Tattoo: There are multiple symbols inked on his right hand’s fingers.

13. Flying Bird Tattoo

Alberto flying bird Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a colorful flying bird tattooed on the front of Alberto’s right leg.

Meaning: Flying bird is the symbol of freedom, independence, spirituality, and a higher understanding of life.

14. Portrait on left bicep

Alberto girl portrait Tattoo

Tattoo: Alberto’s left bicep is covered with a tattoo of a portrait of a lady. The lady’s face is decorated with multiple designs. On her chest, there are red roses inked along with angel wings. Interestingly, her right hand contains the tiny tattoos of stars, roses, spades of cards, and the number 18.

15. Finger Tattoos

Alberto left hand finger tattoo

Alberto hand tattoos

16. Feathers Tattoo

Alberto left arm tattoo

Tattoo: There are feathers tattooed on Alberto’s left forearm. The feathers have been inked in shades of black and blue.

17. Left Arm Tattoos

Alberto left bicep tattoo

18. Parents’ Names Tattoo

Alberto name on hand Tattoo Alberto name on left hand Tattoo

Tattoo: On the corners of both the hands, Alberto has got the names inked as, ‘Carmen’ and ‘Diego’, on the right and left hand, respectively.

Meaning: To showcase his love for his parents, Alberto got the names of his parents tattooed. Carmen is the first name of his mother, whereas Diego is the name of Alberto’s father.

19. ‘Angel’ Tattoo

Alberto wings tattoo

Alberto portrait on left arm

Tattoo: Alberto’s right forearm is tattooed with the image of angel wings.

Meaning: Angel is considered to be the messenger of God. Angel with wings can be used to denote the beautiful fact of rebirth and reincarnation. However, many people believe it to be a token of love and transformation.

20. Right Forearm Tattoo

Alberto right arm tattoo

21. Bull Terrier Tattoo

Alberto right hand tattoo

Tattoo: On his right hand, Alberto has got the portrait of a bull terrier inked.

Meaning: The bull terrier is his own pet dog, named Ali. Moreno is very close to his dog and this is Moreno’s second body tattoo of his dog. The first one is tattooed on his right leg.

22. Tattoos on the upper right body

Alberto right pec tattoo

Alberto’s right upper body is inked with multiple tattoos. There are few lines inked on his right shoulder blade, followed by the portrait of Mary on his right shoulder. Few buildings all covered in clouds are tattooed on his right bicep. Coming to his right pec, we can see a crown tattooed along with the roses and some writing inked inside a banner that is wrapped around the clock.

Meaning: Roses and the clock is the symbol of everlasting love and romance.

23. Rose on Knee Tattoo

Alberto Rose on knee Tattoo

Tattoo: On Moreno’s right knee there is a red rose inked.

Meaning: Red rose is a symbol of love and romance.

24. Rose on Hand 

Alberto rose Tattoo

Tattoo: Another red-colored rose is inked on the outer side of Alberto’s left hand.

25. Sugar Skull Tattoo

Alberto skull on left forearm

Tattoo: There is a sugar skull inked on Alberto’s left upper arm.

Meaning: The sugar skull is the symbol of death, remembrance, and also the symbol of spirituality.

26. ‘Treasure Box’ Tattoo

Alberto treasure box Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a lightly shaded treasure box inked on Moreno’s right leg.

Meaning: The treasure box is considered to hold dual meanings. It is deemed to be romantic as well as powerful at the same. Also, it is the symbol of fortune and glory and used as the symbol of the fact when the person finally achieves the result of his long-pending desires.

27. Writing on Leg

Alberto writing on leg Tattoo Alberto writing on leg

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