Eyebrow Tattoo: What to Expect?

The cosmetic and the beauty industry has been developing ever since the commencement of modern technologies. Since then, technologies are continuously producing ways and ideas of how they can further enhance the beauty industry. Eyebrow tattooing is one such niche in which the industry has evolved so much that they can provide perfect solutions to people who want a perfect flick 24//7. But you might also wonder if it is worth it or no? So, before you move on to book your own appointment, you might want to consider all the benefits and risks of Eyebrow tattooing.

To let you know more about Eyebrow tattooing, we have collected and compiled some information that will set your head straight about Eyebrow tattooing and would give you fine details as much a possible. Thus you can keep scrolling further ahead to know about the history and the future stance that Eyebrow tattooing has on the fashion industry. But before we delve into the deeper aspects, what is Eyebrow tattooing in fact? Read on to know more…

What Is an Eyebrow Tattoo?

An Eyebrow tattoo is a semi-permanent form of makeup that is employed by thousands of people and celebrities around the world which helps them achieve trimmed and beautiful-looking eyebrows for a very long time. Just like a standard tattoo, it uses tattoo ink to fill in the eyebrow so that it looks fuller and shapely.

Most people get nervous about getting their eyebrows inked because they feel that it is just like having a tattoo! However, there is a lot of difference between an Eyebrow tattoo and a simple tattoo that we have on our skin. So while a body tattoo is a permanent feature that might not fade all your life, the Eyebrow tattoo is not permanent and has a smaller life expectancy. It is applied to don the upper layer of the skin and thus will fade with time. It will only last for some years including regular touch-up sessions.

Besides, the Eyebrow tattoo won’t look unnatural or fake like a tattoo at all. The result would be quite natural and delicate. It means that the Eyebrow tattoo would be made using a very different approach than the regular tattoo on the skin to make it look as subtle as possible. Thus it has the intention of improving your overall looks and enhances your face.

Microblading Brow vs Eye Brow Tattoo

Many people get confused between micro-blading tattoo and Eyebrow tattoo but they are two different concepts. Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo too but the technique is very different. If you want to get your eyebrows microbladed, a hand tool is used which created more intricate and thin designs than an Eyebrow tattoo. It makes the whole eyebrow have a very naturalistic experience. It is definitely different from the gun which is used and which might not look as natural. The pigment is also varied in the Eyebrow tattoo because it is semi-permanent, that is, it will fade away with time. The dye that is found in micro-blading tattoos is less concentrated than traditional tattoos.

Microgaming and Eyebrow tattoos are not done on a very deeper layer of skin because they are not permanent. In fact, they are done on the surface of the skin. It will fade away just in a matter of months. The hair strokes that are made with micro-blading are much fine than other kinds of equipment because they are done with a hand tool. Using electric gadgets would not give that natural look even if it punches deeper holes. Thus, there remains a significant difference between the microblading process and the Eyebrow tattoo.

How Is It Done?

There might be many methods for getting your eyebrows tattoo but micro-pigmentation and minor blading are some of the most common and popular methods that have been used to give that flawless look. In micro-blading, the pigment is manually inserted under the skin using a fine blade si that the fine lines that have been created look like real eyebrows. The procedure is not really painful because the experts apply anesthetics so that the area could be numbed.

Micro-pigmentation works in the same way since the pigment is implanted underneath the skin But it is yet quite different because a digital pen is used instead of a fine blade to create a predefined eyebrow contour.

Microblading vs. Micropigmentation

If you need to decide which one would work better for you, there are some differences and quality that you have to take into consideration like the cost, healing time, the kind of ink, etc. Read on.


The performance of micro-blading will depend on various factors like if it was professionally done or done by an amateur, the follow-up session and the frequency of these sessions, or whether they were done at all. But besides this, it can last for typically a few months to a couple of years.

As compared to micro-blading the process of micro-pigmentation would last for a much longer time. It will even last up to 5 years if you have used all the after-care process diligently before it will begin to fade away.


The cots include the whole process and the skills required by the artist to get the thing done. The extent and time used in the procedure can also increase the cost. The cost that is spent in micro-pigmentation is much higher than with micro-blading, however, since it lasts for more time than micro-blading, the cost can be said to be comparable. For example, if an expert would take 500 to 800 dollars for micro-blading, he might charge anywhere between 300 to 1,300 dollars for micro-pigmentation.

