Anni Angel’s 20 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Anni Angel is a German blonde porn star. She is quite a professional when it comes to her on-screen entertainment in the adult industry. However, there are other factors that make her a well-known star which are, her body tattoos and a face full of piercings. There are tattoos that justify her inner being and there are some others that show her spicy side. Let us take a look at her tattoos and their meanings.

Anni Angel

1. Tattoo on the back

Anni back tattoo

2. ‘DONT CARE’ Tattoo

Anni DONT CARE Tattoo

Anni CARE Tattoo

Tattoo: Across her knuckles, Anni has got the words inked as, ‘DONT CARE’, as can be seen on her right and left hand, respectively.

Meaning: Don’t Care is the simplest phrase that tells us about the let-go attitude of the person. This is enough to tell us about Anni’s personality and how proud she is of her achievements and her career choices!

3. Cat Face Tattoo

Anni cat on shoulder tattoo

Tattoo: On her left shoulder, Anni has got the face of the cat tattooed.

Meaning: Cats are the universal symbol of motherhood and fertility, alongside, they are a token of love and happiness. Cat faces are the most feminine tattoo choice among tattoo lovers.

4. Blue Colored Diamond Tattoo

Anni diamonds and stars tattoo

Tattoo: On her right arm itself, there are blue-colored shining diamond crystals.

Meaning: Diamond word has the greek origin which means unbreakable. The tattoo on Annie’s body represents her strong personality and strength and nothing can ever break her. Diamond is the symbol of inner beauty rather than just being the token of strong financial capability, money, and the wealth of the person

Diamond is the perfect tattoo that is symbolic of the fact that “true beauty is found on the inside.” No matter how much wealth a person may possess but, the true wealth can only be measured in terms of the person’s honesty, genuineness, and helpfulness.

5. Flowers and Leaves Tattoo

Anni diamond tattoo

Tattoo: On her right forearm, Anni has got multiple flowers tattooed inked in shades of pink, green, yellow, and reddish-pink. There are also stars tattooed surrounding flowers in different colors.

Meaning: Beautiful flowers and their delicacy are another representation of the tattoo wearer’s inner beauty, life, and the beauty of this universe.  Flowers are also a way to show your love to your loved ones, especially for your special ones. Annie and her tattoo choices are enough for us to learn how beautiful and charming a person she is!

6. Tattoo on Finger

Anni finger tattoo

7. Flower on Stomach

Anni flower on stomach

Tattoo: Towards the left side of her stomach, Anni has got a purple-colored lily flower inked.

Meaning: Lilies are token of pure devotion and the the purity itself. They are often linked with the motherhood and the power of rebirth, and the cycle of life. Some people who believe in the spirit of never ending love and romance, get lily tattoos.

8. Rose and Butterflies Tattoo

Anni flowers and butterfly tattoos

Tattoo: Anni’s right forearm is covered in a green background which is enhanced by pink-colored flowers and pink and green-shaded butterflies spread all over her arm. The picture above is actually a part of her selfie that has been horizontally tilted automatically.

Meaning: Butterfly tattoo is linked with the romantic love, the love which in found in teenagers, which is new, and blossoming. The young love is fresh and since, it keep wavering. Just like butterflies keep hope ring around the flowers similarly, young people keep experimenting, hovering, and playing around with their social life.

The butterfly is the symbol of joys, summer, hope, transformation, and beginnings in your life. They are symbolic of geminity an young romance whereas the flowers, represent both, the love and the beauty. Thus, when combined, it tells us that the tattoo wearer is a nature lover who truly appreciates the beauty of the nature.

Rose is the universal symbol of love, affection, and romance between couples.

9. Pony Tattoos

Anni pony inks Anni pony tattoos

Tattoo: There are colorful pony tattoos covering Anni’s right arm. Pony is believed to be a loved tattoo among women tattoo lovers.

Meaning: They are the way to show that you are young at heart and to also reflect your grown up passion in life. They are cute tattoos that are sometimes also dedicated to your love for chidlren.

10. Portrait on Arm

Anni portrait on left bicep

11. Hanging Cherries Tattoo

Anni right arm tattoos

Tattoo: On her right forearm, there is a pair of hanging cherries tattooed.

Meaning: The cherries are the way to show your excitement and passion of living a happy life, to keep yourself sprited to try and live up to each phase and aspect of living life, as when it comes to you. There are multiple earnings attached to the cherry, its juice, and also the cherry falling down on floor. The juice is symbolic of immortality of souls, whereas a cherry, is the symbol of imortality of life.

They can also signify innocence, love/sexuality, or virtue.

12. Rose tattoo

Anni Rose Tattoo

Anni flowers and butterfly tattoos

Tattoo: Across her right hand, Anni has got a traditional rose tattooed in shades of red and black.

Meaning: The traditional red rose tattoo is the symbol of love and passion between loved ones.

13. Sea Horse Tattoo

Anni sea horse tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of her lower abdomen, there is an outlined tattoo of a sea horse.

Meaning: A seahorse tattoo can symbolize multiple things including beauty of life, friendship, hope, honesty, and your special connection with an animal. Also, some people who have great affinity for marine life get sea horse tattoos.

14. Sugar Skull Tattoo

Anni skull on thigh

Tattoo: On her left thigh, there is a female sugar skull tattoo.

Meaning: Skull is the symbol of death, morality, and evil. However, female sugar skulls are used by tattoo lovers to honor their family members’ lives instead of their death. Typicaaly, reflecting colors of life and thus, enjoying the very aspect of life, the gift given to each one of us, once! They can also represent the meaning of rebirth into other stage of life. Thus, the overall idea is to celebrate the essence of this gift of God and remove all the negative aspects of death.

Sugar Skull or Calavera

15. Wolf Tattoo 

Anni wolf tattoo 1

Tattoo: Covering her left forearm is the tattoo of an outlined wolf.

Meaning: Wolf tattoo represent the spiritual protection, loyalty, coregousness, faith, and devotion towards loved ones. The outlined wolf tattoo on Anni’s arm is her dedication of herself towards her family and loved ones.

16. Neck Writing 

Anni writing on neck

17. Writing on Right Shoulder

Anni writing on shoulder

18. Neck Tattoo

Anni neck tattoo

Tattoo: On Anni’s left sid of neck, there is another flower tattooed along with a butterfly.

19. Writing on Arm

Anni writing on arm tattoo

20. Stomach Tattoo

Anni stomach tattoo

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