35 Amazing BMW Tattoos Designs with Meanings and Ideas

BMW or Bavaria Motor Works is an iconic German multinational carmaker with its head office in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It deals with the manufacturing of touring cars, sports cars, Formula 1, and Isle of Man TT. In its early days, it used to manufacture aircraft engines in 1916. Other than cars, it also deals with motorcycles under the brand name BMW Motorrad.
In 2017, BMW became the fourteenth biggest producer of motor vehicles, with its production being 2,279,503 vehicles. Apart from Germany, it produces motor vehicles in China, India, Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Some of its popular cars which it manufactures are BMW 3 Series, BMW X3, BMW Z4, BMW iX, etc. BMW Tattoos

Meaning of BMW Tattoo

Owning a BMW car is a luxury. Fans from all over the world love this brand for its splendid design and high-class performance. Many car enthusiasts want to own this brand’s car, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So, those people want to showcase their immense love and passion for the brand by owning BMW’s permanent tattoo on various parts of their bodies. It also means that you have a great taste for luxury cars. Other than this, this tattoo has several meanings, which are described below.


A large amount of money or property acquired by a single entity is called a fortune. The wearer of the BMW tattoo denotes the ample amount of wealth possessed by him/her. It shows that the person has the potential to own a BMW car.


Success is the achievement of an aim or a particular goal. Being a successful person means the achievement of a desired vision or purpose in life. In other words, success is prosperity, attaining wealth, or fame. A person acquires a lot of wealth through intense hard work and dedication reaches that level which is called success. Owning a BMW car is synonyms to success.


Dignity is the state of being respected by becoming calm and focused. Having a tattoo of a BMW car on your body symbolizes that you have a dream of owning this luxurious brand and are constantly working hard to achieve the milestone.


Passion is a strong emotion or enthusiasm about doing something. BMW tattoos signify passion for these luxury cars. It means that you want to own this car and are firmly dedicated to it by doing constant hard work.


Fondness is an attachment to someone or something. In other words, it is a quality of being affectionate to some person or thing. People with BMW tattoos have an extreme liking for BMW cars and want to showcase their love by inking this tattoo on some visible part of their body.

Meaning of BMW Tattoo Colors


Blue is the refreshing and relaxing color that symbolizes inspiration and freedom. There are two shades of blue. One is sky blue, and the other is dark blue. Sky blue represents peacefulness, and dark blue represents power. It is widely worn as many car brand tattoos other than just BMW tattoos. It is suitable for all skin types and represents wisdom, faith, and intelligence.


Pink is related to love and associated with femininity. Though red is used in this case, pink is used in a more subtle way. It also symbolizes passion and innocence. It is used in relation to people who have an optimistic mindset towards life and always think positively. It is also associated with neglecting the negative side of reality.


Black is the symbol of death and fear. It is also related to elegance and power. Since it is a neutral color so it is been used in typography and other functional work. It represents zero-tolerance, force, dignity, and stability. It is known as the safest color when it comes to health and safety.


The brown color is known as the closest relative to neutral colors (black and white). It symbolizes stability and support as brown is the color of the earth. It represents being down to earth in all situations. It is considered a friendly, practical, and dependable color. As the BMW brand was founded way back in 1916, it can also symbolize old fashioned and well established.

Where Should you get BMW Tattoo Designs?

For Women

  • Thighs
  • Legs
  • Upper Arm
  • Hand
  • Forearms

For Men

  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Biceps
  • Abdomen

List of BMW Tattoo Designs and Meanings

  • Black and Grey Alien BMW car Tattoo on the Leg

Black and Grey Alien BMW car Tattoo

This alien tattoo of black and grey color combined with the BMW car is a great design to cover your leg. The stars along give a glittering effect to a tattoo. This tattoo is to represents your love for outer space. It signifies that you believe in the existence of outer space.