Healing Time

With more blades, you can expect some after-effects like the peeling of the skin and scab after the procedure but it will take a few days until it has completely healed and your brows will look brand new. You might need a follow-up session.

On the other side of the story, the process of micro-pigmentation might take a bit longer than micro-blading to heal because it causes more bleeding and peeling off the skin. It is recommended that you follow our instructions in either case very diligently.

Side Effects

Although there are no major side effects on getting any cosmetic procedure you must be aware that in the worst case you can experience inflammation which is known as granulomas. It is your body’s way of protecting you from any foreign or unnatural object that has entered your skin. It may last for some time and might occur even months or years after your treatment.

The same remains the case with micro-pigmentation because the basic process involved inserting think into the skin. The other side effects can include things like loss of eyelashes, eyelid injury, ectropion (which is a problem where the eyelids move away from the eyeball.)

Suitable Candidate

It is important to know if your area suitable candidate for micro-pigmentation and micro-blading. Both men and women get themselves under the needle every single day. You are an ideal candidate for micro-blading if you have thin brows, suffer from severe hair loss, or have a receding hairline.

On the other hand, you must go for micro-pigmentation if you have experienced a total eyebrow loss. It is a great technique to fill in and give shape to any unshapely brow condition.

What to Expect During An Eye Brow Tattoo

Be prepared. 

Before an Eyebrow tattoo appointment, preparation is everything that you need. Thus it is imperative that you remain well informed and read as much as you can about Eyebrow tattoo and retail. You must lookout for a professional who has proper training and skill set when it comes to an Eyebrow tattoo. The process is kind of painless and you will have long-lasting results if your artist is efficient enough. It is also important that you take care of your allergies if you have any but if you still feel uncomfortable after you have yourself patch tested, it is a signal that you are not ready to get an eyebrow tattoo.

If you feel ready, in this case, you might want to compose a list of questions or doubts that you might have which you can bring up with your artist during your consultation process. Writing it down would help you tackle each situation successfully without leaving any kind of discussion behind!

Book a consultation beforehand. 

It is better that you book a consultation before you book an actual appointment where you can bring in all your doubts and queries. It will help you clear up what you have in mind and even give you a structured approach towards the Eyebrow tattoo process. The artist will also tell you about what to expect and what not to expect with the Eyebrow tattoo procedure.

It basically gives you a chance to ask as many questions as you want from the expert and solves the problem. It could be anything related to price, the pre-care process, the touch-up session required, the healing procedure, etc. A good professional expert would like to ice you all this information himself. He will also access your skin and let you know if the Eyebrow tattoo is a perfect fit for you and would suggest how to prepare for the day of the appointment.

Eyebrow tattoos are not permanent.

Just like a normal tattoo, there are two kinds of Eyebrow tattoo too. The permanent one and the semi-permanent one. The difference lies in the fact that the ink is inserted deep into the skin with the permanent one while with the semi-permanent one, the ink or the pigment floats on the surface of the skin.

Besides, the ink will fade away more differently than a pigment of a semi-permanent tattoo. It will grow to look blue or grey as it vanishes while the pigment will fade away by being a lighter version of the same color which will give it a more natural look. That being said, the pigment has the reason and ability to convert into a ‘runaway’ color (pink, purple, orange, green, or blue) linked to different circumstances, including the professional choosing the incorrect color or implanting the color too profoundly into the surface. It’s most useful to locate a practitioner with a comprehensive color scheme and action to reduce this danger; demanding to see photos of his/her recovered tattoos (not just current or recent ones) will give you a greater sense of the nature of business.

No matter what kind of tattoo you go ahead with you must take some precautions that are imperative as otherwise, it might be quite damaging to your skin. You must have a list of a facial skincare routine that will help you heal the Eyebrow tattoo and would increase longevity.

An eyebrow tattoo is painful. 

An Eyebrow tattoo just like any normal kind of tattoo can be pretty painful solely because of the needles piercing your skin. Skin in the brow area is a very sensitive part too where the pain is more largely felt. It will feel like a huge amount of paper cuts which will give you an uncomfortable feeling. It is a bit tingly over the brows.

