Fergie’s 15 Piercings

The Black Eyed Peas Girl, Fergie is a native of California. An American singer, song writer, and actress, yes she does all of them as beautifully as she is. Her debut solo album was The Dutchess, being one of the top chartbusters of an era. She is the daughter of devout Roman Catholic school teachers Theresa Ann and Jon Patrick Ferguson.┬áHer ancestry is too varied, that is, Irish, Scottish, English, Mexican (from a great-grandmother) and Native American. She set her career with television commercials. She was a spelling bee champion and a scout girl too. Her love for piercings is immense. Let’s have a look.

1. On Brows


Fergie got her right eyebrow pierced with a curved barbell, but we know from our sources that she has stopped wearing it now.

2. Ears


Fergie has 7 piercings in each ear.


Fergie wearing casual earrings in her lobes and metal rings in her six extra piercings.


Fergie has cleaned up her image as we can see in the above picture and removed her upper ear piercings. Now she normally wears earrings just in her last hole, seen from the top.

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