5 Best Piercing Studios In Kolkata

Getting the piercing done has always been a tradition in Indian culture for centuries. This old tradition has now become a world-famous trend and people have been following this crazily. Now, with the advancement of technologies and the latest trends, several types of piercings are available in the market. Just like other cities, Kolkata also has numerous piercing studios and shops that are providing world-class services to customers. But to choose the best one, make sure that the selected studio or shop follows the strict guidelines or protocols regarding the piercing procedures keeping in mind the safety and hygiene of the clients. The types of equipment used in the process should go through the proper sterilization procedure to avoid the risk of infections. In this article, we have concluded the list of some of the best piercing studios in Kolkata. Let’s read further to know the details.Best Piercing Studios in Kolkata

1. ‘Lizard’s Skin Tattoo’ Studio

Lizard Skin Tattoo Studio

The “Lizard’s Skin Tattoo” studio was established by Niloy Das with his team of experts in 2010. For more than 10 years, this studio has been providing the best quality services to clients and has managed to gain organic positive reviews on several authentic sites. The founder and owner of ‘Lizard’s Skin Tattoo’ studio, Niloy Das, is himself a great senior tattoo artist who often makes guest appearances at several reputed tattoo studios globally. One of the best qualities of this studio is that the entire team of tattooists, piercers, and permanent makeup artists work day and night to provide better quality services to the clients. They believe in improving their skills with a lot of practice. Mr. Somnath Roy, one of the most senior piercers at this studio has more than 25 years of experience in this field and is often called Babajee for his expert skills, artistic work, and techniques of piercing. All the types of equipment utilized in the piercing process are properly sterilized starting from the jewelry to single-use needles. The various piercing procedures at this studio are related to the ear, nose, navel, and lips. Due to their excellent services, they have managed to gain a good reputation in society with more than thousands of 5-Star Google ratings. Not only this but their work has also been published in several newspapers and magazines.

Niloy Das-Lizard Skin Tattoo-Kolkata

Niloy Das (founder and owner of Lizard’s Skin Tattoo Studio)

Somnath Roy Chowdhury-Piercer-Lizard Skin Tattoo

Somnath Roy Chowdhury aka Babajee (senior piercer at Lizard’s Skin Tattoo Studio)

Somnath Roy said,

Piercing is what I always wanted to do. But my fate dragged me away from my dream which made me work with many distractions. But better late than never. Finally, I am in this profession for the last few years. Being an enthusiast of every kind of body modification I always love to work with perfection. At Lizard’s Skin Tattoos I found it the best place to work as a full-time professional body modification artist or Piercing artist. With the immense support of Niloy and Punam and the entire team, I found this studio as my second home.”

Address: 392 / 1, Prince Anwar Shah Road Opposite South City Mall, South, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700045

Website: www.lizardsskintattoos.com

Phone Number: +91-9051238122

Instagram: Lizard’s Skin Tattoos

Email: [email protected]

Location on Google Maps:

2. ‘Calcutta Ink Tattoo’ Studio

Calcutta Ink Studio-Kolkata

This studio was established in 2009 by Sid Thapa with the basic aim of providing the best artistry, high-quality tattooing process, creativity, quality piercing, and best customer service. Mr. Rubel, one of the most senior piercers working at this studio has been trained properly and has years of experience to provide the best quality piercings to clients using sterilized types of equipment. He provides several types of piercings like industrial piercing, helix piercing, lobe piercing, tongue piercing, lip piercing, navel piercing, tragus piercing, orbital piercing, and many more. The other most famous and prestigious piercer at this studio is Mr. Niyama who has been providing the best quality piercing services to clients. In the safest, clean, and hygienic environment, the expert team at this studio makes sure to provide the best quality services to the clients.

