Nicky Jam’s 29 Tattoos & Their Meanings

One of the most prolific artists, Nicky Jam, is a Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter and one of the hottest Latin artists of all time. He recorded his first album at the age of 11. Nicky Jam is best known for his hits such as, “Travesuras” and “Te Busco”. He is fascinated with body art since childhood and has got his first tattoo at the age of 10 years. Let’s check out his love for inks and meanings behind them.

Nicky Jam

1. “Spread Winged Owl” on his Neck

winged owl-nicky jam tattoos

Tattoo: Owl with wings spread

Meaning: Nicky got a winged spread owl inked on his neck. This tattoo was inked at the Real Deal Tattoo Studio in Medellin’s trendy Poblado district. He sees this tattoo as symbols of recovery from his habit of drug addiction. In an interview, Nicky said,

I thought, if I start doing things to take care of myself and, you know, giving myself love, people are going to recognize that love, and it’s going to be easier for them to love me.”

2. “Cross” besides his Left Eyebrow

cross-nicky jam tattoos

3. “3 Dots” beside his Left Eye

3 dots-Nicky Jam tattoos

4. The phrase, “Te Amo Mama” below the “Portrait of his Mother” on his Left Forearm

Portrait of mother-Nicky Jam tattoos

Tattoo: Portrait of his mother

Meaning: Nicky Jam got the portrait of his Mother inked on his Left forearm. The Latin word, Familia, which means family, is inked above the portrait and a Spanish phrase, Te Amo Mama, which means I Love You Mom, is inked below the portrait. This ink is tattooed by the tattoo artist, Alex Chiong of Alex Chiong Tattoo Studio in North Miami, Florida.  In an interview, Nicky says,

I got a portrait of my mom that says, ‘Te amo, Mamá’ [I love you, Mom]. I hadn’t seen my mom in 10 years, everything I did in life was for me to look after my mom. I did this tattoo in honor of her.”

5. “Eye” on his Left Elbow

Eye on his elbow- Nicky Jam tattoos

6. “Sun God” and “Luciana” on his Chest

rising sun and luciana- Nicky Jam tattoos

sun god and flying birds-nicky jam tattoos

Tattoo: Rising sun, “Luciana” and Two Flying Birds

Meaning: Nicky Jam got a tattoo of the Taino sun god, which represents his Puerto Rican roots. Below the rising sun, he got the name of his daughter, Luciana. There are two flying birds inked on each shoulder, heading towards the sun.

7. “Love” on knuckles of Right Hand

Love on knuckles-Nicky Jam tattoos

8. “Man climbing upstairs to the time machine” on his Right Forearm

A man walking to time machine-Nicky Jam tattoos

9. “Circular Design” on his Right Shoulder

Circular Design- Nicky jam tattoos

10. “Nicky Jam” on the Sides of his Both Hands

Nicky Jam on both hands -Nicky Jam tattoos

11. “ISABEL” on his Right Forearm

Isabel-nicky jam tattoos

12. “Yarimar” on his Right Forearm

Yarimar -nicky jam tattoos

Tattoo: “Yarimar”

Meaning: Nicky Jam got the name, Yarimar, inked on his right forearm which, is the name of his other daughter.

13. “Music signs” on his Right Knuckles

Music Signs-Nicky jam tattoos

14. “Guitar” on his Neck

Guitar on neck-Nicky jam tattoo

15. “Arabic Phrase” on his Left Upper Arm

Arabic script-nicky jam tattoos

16. “Astral Band” on his Right Upper Arm

Astral band -nicky jam tattoo

Tattoo: Astral Band

Meaning: Nicky got a tattoo of the astral band inked on his upper right arm. It was the first tattoo he got on his skin when he was 10 years old.

17. “Portrait of a Baby” on his Left Upper Arm

portrait of a child-nicky jam tattoos

18. “Japanese character with a Band” on his Right Wrist

Japanese character with band- nicky jam tattoos

19. “Music sign” above his Left Eyebrow

20. “ALYSSA” on his Neck

Alyssa- nicky jam tattoos

Tattoo: ALYSSA

Meaning: Nicky Jam got the name, ALYSSA, inked on the right side of his neck. It is the name of his third daughter.

21. “Music Signs” behind his Right Ear

Music signs Behind his eye- Nicky Jam tattoos

22. “NJ Logo” on his Left Wrist

NJ Logo- Nicky jam tattoos

Tattoo: NJ Logo

Meaning: Nicky Jam got the NJ Logo, inked on his left wrist. The tattoo artist, Pancho Urriola, has inked this tattoo.

23. “Celtic Cross” on his Left Elbow

Celtic Cross on arm-Nicky Jam tattoos

24. “Daffy Duck” on his Right Lower Leg

daffy duck-nicky jam tattoo

Tattoo: Cartoon character- Daffy Duck

Meaning: Nicky Jam got his right lower leg inked with a cartoon character, Daffy Duck. The tattoo artist, Samu Rico, has inked this tattoo.

25. “Marvin The Martian” on his Left Lower Leg

Marvin the martian -nicky jam tattoos

Tattoo: Caroon Character- Marvin the Martian

Meaning: Nicky has got his left lower leg inked with the cartoon character- Marvin the Martian. This tattoo was again inked by the tattoo artist, Samu Rico.

26. “Face of a Tiger” on his Right Forearm

Tiger face-nicky jam tattoo

27. “Celtic Cross” on the back of the Neck

celtic cross on back- nicky jam tattoos

28. Unknown Word on his Abdomen

unknown word on abdomen- Nicky jam tattoos

29. Unidentified word on the Right Area of Chest

unknown word on chest- Nicky Jam tattoo

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