10 Best Piercing Studios in Los Angeles

The demand for body modification procedures is increasing day by day. Body piercing, tattoos, and cosmetic surgeries are the three main types of body modifications that are rising in demand all over the world, especially, among the people of America. Generally, a body piercing is a unique form of body modification in which an opening is created in any part of the body with the process of puncturing or cutting using the sterilized needle or sterilized piercing gun to wear jewelry and accessories. Such type of body modification is done for several reasons like religious beliefs, cultural influence, traditions, aesthetic reasons, and self-expression. For piercing, selecting the right location of the body is very important since it carries a risk of infections. So, it’s important to select a reputed, hygienic, and safe piercing studio to get this body modification done. In this article, we have concluded the list of some of the best piercing studies in Los Angeles. Let’s scroll further to know the details.Best Body Piercing Studios-Los Angeles

1. ‘The World Famous Body Electric’ Studio

Body Electric-Brain Keith Thompson-Piercing Studio

“The World Famous Body Electric” is one of the most famous tattoos and piercing studios located in Los Angeles which was established in 1992. Brian Keith Thompson, a former marine and top network integration engineer for Nortal and long-time client of The World Famous Body Electric for several years, got an opportunity to own this studio. Without giving a second thought, he immediately grabbed this opportunity and bought this studio within two weeks of the offer.

This studio spoke to me, I had to own it. I sold everything, and devoted myself to the tattoo & piercing culture. I bet my life on it.”

Since then, Brain Keith Thompson has been providing quality artistic tattoo designs and piercing services to his clients. He has a team of fully certified, experienced, and trained artists who focus to provide flawless and incredible results to their clientele. One of the best qualities regarding this studio is that each client is treated with integrity and respect irrespective of their gender, nationality, race, traditions, religion, and sexual orientation. Brian is a certified piercing artist with more than ten years of experience and OSHO Bloodborne Pathogen Prevention & Infection Control training who provides piercing services from earlobe piercing to genital piercing to meet the body modification demands of the clients. For his excellent services, he has been featured on several TV shows like Hollywood Exes, Basketball Wives, 2 Broke Girls, Vanderpump Rules, and many more.

Body Electric-Brian Keith Thompson

Brain Keith Thompson (Owner and Chief Piercing Officer at Body Electric)

There are many places you can go for low-quality stuff, but I want to be the place you go for the finer side of things. Sometimes it just feels good to save up a little bit and then get something really badass. It’s your body, your face, put a little money into it. I love it because it’s always different no matter what. I don’t care how many nostrils you do, each one is completely different from the next. It’s a challenge, it’s fun and I have such a blast doing it.”

Address: 7274 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046, United States

Website: www.bodyelectrictattoo.com

Phone Number: +1 323-954-0408

Instagram: Brian Keith Thompson

Location on Google Maps:

2. ‘Atomic Tattoo & Body Piercing’ Studio

Atomic Tattoo and Body Piercing

“Atomic Tattoo & Body Piercing” was established in 1996 with a group of experienced and trained artists. Since 1996, this amazing studio located in Los Angeles has been providing all types of tattoo designs and body piercing services to its clients. This studio has an amazing team of certified, trained, and experienced tattoo artists and body piercers who have been listed as the best artists in Los Angeles. The team consists of Mr. Spooky, Justin Ford, Osh, and Jon Dockery. They also had an amazing body piercer, Broseph, who lost his life in 2021. He was providing piercing services at this studio since 2006. With more than 20 years in this field, Atomic Tattoo & Body Piercing has managed to gain thousands of clientele from several parts of the world. They are known for providing the best services to their clients as per their demands and preferences.

Address: 5903 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028, United States

Website: www.atomictattoola.com

Phone Number: +1 323-465-7869

Instagram: Atomic Tattoo & Body Piercing

Location on Google Maps:

3. ‘Studio City Tattoo Los Angeles Body Piercing’ Studio

Studio City Tattoo Los Angeles Body Piercing

This is one of the most amazing and popular tattoos and body piercing studios that has been located in the heart of Hollywood, California. With more than 30 years of experience in this field, this studio has managed to gain clientele of different nationalities with more than thousands of 5-star ratings at several review sites. It has a team of expert, experienced, trained, and professional body piercers like Steve, D.Luna, Marv Santos, and Perla Garcia that provides exotic professional ear piercing with gold body jewelry. All these are amazing certified artists who have been in this profession for the last several years. This studio also offers high-quality body pieces of jewelry ranging from 18kt gold jewelry to exotic organic ones.

