Anne Hathaway’s Wrist Tattoo & its Meaning

Anne Hathaway is one more celebrity who’s contemplated to be one of America’s sweethearts. But she also has a clammed up fringe that she doesn’t brag about her inks so openly. She has got one tattoo on her wrist. Read about it below what it means.

Anne Hathaway Tattoo

 1. Letter “M” on the Wrist

Anne Hathaway M Tattoo

Anne Hathaway has got a letter M tattooed on the inside of her left-hand wrist.  She has never openly revealed in the public about this tattoo, so we can only guesstimate and brainstorm about its meaning. Two plausibilities of what this “M” stands for could be, either her older brother name’s initial “Michael” or her mother’s maiden name which is, “McCauley“.

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