However, the clients are often given an anesthetic shot before they are brought out for the procedure. There are also numbing creams which will make the whole process more bearable and comfortable for the clients. However, it will make the skin a bit more slippery and so the work would be more challenging.

Besides being painful, an Eyebrow tattoo would take more time to heal too. The professional would ask you to treat your brows as a wound until it has healed completely. It is just like a typical injury that must not be rubbed, picked on, exposed, or applied makeup or other kinds of ointments or creams on. You can ask your professional about any extra information and precautionary measurements.

Eyebrows won’t be identical. 

Just like any other part of the body, even the eyebrows are not supposed to be identical. They are always a bit different from each other and no two eyebrows would look the same. Thus you have to b realistic when it comes to expectations with the Eyebrow tattoo. Even after micro balding, you can expect a slight difference, for instance, the slight difference in the arches.

You must feel uncomfortable with your newly inked Eyebrow tattoo which is quite a normal process. It might even take time to get used to it. Yur hai might seem a bit darker, bolder, sharper right after the procedure but they will get into the natural shape as soon they heal over. Thus patience is the key when you can adapt to your new look!

Eyebrow Tattoo will take few hours

Getting an eyebrow tattoo would take some hours because it is tedious to get the perfect lines and it is the major part of the eyebrows. To give out the perfect look, every single step is important. It takes a while for the artist to figure out the design and how they want to design it. The facial structure and imbalances must be taken into consideration.

Even the aftercare procedure might take some time because it is important to take care of your very expensive eyebrow tattoo treatment.

Scarring is possible.

Just like any other tattoos or wounds, scarring is common when you get an eyebrow tattoo as it involves needles too. They may not produce permanent marks but there are possibilities for that. Thus the touch-up work must be done by the artist differently than the first time. You must stick to one professional at a time who knows about your skin type and needs.

The brow will be lightened after a few days.

If you feel your eyebrow tattoo is too dark, don’t panic because the color would wash ut very soon. Trust the process and know that the aftercare instructions are pretty important to follow. The first few days might feel very uncomfortable but once your eyebrow tattoo has healed, it would be a breeze.

Your brows can be fixed if messed up.

There is a high possibility that the artist, no matter how skilled he or she is, might mess it up too, not out of skill set but because it is a very human thing to do. However, you do not have to worry about it. Even if you do not like a stroke that has been created perfectly by the artists, you can say so. Now there are methods available for you to get your eyebrow tattoo redone or improved. Correction is quite possible.

List of Eyebrow Tattoo Designs

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eyebrow tattoo

eyebrow tattoo

eyebrow tattoo

eyebrow tattoo

eyebrow tattoo

eyebrow tattoo

eyebrow tattoo

eyebrow tattoo

eyebrow tattoo

eyebrow tattoo

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eyebrow tattoo

Safety Instructions for Eyebrow Tattoo 

Just like any other kind of tattoo technique, an Eyebrow Tattoo has similar safety instructions. The most common kind of complication that a client will face is either dissatisfaction from the procedure or misapplication of pigment, pigment migration, color discoloration, and in some cases hyperpigmentation. Serious complications are not really a common deal. With all kinds of tattoos, the most common type of risk that is associated with it is the transmission of blood-borne pathogens like HIV, hepatitis C, etc, as well as allergies and infections to pigment ingredients.

Thus it is quite essential to check that the technicians hold apt licenses and registration to perform this operation on you just to be safe. Even sometimes, the studio needs to be licensed and you must check in all about it on the internet. Professionals who have a comprehensive course of instruction can actually help evade any kind fo of complications and unwanted problems that will lead to client dissatisfaction.

Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare

The aftercare procedure of Eyebrow Tattoo is almost the same as the other kinds of cosmetic surgeries that we do. The basics of the Eyebrow Tattoo stay the same which is to avoid picking or scratching the skin around the brows, It will start to heal over time by itself just like any other tattoo. You might feel some tingling sensation and irritation which is quite normal.

In the next ten days, you can see a difference in your eyebrows which might become flaky and look like as if it has faded but it is totally normal for that to happen. They will get their final shape after 30 days which can then be touched up with the second session.