  • Black and Grey BMW car Tattoo on the Arm

Black and Grey BMW Tattoo

BMW is not a car but an emotion for every car lover. Inking this tattoo on your arm is something you don’t want to miss. This tattoo looks realistic and pleasing to the eyes.

  • BMW E46 car Tattoo on the Chest

BMW E46 car Tattoo

The BMW E46 is the fourth generation series of the BMW 3 range of compact cars. It was manufactured from November 1997 to 2006 and is powered by a straight-six engine and 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. It is placed on the left side of the chest, which denotes your heartiest love for this BMW E46.

  • BMW Gear Tattoo on the Hand

BMW Gear Tattoo

A gear is a mechanism to generate specific power and speed. It is a perfect way to convey your love to drive a BMW car. It shows the sleekness in the gear pattern of the vehicle.

  • BMW GS1200 Bike Tattoo on the Upper Arm

BMW GS1200 Bike Tattoo

BMW GS1200 Bike is one of the most popular adventurous tourer motorcycles among youths globally. It is power-driven by an 1170 CC engine which generates the power of 126.7 PS at 7750 RPM. Inking this tattoo on your upper arm symbolize your liking for this bike and your eagerness in owning this bike someday.

  • BMW Heartbeat Tattoo on the Arm

BMW Heartbeat Tattoo

This simple BMW design with the shape of a heartbeat is a great idea for all those who have a BMW car or bike. The wearer of this tattoo wants to showcase their fondness for the brand.

  • BMW Logo Tattoo on the Upper Arm

BMW Logo Tattoo

The colorful tattoo of the BMW logo with the flower on both sides looks stunning for the viewer. Women who have a love for the brand prefer this tattoo. It signifies feminism, passion, and enthusiasm. You can always flaunt this by wearing a sleeveless T-shirt.

  • BMW logo under the skin Tattoo on the Upper Arm

BMW logo under the skin Tattoo

It is one of the most popular tattoos among youngsters. The BMW logo in the form of underneath skin symbolizes desire, liking, and devotedness. The artistic work with realistic looks adds captivating delight to your personality.

  • BMW Logo with a Spanner Tattoo on the Upper Arm

BMW Logo with a Spanner Tattoo

If you want to represent your engineering background as a tattoo, then this tattoo is something you should not miss. A tattoo in the form of a spanner with a logo of BMW at one end denotes your ardent love for BMW. Since the BMW logo is inked on the upper end while on the lower side, the tool indicates that you desperately want to own this car brand after your engineering.

  • BMW M3 Car Tattoo on the Upper Arm

BMW M3 Car Tattoo

BMW M3 car is a luxury 5-seater sedan and one of the most popular BMW cars among youths. It is power-driven by a 2998 CC engine, which generates a power of 503 BHP. This tattoo inked on the biceps symbolizes your true love for this car. It is one of the least expensive BMW cars, and for this reason, many car lovers around the world own this car.

  • BMW M4 Gear Tattoo on the Wrist

BMW M4 Gear Tattoo

BMW M4 car is also a luxury 5-seater sedan that generates a power of 2979 CC and has an automatic transmission. This gearing pattern of M4 conveys various meanings. It symbolizes the love a tattoo wearer has for the M4 car. This tattoo is simple yet appealing for its wearer.

  • BMW R9T Bike Tattoo on the Arm

BMW R9T Bike Tattoo

Nowadays, the craze for bikes is increasing day by day. Every youngster wants to own a bike. One such bike is the BMW R9T which comes with an 1170 CC engine that generates a power of 110 HP. It is a retro-style BMW bike and one of the most popular bikes among youths. To showcase their love for the bike, the tattoo wearer wears this tattoo on his/her arm. In the tattoo, a man with a black jacket is riding this bike. This tattoo not only looks cool but also pose a long-lasting effect on the wearer.

  • BMW R100RS Bike Tattoo on the Arm

BMW R100RS Bike Tattoo

BMW R100RS is a bike that was manufactured in 1976 and had the power of 980 CC. It is one of the most famous bikes at that time and was still loved by many. This simple yet classy bike design looks amazing on the arms and gives a realistic appeal to its owner.