Steve-Studio City Tattoo Los Angeles Body Piercing

Steve (Head Piercer at Studio City Tattoo Los Angeles Body Piercing)

Address: 11032 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91604, United States

Website: www.studiocitytattoo.com

Phone Number: +1 818-769-4049

Instagram: Studio City Tattoo

Location on Google Maps:

4. Timeless Tattoo & Body Piercing

Timeless Tattoo and Body Piercing

“Timeless Tattoo & Body Piercing” has been repeatedly rated as one of the best tattoo and body piercing studios in Los Angeles. This studio was established in 2009 and has a team of expert and highly trained award-winning tattoo artists and body piercers who have traveled all over the world to gain experience and skills. They have clients who have often appeared on several TV shows and are featured in several magazines and newspapers like Buzzfeed, TLC, Fox News, US Weekly, NBC, and many more. One of the highest in-demand body piercers at this studio is Chris Saint who has been voted as one of the best body modification artists by his clients.

Chris Saint-Timeless Tattoo and Body Piercing

Chris Saint (Most Popular Body Piercer at Timeless Tattoo and Body Piercing)

Address: 738 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90038, United States

Website: www.timelesstattoola.com

Phone Number: +1 323-461-1233

Instagram: Timeless Tattoo & Piercing

Location on Google Maps:

5. ‘Ancient Adornments Body Piercing’ Studio

Ancient Adornments-Westwood

Ancient Adornments Body Piercing Studio in Westwood

Ancient Adornments-West Hollywood

Ancient Adornments Body Piercing Studio in West Hollywood

The “Ancient Adornments Body Piercing” studios are located at two locations; Westwood and West Hollywood. They offer a wide range of body piercings ranging from earlobe piercing to genital piercings and also have a team of well-trained and experienced piercers that provide quality services to their clients. They offer quality jewelry from several trusted brands Body Gems, Maya, Body Visions LA, and many more. One of the main conditions that their clients need to follow is the minimum age limit to get the piercing done. They only provide the services to clients with a minimum age of 18 years. You need to carry one of your identification cards like a state-issued driving license, driving license, birth certificate, passport, school ID, etc. at the time of getting the appointment.

Address: (At Westwood) 1559 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024, United States

(At West Hollywood) 8424 Santa Monica Blvd E, West Hollywood, CA 90069, United States

Website: www.ancientadornments.net

Phone Number: +1 424-248-0539 and +1 323-515-5996

Instagram: Ancient Adornments Westwood

Location on Google Maps:

6. ‘Pierce Your Soul’ Studio

Pierce Your Soul-Studio

Mickey Olvera-Pierce Your Soul

Mickey Olvera (Founder and Owner of Pierce Your Soul)

Mickey Olvera is the founder and owner of “Pierce Your Soul” studio with more than 10 years of experience in this field. She is specialized in infant piercing and loves to get connected to the families of the little ones. She was a medical student and later on, she combined her medical experience with her artistic skills to provide an excellent piercing experience to the clients. Apart from infant piercing, she also provides services to students, youngsters, parents, grandparents, and anyone in between.

Hi! I’m Mickey. I have been a Body Piercing Professional for over a decade. I take a unique and important approach to piercing. Bringing my medical background to this artistry creates a really professional experience for the people I pierce. It’s so important to me to create these beautiful adornments in a high-end environment. A new piercing can transform the way you feel about yourself, and I want everyone who visits to feel welcome and safe. I specialize in infant piercings, working in a quiet and serene space each weekend morning. I’m grateful for the chance to connect with these little ones and their families, creating a special experience for them. It’s an important memory. Infant, college student, grandparent, or anyone in between – a new piercing on the outside helps you feel a little closer to who you are on the inside. I want to help create that feeling in a way no other piercer can.”

Pierce Your Studio also provides BVLA jewelry. From Swarovski Crystals to several other precious gems, they provide all ranges of jewelry to adore your piercing.