The Eyebrow Tattoo technique has almost the same kind of side effects and risks involved as traditional tattoos. Minor side effects of eyebrows tattoo include the following:

  • swelling
  • redness
  • pain

If you neglect the aftercare and taking care of your tattoo design, you might want to call your doctor in case you notice:

  • excessive swelling
  • worsening pain
  • pus oozing from your skin

A severe infection or problem can also cause fever and headaches.

Other potential side effects comprise of:

  • itchiness
  • rash
  • scars
  • skin bumps
  • uneven coloring
  • blood-borne illnesses from shared equipment

No matter how much Eyebrow Tattoo is popular and how advanced the technology has become, the side effects are a part and parcel of this procedure. Here are the most common ones explained:

Swelling. Tattoo needles produce micro-injuries in your epidermis. It’s fundamental for your skin to plump up as a response to such damages, but this should loosen up within a few days. Cold compresses can help relieve the inflammation.

Infections. Contamination following a tattoo in the eyebrows area can happen for a few causes. It’s essential to make certain that your tattoo artist uses disinfected tools and needles. You need also to comprehend your aftercare directions.

Scarring. If you do not allow your Eyebrow Tattoo procedure to heal properly, it may scar. You can notice some allergic reactions and infections after you get your Eyebrow Tattoo procedure done. It might also be possible that you develop scar tissues on site.

Allergic reactions. If you already have a history of sensitivity and allergic reactions, chances are that you might react with the kinds of needles too. You can talk to your artist about using allergenic ink. The signs might include itchiness, rashes, and hives.

Anaphylaxis. While comparatively less in number, this critical allergic reaction has been earlier described in some people within hours of getting tattooed. Swelling of the eyebrows is common after receiving an Eyebrow Tattoo procedure. But if you also see swelling about your neck and cheeks and sense breathing challenges, contact your physician right away. If left unnoticed or neglected, anaphylaxis can be threatening for your life.

Blood-borne illnesses. Not using disinfected needles can point to the transportation of blood-borne diseases, such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV.

However, of all the side effects that have been mentioned there, only 0.2 percent of them are severe to treat or handle. It is however important that you prevent any of these side effects so that you do not water your time and energy.

Eyebrow Tattoo Dos and Don’ts

There are a few dos and don’t for your Eyebrow Tattoo procedure:

Before Appointment

1. Do not pluck, tweeze, wax, or have electrolysis one week before your Eyebrow Tattoo procedure.

2. Do not utilize sunbeds or sit in straight sunlight two weeks before the procedure.

3. Do not have any kind of facial or skin procedure two weeks prior.

4. Cease using any retinol or Vitamin A products one month before.

5. Do not exercise on the day of the Eyebrow Tattoo procedure.

6. Do not have botox three weeks ahead of your procedure.

7. Do not take fish oil or Vitamin E one week before you get your procedure (these are natural blood thinners).

8. Do not wax or tint your eyebrows three days earlier.

On The Day

1. Do not take alcohol 24-48 hours before your Eyebrow Tattoo procedure.

2. Do not take in coffee 2 hours prior.

3. Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen 24 hours before your rendezvous.

The Post-Tattoo Eyebrows Rules

Days 1-7

1. Lightly wash your eyebrows each morning and night with water and an antibacterial soap such as Cetaphil. Guarantee that all soap is washed away and dry by lightly rubbing it with a cloth. This will not eliminate the color. Do not practice any cleaners containing acids or exfoliants.

2. Use a rather scanty amount of coconut or rosehip oil to every brow morning and night.

Things to consider once your brows have been tattooed…

  • Use a fresh pillowcase
  • No picking on scabs!
  • No facials, botox, or peels for 4 weeks
  • Avoid workouts for 1 week
  • Avoid direct sun for 1 week
  • Avoid long, steamy showers for 10 days
  • Avoid swimming for 10 days
  • Don’t wear any make-up or use skincare on your brows till they’ve been treated.
  • Learn, your eyebrows aren’t completed until after the secondary concourse.