  • BMW S1000RR Bike Tattoo on the Arm

BMW RR1000 Bike Tattoo

BMW S1000RR is a super sports bike generally used for racing purposes and has a power of 999 CC. This bike is popular among youth for its design and performance. It comes with a four-cylinder engine and has an anti-lock braking system and electronic traction control. Wearing this tattoo on the upper arm looks charming and attractive.

  • BMW Skull Tattoo with diamonds on the Arm

BMW Skull Tattoo with diamonds

This tattoo is a great choice for men who want to show that they have no fear for life and have accepted that it is inevitable. For women, it has a similar meaning. This tattoo is more feminine in nature due to its large portion which is covered in pink color. The diamond above the eye symbolizes fame and money. The eyes of the skull have a BMW logo which signifies the affection for the brand.

  • BMW 5 Series with Pistons Tattoo on the Upper Arm

BMW 5 Series with Pistons Tattoo

BMW 5 Series is the luxury 5-seater car manufactured by BMW. It comes with the 1995 to 2993 CC engine that generates the power of 188 to 261 BHP. It has three variants. This car is popular in countries like India and Germany. The craze for BMW 5 Series cars is increasing day by day. To confess their heartiest love for the brand, tattoo lovers wear this tattoo on their bodies. In this tattoo, an intricate design is made of pistons that act as the medium to power a vehicle. You can easily flaunt this tattoo by wearing a sleeveless T-shirt.

  • BMW 318 IS Car Tattoo on the Leg

BMW 318 IS Car Tattoo

It is the retro BMW car that started its production in 1980. It is a 5-speed automatic transmission with a power of 105 to 115 BHP. This tattoo of the BMW 318 IS Car looks fantastic on the leg. It is mostly worn by men who prefer a retro-style look. It not only looks attractive but also brings charm to your personality.

  • BMW 325IS Car Tattoo on the Chest

BMW 325IS Car Tattoo

One more retro-style BMW car that started its production in the 1980s and caught the eyes with its prime looks at that time. Still, it is loved by many car lovers due to its agile performance and phenomenal design. The tattoo of this car denotes the wearer’s love for the retro car especially of BMW.

  • BMW C400 GT Bike Tattoo on the Upper Arm

BMW C400 GT Bike Tattoo

BMW C400 GT Bike is a mid-level maxi-scooter by BMW Motorrad. It is powered by 350cc, single-cylinder motor putting out 34PS and 35Nm. Its superb design inked on the upper arm is overwhelming to watch. The tattoo shows a person with a helmet riding this scooter. This tattoo can bring grace to your personality.

  • BMW Car Key Tattoo on the Upper ArmBMW Car Key Tattoo

It is a dream for every car lover to own a BMW car someday. The person wearing this tattoo symbolizes that he also has a wish to own a BMW car. The car key indicates extreme love for this brand.

  • BMW car with a Dog Tattoo on the Leg

BMW car with a Dog Tattoo

This BMW car with a dog symbolizes loyalty and devotion. But some people wear this tattoo simply because they are a big fan of dogs. It also represents communication. Some other cultures like Ancient Roman, Celtic, and Egyptian kingdoms have shown dogs as a sentinel of the Otherworld.

  • BMW Car with a Palm Tree Tattoo on the Thigh

BMW Car with a Palm Tree Tattoo

This awesome-looking tattoo gives a new charm to your personality. In this tattoo, a BMW car is parked under a palm tree. It symbolizes your brighter future ahead. You can combine this tattoo with another BMW car on another thigh.

  • BMW car with the heartbeat Tattoo on the Arm

BMW car with the heartbeat Tattoo

This stunning tattoo looks fantastic on your arm. The heartbeat here symbolizes the deep heartiest attachment of the BMW brand. It covers full arms in black and grey color.

