Ignacio Perrin’s 16 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Tattoos now hold a commonplace amongst athletes of today’s generation. You might have seen your favorite boxers, swimmers and other athletes showing their body art while in the field. Here is a 35 years old versatile Argentine boxer, Ignacio Perrin, who is known for flaunting his perfectly inked muscular body. He competed in the Olympic Games Rio 2016, in the men’s lightweight event. Here, is a closer look at his body art.


1. Portrait of “Che Guevara” on the Left Side of his Back

che guevara tattoo-ignacio perrin tattoo

2. “Mother Of Gods” on his Spine

mother god tattoo- ignacio-perrin

3. “Cartoon Creature With Wings” on the Right Side of his Back

winged lean man -ignacio perrin tattoo

4. “VICTORY” on the Back of his Neck

victory tattoo-ignacio perrin tattoo

5. “Warrior Women Killing Evil with Sword” on his Right Upper Arm

Women warrior-ignacio-perrin tattoo

6. “Wolf Couple” on the Right Side of his Chest

wolf couple tattoo-ignacio-perrin

7. “Sun” on the Left Side of his Chest

sun tattoo- ignacio-perrin

8. Latin Quote “Lo que no me mata, me fortalece” on his Right Forearm

LAtin quote tattoo- ignacio-perrin

Tattoo: “Lo que no me mata, me fortalece”

Meaning: Ignacio got a Latin quote inked on his right forearm in cursive handwriting, which translates into “what does not kill me, makes me stronger.” This quote was given by the German philosopher, poet, and philologist, Friedrich Nietzsche.

9. Spanish Quote “Perdono pero no olvido” on his Left Forearm

spanish quote-ignacio-perrin

Tattoo: “Perdono pero no olvido”

Meaning: Ignacio got another quote inked on his left forearm, which is in the Spanish language. It translates into, “I forgive, but I do not forget.”

10. “Anchor And Jerry” on his Left Upper Arm

spanish quote-ignacio-perrin

11. “Skull” on his Right Ring Finger

skull on finger-ignacio-perrin tattoo

12. “Praying Hands” on his Neck

praying hand-ignacio-perrin tattoo

13. “Mother Nun Holding Celtic Cross in her Hands” on his Right Forearm

Mother Nun holding Celtic cross in her hand -Ignacio perrin tattoos

14. “Jesus And A Man Praying To Him” on the Left Side of his Waist

Jesus and quote -ignacio-perrin tattoos

Tattoo: “Jesus and a man praying to him with a Spanish phrase, Sigo por vos

Meaning: Ignacio got a tattoo of Jesus and a man praying to him. There is a Spanish phrase inked underneath them, which says, Sigo por vos, that translates into, “I Continue for you.”

15. “Undefined Design” on the Right Side of his Waist

undefined design on waist-Ignacio perrin tattoos

16. “Unidentified Phrase” on his Left Forearm

undefined tattoo on arm- ignacio perrin

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