After your Eyebrow Tattoo procedure, and for at least 1 week later, a person’s eyebrows might look darker. They may also appear to be more explicit due to scabbing and healing. It is also common to encounter some redness and mild inflammation. The professional artist will give their customers aftercare guidance, which might involve:

  • Lightly washing over the eyebrows using just your fingertip, using antibacterial soap and water for approximately 10 seconds, cleaning, and then rubbing dry.
  • Utilizing the smallest amount of moisturizing cream.
  • Holding the brows apart from water for 7–10 days, which involves not using long showers or swimming.
  • Avoiding placing makeup on the brow region while it is ready in the healing process to keep the region as neat as likely.
  • Not touching at the scabs.
  • Evading straight sunlight or tanning for at least 4 weeks after the mode.
  • Not applying facial scrubs or peels for at least 4 weeks following the method.
  • Not napping on the face for at least 10 days following the procedure

Eyebrow Tattoo Post Care Tips

The most important product that you can use after getting an Eyebrow Tattoo procedure is sunscreen. Like with tattoos, sunscreen will help extend the longevity of your brows which prevents them from fading when in contact with direct sunlight. Even retina- A or retinol products must not be used for a week before an appointment and 30 days after you get your brows done. These products can cause a faster fading away of the pigmentations. Do not wet the brows for a week while they are still at a healing staff and do not use any kind of makeup for that area for at least a week. You must only go back to the basics after you have done the procedure and follow a makeup routine.

Thus for those who are looking for an effective time-saving method to improve their appearance of eyebrows and who are not afraid to use the needles, the Eyebrow Tattoo procedure is the best thing that they can do and thus it is worth a shot.

Potential Complications of Eyebrow Tattoo

Infection of the skin is done due to irritation to allergic reactions from the pigments that are one of the most common kinds of complications associated with Eyebrow Tattoo. It is also normal to face some pain and discomfort during the Eyebrow Tattoo procedure and you might even feel a bit of sting afterward. It is not normal to have severe pain in these areas once you are done with the Eyebrow Tattoo procedure and thus you must pay attention after the procedure has been done to notice if you need to go to the doctor. If you see a yellow-tinged discharge or redness on the area, see a doctor immediately.

If the area around the eyebrows swells up or continues to scab, you must see a doctor or physician immediately. Sn infection in the eyebrow is a cornering point if it reached your bloodstream because the area is very close to your eyes and even the brain. In case of any trouble, you will need prompt treatment with antibiotics if you get an infection from Eyebrow Tattoo.

People who might be pregnant or have keloids or just have an organ transplant must avoid Eyebrow Tattoo at all costs. You should also be cautious if you have a discredited liver or a viral disease such as hepatitis. The most important thing that you can do if you want to prevent an Eyebrow Tattoo infection is to get thorough research for your artists. Not every state requires your technician to have a license. You must ask if they are licensed and a valid license. If they have no prior training or license, request to see their occupational license or inspection from the health department. These are some documents that make them one of the trustworthy practitioners.

The tools that they use for the Eyebrow Tattoo procedure must be a single-use tool and should be disposable ones. If you do not see your professional working with such tools or taking all the safety measures then it is ok to not consult him any further.  While the Eyebrow Tattoo procedure is much safer than the kind of tattoo procedures, there is a little medical research that will back this up.

What Are The Benefits of Eyebrow Tattoo?

Eyebrow tattoos have not only gained popularity because they look good but because there are so many other advantages of having them. It may help you see why it is worth your time, energy, money, efforts, and probably a bit of pain. So read on:


Applying makeup every single day must waste so much of your time and you could’ve done something productive in those few minutes. It takes time to draw the eyebrows, fill them in and correct the tint of the brow. Any Eyebrow tattoo will make sure that you do not have to repeat the process each day.

The most prominent advantage of getting an Eyebrow tattoo even if it is micro-pigmentation or micro-blading is that you can probably save tons of time every single day and evade the struggle and efforts of applying makeup every day. You can wake up and be picture-perfect ready in no time.


Since it takes a lot of time and effort to do your makeup every single day, with Eyebrow tattoos, micro-pigmentation, or any other cosmetic surgery, it will save your time, money, and energy. You do not have to look like a ghost after a grueling workout or rush to the bathroom to put makeup on again. You can ensure that your eyebrows always look pretty organized and neat every day.