  • BMW Cars Tattoo covering the back

BMW Cars Tattoo covering the back

If you want a tattoo that can cover your entire back and looks amazing then this tattoo is for you. Here there is the number of BMW cars in vertical order. It denotes that you have a diverse taste of the BMW car. You can not be confined to just one car but loves the entire brand.

  • BMW Cartoon Car Tattoo on the Leg

BMW Cartoon Car Tattoo

This cartoonish BMW tattoo on the leg looks excellent. It is not like another tattoo that gives a realistic look. Rather, it is an off-beat tattoo with intricate designs. It is an entirely hand-made tattoo by the tattoo artist and denotes the outstanding artistry work of the artist.

  • BMW Crown Tattoo on the Arm

BMW Crown Tattoo

There are many cars brands in the world like Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, etc. They all are world-class brands and to differentiate among them is very difficult. Many consider Lamborghini as the number one car brand while many consider BMW as the number one brand. For BMW fans, it’s the BMW brand that is the best. In another way, it can be denoted as the king of all car brands. This tattoo with the crown symbolizes the same.

  • BMW Cruiser Bike Tattoo on the Arm

BMW Cruiser Bike Tattoo

This amazing cruiser bike tattoo is a great addition to your tattoo collections. A realistic view of the tattoo looks cool on the arm and you can showcase your immense love for the BMW bikes. Nowadays, youths are more inclined towards bikes and this bike tattoo represents your liking for this brand’s bike.

  • BMW E30 car Tattoo on the Arm

BMW E30 car Tattoo

BMW E30 is the second generation of BMW 3 Series that started its production from 1982 to 1994. It is powered by both petrol and diesel engine which produces 235 BHP of power. Despite, being a vintage car, it is still loved by fans all over the world due to its fine performance and stability. You can cover your arm with this tattoo and impress your friends and relatives.

  • BMW E34 Car Tattoo on the Leg

BMW E34 Car Tattoo

BMW E34 is the third generation of the BMW 5 Series that started its production from 1987 to 1996. It was one of the most popular cars at that time. Despite its high cost, people love to ink this car tattoo on their legs.

  • BMW E36 car Tattoo on the Leg

BMW E36 car Tattoo

BMW E36 is a compact executive car and the third generation of the BMW 3 Series which was produced from 1990 to 2000. It comes in both manual and automatic transmission. The tattoo of the BMW E36 looks amazing on your leg.

  • BMW Spark Plug Tattoo on the Arm

BMW Spark Plug Tattoo

A spark plug is a device mounted in the engine cylinder that provides the spark to the petrol-air mixture to initiate the combustion. This tattoo covers the entire arm and looks brilliant from far. You can team it with a sleeve T-shirt to complete the match.

  • BMW Wolf Tattoo on the Upper Arm

BMW Wolf Tattoo

Wolf tattoo represents loyalty, strength, protection, devotion, love, and luck. Mostly, this tattoo is made using black and grey color ink. However, many times, a few other colors are being added like brown. They are also one of the most popular tattoo designs. It also symbolizes independence in life and leadership in one’s decisions. The BMW logo of blue and black colors adds grace to the whole tattoo design.

  • BMW Z3 Car Tattoo on the Body

BMW Z3 Car Tattoo

BMW Z3 car is a two-seater car that runs on a 2979 CC engine and has an automatic transmission. It is a simple design that looks astonishing when you wear it on your body.

  • Burning BMW Logo Tattoo on the Chest

Burning BMW Logo Tattoo

The burning BMW logo symbolizes the burning desire inside a person. A person wearing this tattoo has a true desire to own this car. He wants to showcase his passionate love for this brand. It is placed on the left side of the chest which is closer to the heart.

  • Burning E30 Car Tattoo on the Arm

Burning E30 Car Tattoo

This simple yet cute design of BMW car burning is a treat to watch. It is made using simple tools and is also less painful. It creates an enthralling effect on your personality. It means that the person has left his/her past behind and is ending a chapter to start a new life.

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