Address: 7, Ballygunge Terrace, near Anjali Jewellers, Golpark, Kankulia, Kol-29, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

Website: www.calcuttaink.in

Phone Number: +91-9874556876

Instagram: Calcutta Ink Tattoo Studio

Email: [email protected]

Location on Google Maps:

3. Artifice Tattoo and Piercing Studio

Artifice Tattoo and Piercing Studio

“Artifice Tattoo and Piercing” studio was established on February 1, 2017, by Mr. AnnDy due to his passion and desire for the artistic work through tattoos. Later on, with experience, this studio made some additions to the services like piercing, nail art, mehndi, and temporary tattoos. Mr. Biswa joined hands with Mr. AnnDy to take this artwork to the next level. All the artists at this place are highly qualified, trained, and have years of experience who all work together to provide the best quality services to the clients as per their preferences. One of the best qualities of this studio is that they provide free consultation sessions even if the person doesn’t want to avail of their services. They believe in providing the services in a stress-free, comfortable, and clean environment to boost the morale of the clients. As of 2021, they have two branches of this studio in Kolkata, one in Khardah and the other one in Barrackpore. Nose piercing, septum piercing, earlobe piercing, tongue piercing, helix piercing, eyebrows piercing, nipples piercing, navel piercing, Christina piercing, genital piercing, and many more are done here using the sterilized types of equipment. Their piercing methods are all painless and they assure 100% healing by the natural process. They also provide detailed aftercare methods which are needed to be followed in timely healing without the risk of infections and allergies.

Address: (At Barrackpore) Gaja Goli, Sahid Mangal Pandey Sarani Rd, near reliance fresh, Barrackpore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700120

(At Khardah) Anubhav Complex, Near Tara Stores, Rahara, Khardha Kol-118

Website: www.artificetattoo.com

Phone Number: +91-7003642788 and +91-9007007842

Instagram: Calcutta Ink Tattoo Studio

Email: [email protected]

Location on Google Maps:

4. Tattoo Creed Studio

Tattoo Creed-Kolkata

One of the premium tattoo and piercing studios in Kolkata is Tattoo Creed started by a group of tattoo enthusiasts with a wide range of custom designs based on the preferences of the clients. They provide the unmatched quality of body piercing in the comfortable environment of their studio. According to them, piercing is not just poking someone with needles and metal shafts but another form of art that expresses the artistic personality of the person. They believe in providing the best results to the clients beyond their expectations. Several piercings like earlobe piercing, helix piercing, nose piercing, eyebrow piercing, medusa piercing, septum piercing, navel piercing, labret piercing, and many more are all provided at reasonable rates. The team of expert piercers at this studio makes sure that all the sterilized types of equipment are being used for this procedure They believe that any procedure that comes in the contact with the blood or body fluids of the person, carries a high risk of infections. So, all the types of equipment used for piercing are gone through the proper sterilization procedures. For this, they use high-quality autoclave machines. They also make sure that each workstation is properly cleaned and disinfected before and after every piercing procedure.

Address: 2nd Floor, Amcon Tower 143, beside Axis Bank, Safui Para, Sahid Nagar, Branch, Kolkata, West Bengal 700078

Website: www.tattoocreed.com

Phone Number: +91-8584837900 and +91-9163938119

Instagram: Tattoo Creed

Email: [email protected]

Location on Google Maps:

5. KalaKriti Spa and Body Piercing

KalaKriti Body Piercing

As of 2021, KalaKriti Span and Body Piercing studio is located at three different locations in Kolkata; City Centre II, Diamond Plaza, and Metro Plaza. At these studies, they provide all forms of best quality services related to body piercing, nail extension, eyelashes extension, tattoos. microblading, nail arts, makeup, and many more. The body piercings related to ear, nose, lips, tongue, navel, etc. are all done here. With their unique style of piercing, they have successfully gained positive reviews on several review websites due to which this studio is considered one of the best piercing studios in Kolkata. All the types of equipment used for piercing are sterilized to ensure the safety of the customers. Apart from body piercing, Kalakriti has also managed to gain positive reviews for its several other services related to makeup, nail extension, mehndi application, microblading, hair extension, and several other beauty services.

Address: (At City Centre II)  RAJARHAT, NEW TOWN Shop No. A- 208 Second Floor & Shop No. K012 Ground Floor, Kolkata, West Bengal 700157

(At Diamond Plaza) 68, JESSORE ROAD, 2ND FLOOR, KOLKATA – 700 055

(At Metro Plaza) 1 HO CHI MINH SARANI, SHOP NO 2059, 1ST FLOOR, KOLKATA – 700 071

Website: www.kalakritispa.com

Phone Number: +91-9774937569 and +91-7044070799

Instagram: KALAKRITI

Email: [email protected]

Location on Google Maps:

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