Besides, you do not have to care about smearing or smudging your brows either as the pigment won’t smudge with water or sweat. Thus you can easily go for a swim once your Eyebrow tattoos have healed and it will stay on fleek. They are easier to manage and to care for, some women even prefer to get their natural brows removed!


Many people choose to get cosmetic surgery because it gives the face a sense of definition. With eyebrows done perfectly, it will enhance the whole structure of your face and makes it look neat. Your face will then look more thin and defined. With cosmetic surgery like Eyebrow tattoos, you do not have to worry about it looking fake because they have a very natural result. You will only grow more confident after getting inked on your brow.

Hair-Less Correction

It is quite a problem that some people lose their hair because of some kind of surgery or diseases like diabetes, alopecia, and even chemotherapy. They lack confidence because of this loss of hair or the eyebrow. But Eyebrow tattoos like micro-pigmentation or microblading have given a wonderful opportunity to people in distress to get it fixed permanently. Now they do not have to buy brow pencils and thus save money, energy, and time.


People who are trendy and like to remain in style follow the makeup products that have now come out. They are also more likely to follow all the latest brands and buy their stuff. But this would only lead to spending hundreds of dollars in one go. But with Eyebrow tattoos, you can easily get out of this circle of buying new products as your brows will look perfect all the time. You can then stop buying brow pencils, powders, etc which will let you save more money than before.

What Are The Risks of Eyebrow Tattoo?

Just like any other kind of tattoo that involves the use of needles, ink, and human contact, Eyebrow tattoos also have equal possibilities of risk. There are risks that you might see immediately and then there are risks that you can see over time as time passes by. Thus you must know all these risks associated with getting an Eyebrow tattoo.

Costly Preliminary Expense

There is no doubt about the fact that while you might save some money by not buying makeup in the long run, there is a little bit of initial cost that is involved when you get an eyebrow tattoo. The initial investment to get an Eyebrow tattoo could be costly which will depend on your professional’s skills and expertise. You would want someone expert in this field to make permanent changes to your face and you won’t consider the monetary aspect of this case.

Thus you mustn’t get the cheapest treatment done because there might be more difficulties and complications that might be involved. Thus the cost of making Eyebrow tattoos is equivalent to the experience.

Infection and Sensitivity

Just like any other kind of tattoo which involves needles, an eyebrow tattoo also has the risk of infection and skin problems. It can also cause some allergic reaction which you previously might know or not know of. After this, some people even develop some scars and thus it implants that you always test the products 48 hours before your appointment.

It can also lead you o to acquire any dangerous disease like tetanus if the tools that are used in the procedure are not kept sanitized or sterile. This it is necessary that you choose the right kind of professional who will take all the safety standards. The treated skin can also later suffer from inflammation when it comes to direct connection with the sun and so following the aftercare rules is pretty imperative to avoid any major issues.

Unpleasant Healing Process

Tattoos take a lot of time to heal no matter what kind of tattoo they are. The healing process takes about four to five weeks to heal. During this time, the skin might come across as flaking or scabbing. You might also experience itchiness which is because of the healing process of the dermal layer. Although you can use an antibiotic treatment for your itchiness and spell up the healing process, you need to be patient and careful about the stuff. You can even follow the aftercare procedure nicely and diligently.

Changing Styles

The trends, no matter if it is food, clothes, or cosmetic styles, change all the time and just like any other trend, the eyebrow tattoo trend would also change. Thus the new style of eyebrow might outdate the older one that you might have got. If you are someone who really cares about what remains and changes in the fashion trend, this would be a strong risk. The best that you can do is to select a classic shape and the color that would make your whole look appear great. Thus by doing this, you can very well adjust to different shapes and styles.


One of the most common reasons or defaults for getting an eyebrow tattoo is the risk of dissatisfaction. Even though you had a full consultation with the specialist, you cab get a bizarre trend at the end. Thus you need to stick to someone who you can trust and make sure that he will get your desired result.

So, Should You Get An Eyebrow Tattoo?

As you can make out clearly, getting an eyebrow tattoo is a pretty risky deal that you cant dive into it without any thoughts. But it is still up to you to know if you should go for it or no. It would be best if you weigh both the positives and negatives. If you feel it will bring more disadvantages than advantages to you then you must opt-out of it. However, never be hesitant to talk to your consultant about it and make a correct decision.

