Dominik Mysterio’s 15 Tattoos and their Meanings

Dominik Mysterio is a rising star in the world of professional wrestling. He made his debut in WWE in 2020, following in the footsteps of his legendary father, Rey Mysterio Jr. Dominik is known for his high-flying moves, technical skill, and unique charisma, which make him stand out from other wrestlers. His journey has been marked by facing formidable opponents and participating in high-profile matches. He also has a collection of striking tattoos, including one of his father’s masks, which add to his distinctive and memorable presence in the ring.

Dominik Mysterio

1. A Quote on the Rib

Dominik Rib Tattoo

At the age of 15, Dom Mysterio ventured into the world of tattoos with a unique and intimate twist. Instead of heading to a tattoo studio, his dad took the initiative to bring a skilled artist to their home. Initially contemplating a design on his back, Dom’s father played a pivotal role in reshaping the plan. Convinced that the ribs would provide a more challenging yet rewarding canvas, he persuaded Dom to embrace the discomfort for a more impactful result. The tattooing process unfolded over an impressive three and a half hours containing a quote from Psalm 23, “Though an army may encamp against me, my heart shall not fear. Though an army may rise against me, in this I will be confident.”

2. Tribal Tattoo on Left Arm

Dominik Sleeve Tattoo

Dominik’s maternal family hails from French Polynesia, France and it is the inspiration behind his half-sleeve tattoo. It is a tribal design with black and red ink, tracing from his left shoulder to his elbow.  Dominick explained how when he straightens his arm, the red outline portrays a cross.

3. Non-Traditional Aztec Calender on Right Arm

Dominik Right Arm Tattoo

Dominik wanted an Aztec Calender, but with a slight twist. It is a non-traditional design with a skull in the middle inked in gritty and dark overlays and completely filled-in shaded lines that start from his right shoulder towards the back of his arm to the elbow. This tattoo is one of his biggest tattoos that signifies her persona the most according to the wrestler.

4. Animated Tattoos on both Legs

Dominik Leg Tattoos

On his legs are tattoos of the faces of animated villains like Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monter Wolfman, and the Creature from Black Lagoon. Dominik explained that they are inspired by his memories with his grandparents, they loved classics and their love transpired in his life as well.

According to him, the tattoos on his arms have a significant meaning and value in his life, however, the ones on his legs are merely for his fun and entertainment.

5. “Villano” on the Neck

Dominik Villano Tattoo

Sporting a neck tattoo inspired by the Spider-Man comic, the wrestler proudly displays the word “Villano” designed by his partner, Rhea Ripley. The choice is not merely aesthetic; it pays homage to his godfather, Villano Cuarto, one of the six influential figures in his life. This ink is a symbolic fusion of familial ties and personal inclination, as Dominik not only honors his godfather through the design but also aligns it with his enjoyment of adopting a villainous role in the wrestling arena.

6. “Quetzalcoatl” on the Right Hand

Dominik's Aztec Dragon Tattoo

Consumed with admiration for the Aztec culture, “Dirty” Mysterio proudly wears the Aztec Dragon, or “Quetzalcoatl,” on his right hand. Executed in a classic shaded tribal design using black ink, this compelling tattoo extends seamlessly from the back of his wrist to the rear of his hand. Grounded in the wrestler’s Latino heritage, these Aztec-inspired tattoos are not just artistic expressions but resonate as symbols of his cultural pride and identity.

7. “Huitzilopochtli” on the Left Forearm

Dominik Hand Tattoo

Among Don Mysterio’s highly praised tattoos is a depiction of Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec God of War and Sun. Captivated by Rhea Ripley’s art after getting the Aztec Dragon inked, Don Mysterio decided to explore further within the same cultural theme. Opting for a more intricate design, this new artwork skillfully intertwines all the creatures associated with the Aztec god, creating a unified and cohesive tattoo that celebrates the rich symbolism associated with Huitzilopochtli.

8. “El Mysterio” on Right Forearm

Dominik's El Mysterio Tattoo

Another tattoo inspired by his Latino culture is the card of El Mysterio with his father’s birth year on the top left corner. It derives from the original Mexican Bingo called the La Lotaria, which includes the character of Elvaliente, meaning valiant, and turned it into El Mysterio to give his personalized touch. Dominik explains in an interview that he regrets this tattoo the most and may change the card to Judgement Day card in the future.

9. Dragon Tattoo on Left Inner Bicep

Dominik Inner Arm Tattoo

The details and exact symbolism surrounding the meaning of this specific tattoo remain veiled. However, Dominik briefly discussed its significance in an interview, emphasizing that it stands out as one of the most agonizing tattoos he has undergone—joining the ranks of the ones on his ribs and fingers.

10. “Mysterio” on Knuckles

Dominik's Knuckle Tattoo

In a recent interview, the wrestler recounted a surprising experience during a visit to his tattoo artist for a design on his leg. Instead of the planned ink, the artist decided to gift him a free tattoo, adorning the letters “Mysterio” on his knuckles. Dominik acknowledged it as one of his most painful tattoos but continues to view it as undeniably chic.

11. Dracula on the Left Leg

Dominik's Calf Tattoo

Dominik has another Dracula-inspired tattoo wrapped around his left calf which he stated is one of his top 5 favourite tattoos even though many people around him do not seem to like it.

12. Judgement Day Tattoo on Right Forearm

Dominik's Judgment Day Tattoo

The wrestler is part of a crew named Judgement Day, and to commemorate their significance in his life, he got inked “JD/PR” which means Judgement Day/Puerto Rico with an abstract design of a demon. The design illustrates the importance his crew plays in his wrestling career and how attached he is to the members.

13.  “Aalyah” on the Left Wrist

Dominiks Aalyah Tattoo

Even though there is little known about the meaning of the tattoo explained by the wrestler himself, however, Dominik has a sister named Aalyah and it can be assumed that the tattoo is for her and signifies their close sibling bond.

14. “Charlize” on the Right Wrist

Dominiks Charlize Tattoo

The tattoo “Charlize” is on Domnik’s right wrist, written in a cursive font with blank ink. However, the meaning and significance of the tattoo remain a mystery.

15. Judgement Day Scale on the Right Wrist

Dominiks Judgement Day Scale Tattoo

According to Dominik, the bond he shares with the Judgement Day crew has taken a life of its own and to showcase it, he got their scale inked on his right wrist.

It is extremely special to him as it was drawn by one of the crew members, Rhea Ripley, who is also the wrestler’s partner. Dominik shared in the interview that the crew has become his family, so it can be presumed that the tattoo has a deep significance in his life.

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