8 Celebrities with Lip Piercing

Lip piercing is a type of body modification in which the lips are punched, along with surrounding areas, or in the frenulum. Beautiful jewelry is used to decorate the punctured opening.

Are you aware that there are at least 14 different types of lip piercings that you can select from when you get your lips pierced? Although most choices fall into the category of “bite” piercings, every bite is positioned differently, and there are several other lip piercing types available besides bites. What makes each lip piercing sort from the other and what kind of celeb lip piercing is your favorite? Let’s look at what makes each type of lip piercing unique. 

Here are some celebrity styles from which you can take a reference and see if you can get the same style for yourself!

Danielle Bregoli

danielle bregoli face piercing

Danielle Bregoli had a small stud piercing in her lip on the right side of her face.

Stefanie Heinzmann

stefanie heinzmann piercings septum lip rings

As well as having piercings on both sides of her lips, Stefanie Heinzmann has a septum piercing as well.

stefanie heinzmann piercings septum lip studs

She also wears studs in both of her lip piercings – she wears a ring in her septum piercing and a stud in her lip piercing.

stefanie heinzmann tragus piercing

Stephanie Heinzmann has a tragus piercing, a helix piercing, and stretched earlobes on her left ear. At the time of this picture, she also had a lip ring on one side, but now she has rings on both sides of her lips, and she has a septum piercing on her nose as well.

Cara Delevingne

Cara delevigne

A labret lip ring or hoop is worn by Cara Delevingne.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera 1

Embedded in her labret piercing is Christina Aguilera’s labret stud.

Carla Howe

carla howe labret piercing

A puncture was made on the left side of the face, above the upper lip. A lip piercing named for Marilyn Monroe because it replicates the beauty spot she had on one side of her upper lip, Monroe piercings are probably the most popular lip piercing. You can find it on either side of your upper lip, though the right side tends to be more common.

Zhavia Ward

zhavia ward septum nose hoop medusa

A Medusa piercing is a single piercing placed under the philtrum, above the upper lip. In order to receive a philtrum piercing, you need to puncture just below the nasal septum. A beautiful lip shape is highlighted due to the fact that Medusa is located under the upper lip groove.

Cardi B

cardi B

The American rapper shows off her horizontal labret lip piercing. Generally, horizontal lip piercings involve two punctures made on the lower lip’s surface that are connected by a straight or curved barbell. In this case, any piercing that goes straight through the skin directly under the lower lip or right above the upper lip and into the mouth is considered to be a cheek piercing. In most cases, horizontal lip piercings are placed on one side of the mouth and are simply one piece, although some people prefer to have more than one piercing on the same side of the mouth.

Jennifer Lopez

jennifer lopez

Finally, here is a picture of JLO’s fake side lip piercings for the movie Hustlers. Make sure you get whatever piercing your heart desires. Be sure to look after the piercing you have earned!

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