Lily Lane’s 15 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Lily Lane is a famous actress in the adult industry who has been in the porn industry for over seven years. She has got a big fan following and has worked with websites such as Elegant Angel, Evil Angel, Combat Zone, ad many more. Her first project was with The Burning Angel. Lily was born in the USA in August 1987 and has got multiple tattoos on her body. This article will give you an insight into her body tattoos and their relevance for her.

Lily Lane

1. Abdomen Tattoo

Lily abdomen tattoo

Lily tattoo on lower abdomen

Tattoo: On her pubic area, Lily has got a tiny graveyard tattoo which shows a tombstone followed by the number 13 on its side, and the view of the sky with a moon and bats.

Meaning: The tattoo is a spooky idea of showing your craziness for Friday the 13th. Some people get bats, snakes, and owls inked along with skulls. The tattoo on Lily’s body is unique in its own sense. It shows a tombstone with bats in the sky overshadowing the graveyard.

The whole idea relates to FRIDAY THE 13TH, which is believed to relate to multiple superstitious things which include the stories like Jesus Christ’s last supper and his crucifixion which included 13 individuals on the night of Nisan Maundy Thursday, in the upper room, on the day before the death of Jesus on Good Friday.

2. Portrait on Arm

Lily arm tattoos

Lily portrait tattoo

Tattoo: On Lily’s right upper arm, there is a portrait of a lady which is inked in shaded of blue and purple. The tattoo image sees to be of a succubus, who is a female demon or supernatural entity believed to lure men via sexual activities.

3. Bat on Hand Tattoo

Lily bat on hand tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tiny bat inked on Lily’s left hand.

Meaning: A bat is believed to be a mysterious creature because of its visibility and appearance at night time. They are the symbols of dreams, vision, and strong intuition.  The bat tattoo on Lily’s body shows her ability to face her inner demons with strength and bear the difficulties and evils of life.

Bats are highly sensitive to the external environment and are highly sociable creatures with the family thus, reflecting Lily’s personality of being bold and wild, yet, being socially conscious, and dreaming of ever-lasting happiness and prosperity for herself and her family.

4. ‘Beautiful Disaster’ Tattoo

Lily beautiful disaster tattoo

Tattoo: Under her boobs, Lily has got writing done in black ink that runs vertically across her stomach and can be read as, ‘Beautiful Disaster’.

5. Bat Tattoo

Lily bicep tattoo

Tattoo: There is another bat inked to reflect the spooky night scene on Lily’s right shoulder.

Meaning: Bats are symbolic of night beauty, the eerie aura of the night, and reflect death and rebirth. Bats are often called the guardians of the night though, they are mistaken for their identity. When asked about her favorite body tattoos, Lily claimed her bats to be her best ones!

Bats are the unique creation of this universe who are more like our night protectors and act as the symbol of rebirth as they live in the belly of the Mother (Earth).

6. ‘Dead Girls Can’t Say’ Tattoo

Lily dead girls cant say tattoo

Tattoo: On her right thigh, Lily has got some more words inked that can be read as ‘dead girls can’t say no.’ Alongside the words, there is a spiderweb with bats inked inside the daggers pricing through the roses, overlapping the spiderweb.

The dagger is the symbol of the dark side whereas, the rose reflects the beauty and thus, the positive side. Thus, representing the two aspects of this universe, ie. good and evil. The pierced rose represents the pain that person experiences after a painful heartbreak and a betrayal. A spiderweb is the means to reflect that you are/were caught in some troubles that were not easy to forget and let go of.

7. Foot Tattoo

Lily foot tattoo

Tattoo: On her right foot, Lily has got the tattoo of reddish-yellow peach fruit.

Meaning: Peach is the symbol of good luck. Most people link it with the idea of prosperity, happy living, and longevity of life. It is also the symbol of happiness.

8. Guns and Roses Tattoo

Lily guns and roses on stomach tattoo Lily guns and roses tattoo

Tattoo: On her stomach, there is a beautiful tattoo of guns and roses, tattooed on the center of her body.

Meaning: Roses are the symbol of love, romance, friendship, and genuineness. Guns on the other hand show destruction and the authoritative nature of the person who fails to be snubbed down. Roses and guns are the weirdest tattoo combination that reflects the ‘destructive beauty’ that they possess. Thus, totally justifying the tattoo planted on Lily’s stomach that says, ‘Beautiful Disaster‘.

9. Deer Tattoo

Lily hand tattoo

Tattoo: On her right hand, there is colorful face tattoo of a deer.

Meaning: Deer reflects authority, spirituality, and spiritual regeneration. It is the superior symbol of power. As per Christian beliefs, the deer is symbolic of devotion and sainthood whereas, as per the Celtic tradition, it is regarded as the token of grace, feminine beauty, and gentleness.

10. Medusa Tattoo

Lily left thigh tattoo

Tattoo: Lily has got the tattoo of Medusa inked on he left thigh.

Meaning: Medusa’s tattoo is the sole representation of female power and authority. She is the ultimate feminist symbol who is also linked with the supreme freedom and independence of living life. It is represented as a snake-haired maiden.

11. Rose on Hip

Lily red rose on hip

Tattoo: There is a rose inked on Lily’s right hip.

Meaning: A rose tattoo is the token of love that is won. It is regarded as the universal symbol of passion that has taken the individual towards the pool of love. Also, it can mean innocence, young love, and the tribute for a lost loved one.

12. Skull on Arm

Lily skull on arm tattoo

Tattoo: There is a skull that can be seen on Lily’s wrist.

Meaning: The human skull tattoo generally represents death, the person wearing this tattoo usually uses it to symbolize the fact that death does not scare them. It also reminds people that death is inevitable, therefore we should live always live life to the absolute fullest.

13. Skull on Bicep

Lily skull on bicep tattoo

14. Skull with Bow

Lily skull with bow tattoo

Tattoo: A sugar skull with a pink bow is tattooed on Lily’s left shoulder blade.

Meaning: Sugar skulls are the best means to celebrate life, by honoring the dead and departed souls. The idea is to regard the gift of life as a beautiful experience in order to remove the negative elements that relate to death. Some people get sugar skull tattoos especially to pay their tribute to their ancestors.

15. Hand Tattoos

Lily finger symbols

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