Eyebrow Tattoo in the Time Of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way that the artist does the Eyebrow tattoo process or any cosmetic process for that matter a sit involves direct contact with the skin. It has thus disturbed the appointments too. Hence, in any situation, it is the duty of the professional to take as many safety instructions and precautions as he can to ensure the safety of his clients and the cleanliness o this environment. It is also imperative for each client to wear masks and follow all the sanitation protocols that have been laid ut. The salons and clinics have also changed their way of operation.

During and after the time of COVID-19 many people have agreed that getting cosmetic surgery would come with a cost as it involves direct contact with the face. The virus that is responsible for covid can be caught through any respiratory channel. The coronavirus does not have any risk associated with the Eyebrow tattoo procedure but it is just the human contact that might cause some harmful effects. Thus there has been a decrease in the number of people who want to get any kind of cosmetic surgery done despite all the safety measures that have been taken.

Even though the kinds of after-effects like inflammation, blemishes, redness, scabbing can be taken care of very well but there are issues more severe that must be well looked into as they can be even more dangerous than before. This includes the time even when covid-19 is over. All these risks and looking at the general situation of the world, it is important that one must do a careful and deep investigation before going in for any kind of appointment. It is important to check if the salon or clinic has a health certificate and cleanliness certificate from the health association. If you do not feel satisfied with the working environment you are free to leave the studio. Taking some time out to do the makeup is a pretty smart move in this case.

Choosing the right professional salon:

One can not risk when it comes to the permanent and semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo process and so finding a top-quality artist would be your top priority. The good deal is always nice but you must not feel obliged to make any concessions on eyebrow tattoo. However, there are particular things that you must keep in mind for that:

First, you might want to check up their portfolio or their reference work on some website or social media account. You must not trust a person without any former training presence and license in the area of eyebrow tattoo. You must also have a prior consultation and never feel obliged to take the session. It is not obligatory and if you feel that the technician is not the right match for you, do not stay.

Where the eyebrow tattoo studio is located is also a huge factor about the kind of makeup artists and their legitimacy. You must walk out if the studio is by any reason unhygienic. It should be immaculate and hygienically follow all cleanliness protocols.  Anything else is not worth risking your health for and so if they don’t even have a studio and operating out of a garage or a basement, feel free to run off immediately.

Another great step is to find out a professional who specializes in eyebrow tattoo instead of being a great tattoo artist or jack of all trades. Most cosmetic artists need basic training to operate their business but it is the experience and efficiency that counts. The additional caliber and skillsets do count for such a niche.

Finally, you must find that someone shares the same aesthetics as you do and would go to any extent to give your dreams a real shape. If you will scroll through the artist’s portfolio and his work on social media you will immediately see his talent and would be able to decide if this artist would suit you for your eyebrow tattoo procedure.

Eyebrow Tattoo Healing Process

If you are going to get an Eyebrow tattoo for the first time, you must be awfully aware of the healing process of the Eyebrow tattoo. You might want to ask you a professional about the healing process and aftercare procedure that you might want to follow. Here are the basics that you professional might tell you:

Days 1 to 3: Eyebrows look fuller, even if your face might feel cut and tender

On the first day, your eyebrows might feel a bit tender but quite bold and fuller. The color that you got might seem very dark but you need to know that it will fade away as the days progress.

You might feel a few of these symptoms:

  • redness
  • tenderness
  • mild swelling
  • mild bleeding
  • the sensation of feeling cut or bruised

In a matter of few days, these symptoms would vanish away.

Days 3 to 5: Eyebrows look very dark, then begin to fall off

As the after-effects will disappear, your brows will start to deepen and grow bigger. They will look extremely bold and darl. By the time you reach the fifth day, you can experience some scabbing which is quite normal. They will be flaky and a bit tingly but you must not try to touch or remove them by yourself as they will fall off eventually. It happens because the skin regenerates itself.

Days 5 to 8: Flaking continues and the color fades

For a few more days, you must expect a bit more flaking and scabbing. You must not in any case pluck it out as it can lead to permanent scars and would also interrupt the healing process. You will get patchy brows. It will fall off easily by itself in a matter of few days. As it falls off you will see the color will lighten a bit and the desired color will start showing up eventually.