Address: 540 W Colorado St UNIT 15, Glendale, CA 91204, United States

Website: piercingsbymickey.com

Phone Number: +1 805-746-0447

Instagram: Pierce your Soul ✨ Owner

Location on Google Maps:

7. ‘Mohave Creative’ Studio

Mohave Creative-Body Piercing-Los Angeles

“Mohave Creative” studio is one of the most prestigious tattoos and piercing studios located in Los Angeles. The founder and owner, Jonny Ocean, focuses on the three basic things to provide the best quality piercing services to the clients. He selects the appropriate jewelry according to the needs and latest fashion, making the procedure painless, and educating the clients regarding the appropriate aftercare. He along with his expert team aims to provide excellence in every piercing they do. They provide all types of jewelry ranging from stainless steel to real diamonds.

Jonny Ocean-Mohave Creative

Jonny Ocean (Founder and Owner of Mohave Creative)

Address: 11429 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025, United States

Website: www.mohavecreative.com

Phone Number: +1 424-535-3003

Instagram: Mohave Creative by Jonny Ocean

Location on Google Maps:

8. ‘Aesthetic Ambition Piercing and Fine Jewelry’ Studio

Aesthetic Ambition

The ‘Aesthetic Ambition’ piercing studio provides the facilities of all types of piercing to its clients. The studio has a team of expert specialized piercers, Thomas Junior, Brendon, Hope, and Luci Doll, who all use high-quality American manufactured grade jewelry from the world’s leading and most famous companies like Neometal, Body Gems, Anatometal, Body Vision Los Angeles, LeRoi, and many more. For the sterilization process, they use only the top high-quality Autoclaves, Jewelry Steamers, and Ultrasonic Machines for the piercing session. One of the best things about this studio is that they provide piercing services to people of all age groups irrespective of their gender, race, religion, color, traditions, culture, etc. They also won the title of “Best of the Westside 2019” award for their excellent services.

Award-Aesthetic Ambition

Address: 116 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292, United States

Website: www.aestheticambition.com

Phone Number: +1 424-526-1070

Instagram: Aesthetic Ambition

Location on Google Maps:

9. ‘Envy Body Piercing’ Studio

Envy Body Piercing

With more than hundreds of 5-star ratings on several authentic sites like yelp, this studio is known as one of the best piercing studios located in Los Angeles. They provide earlobe piercing, nose piercing, tongue piercing, nipple piercing, eyebrow piercing, genital piercing, lip piercing, conch piercing, and many more. They also have the largest collection of gold body jewelry. To get the piercing done from them, you need to carry ID proof and in case of the minors, you need to carry the birth certificate of the child and an ID matching the last name of the accompanying parent or guardian.

Address: 2615 W 190th St #107, Redondo Beach, CA 90278, United States

Website: www.envybodypiercing.com

Phone Number: +1 424-400-1650

Instagram: Southbay Piercing

Location on Google Maps:

10. ‘Oak & Poppy Tattoo & Piercing’ Studio

Oak and Poppy Tattoo and Body Piercing

‘Oak & Poppy Tattoo & Piercing’ studio is specialized in providing high-quality tattoo services, piercings, and fine pieces of jewelry. The piercing department of this studio follows strict guidelines to ensure the safety and protection of all clients. Their main focus is to provide high-quality tattoo designs, great artwork, fine jewelry, great customer service, and an excellent experience. This studio was established in 2016 by Sean Roth and Eric Evans. Sean Roth is the body piercer at the ‘Oak & Poppy Tattoo & Piercing’ studio and has more than 15 years of experience in this field. He did a master’s in clinical psychology that helps him to provide a comfortable and warm environment for the body piercing experience. On the other hand, Eric Evans is one of the body tattoo artists at this studio who is best known to give his clients beautiful artwork in the form of his customized tattoo designs.

Sean Roth-Oak and Poppy

Sean Roth (Co-founder and Piercer at Oak & Poppy Tattoo & Piercing Studio)

Address: 19837 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, United States

Website: www.oakandpoppy.com

Phone Number: +1 818-914-4387

Instagram: Oak & Poppy

Location on Google Maps:

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