Days 8 to 12: Flaking stops and color comes back

Thus by the end of the first week, after the skin has stopped scabbing and flaking, the desired color would start to show up. Your brows would start to seem a bit more defined.

Days 12 to 21: Color and texture look more subtle

From the second week, you can expect your eyebrows to feel more natural and evened out. The individual hair would start to look more defined which will give the youth look of a flawless brows.

Days 21 to 30: Skin is completely healed

It will take at least 1 month, maximum, for your eyebrows to heal completely. You must not feel any kind of distress or side effects during this period and if you do, you need to see a professional about it. Your eyebrow must look smooth. You might have a follow-up meeting after a month of complete healing which will enable them to check if the Eyebrow tattoo has been healed completely or if the skin has improved. They will also redo any kinds of flaws or blemishes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do eyebrow tattoos last?

The lasting effect of any eyebrow procedure of cosmetic procedure depends on many factors taken together. It includes if it is done professionally or not using some quality ingredients. It can last up to multiple years if perfect aftercare instructions have been followed diligently.

What is the side effect of an eyebrow tattoo?

There are not many side effects that you can experience with an Eyebrow tattoo but you might still come across scabbing skin, dryness, peeling skin, skin infection, redness, inflammation, itchiness, etc after you do the Eyebrow tattoo process. You can even experience loss of eyelashes and injuries to the eyelid in some extreme cases.

Which is better: Microblading or powder brows?

Both these procedures have different goals and look. With micro-blading, you can get a realistic look that will look like a normal hair strand, while with powdered brows, you can get a powdery or ombre look besides that of the individual hair strand.

Can you put Vaseline on tattooed eyebrows?

It is not recommended that you apply any kind of ointments, vaseline, chemical products, makeup items, creams, etc after your Eyebrow tattoo process as it can delay the healing process or cause complications.

How do you fix a bad eyebrow tattoo?

In case you are not satisfied with your Eyebrow tattoo, you can book a follow-ups session with your eyebrow professional and get your eyebrows touched up. There are many corrective procedures available too that can add or remove from your Eyebrow tattoo. Besides, the ink is not permanent so you can expect some fades in a few months of application.

Do you need a patch test for an eyebrow tattoo?

Patch test before getting any kind of dye to your skin or any dangerous cosmetic surgery is necessary at least 24 hours before. This would be made clear to you as your make an appointment for the eyebrow tattoo. One must never skip this process as it will help you know if you have any allergies to the dye.

This test includes applying the dye at some hidden part of your skin like your ear or your neck and then leaving it overnight. It takes 30 seconds to do so but you need to keep it for a lot of time to see if you have any allergies.

How can I follow the Aftercare procedure of eyebrow tattoo?

You must keep your eyebrow completely in a dry state for the first 12 to 24 hours after you have done the eyebrow tattoo procedure. Try to avoid excessive rubbing or scrubbing in the area where you got the eyebrow tattoo done. You will also want to stay away from any oil-based facial products that will fade the color away.

After you have tinted your eyebrows you can use a product to groom them so that they stay in place. There is eyebrow gel available which is ideal for thicker and more luscious brow hairs. They are also useful if you do not have hair that stays flat on your skin. You can brush the gel in an upward motion that will help your hair look more stable and stay put.

Eyebrow Tattoo Takeaway: Final Words

After you get your first Eyebrow Tattoo done, your skin must feel rejuvenated and back to normal in about a month, however, it also depends on the kind of skin that you have. It is quite common for your skin to feel sensitive and tender at the first but that will go away. Your brows might appear as if it has darkened more than needed during the first few days but then it will begin to lighten with time.

It is also normal that you feel flaky skin and dryness near your Eyebrow tattoo area but it is also quite a common process during the healing time. You must avoid picking at your skin as it can cause permanent damage to your face. You must follow all the aftercare instructions given by your makeup artist professional and stick to it diligently.  In case of any problem or emergency, you must return to your artist, or doctor immediately. However, the first and the foremost thing that you can do to ensure the best results is to research the kind of eyebrow tattoo you want and the perfect person that you can trust upon. So research hard!

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