50 Incredible Emerald Tattoo Designs with Ideas with Meaning

Emerald tattoos are one of the most popular gemstone tattoos ranking right after diamonds. Sure! diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but emeralds are everyone’s perfect gemstones when it comes to tattoos. With their deep green hue and that velvety luminous shine, emerald tattoos stand out very easily.

They have been an important part of a lot of cultures and religions. They were discovered by the Egyptians but Colombia holds the position for more than 50% of the supply in today’s time. So, if you are someone who admires the emerald or wants to represent something that it is symbolic of, this article is for you.

Meaning of Emerald Tattoo Designs

Emeralds have always been associated with good signs and fortunes for the longest time. It is said to be the gemstone of the greek goddess Venus and hence represents love, beauty, prosperity, good health, and wisdom. Emeralds were also known to enhance intuition and guard against memory loss. It is also symbolic of earth and rebirth according to some faiths.

Ideas For Emerald Tattoo Designs

You could get it in one of the three main forms: crystal versions, multi-faceted jewels, and polished stones. All of them depict the same things and hence can be experimented with. You could get a hyper-realistic emerald stone tattoo by using the right shades or you could get a jewelry tattoo with emerald stones tattooed as a part of it.

Another option is to combine it with other elements or some other gems. We are sure that this article will definitely give you some ideas by the end of it.

Where Should You Get Emerald Tattoo Designs

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Emerald Tattoo Designs & Meanings

  • Emerald Tattoo Design on the Arm

Emerald tattoo 4

Starting with this beautiful arm tattoo where the wearer has got an emerald tattoo that looks like a real gemstone. They have used shades of green very smartly to make that happen and also added a white highlight to show the shine. They have also got a metallic-looking frame around the emerald which makes the tattoo look very elegant.

  • Emerald Necklace Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 3

Although there is aos a feather tattoo in this picture what attracts our attention is the tattoo around her neck containing a big emerald stone tattoo in the center that gives an illusion of a necklace. This design is one of the most visible designs and indicates prosperity.

  •  Emerald Tattoo Design with a Rose

Emerald tattoo 5

Rose is the symbol of love and passion especially the red one and the emerald is also known to bring out the true intentions of a lover and increased intuition. The wearer has hence combined the two elements of a huge rose and a large emerald gemstone hanging as a pendant from it. In the background, we can see some mandala designs as well that add dimension to this tattoo.

  • Heart Emerald Tattoo Design 

Emerald tattoo 6

This is a very common and popular shape to get an emerald tattoo. It has long been believed that emeralds represent love and loyalty in many cultures around the world. By enabling the wearer to both give and receive unconditional love, it promotes harmony and domestic bliss according to practitioners of New Age Metaphysics.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design with Moon

Emerald tattoo 7

The wearer has combined the two elements and has got a moon tattooed, shaped like an emerald stone. According to some cultures, both the moon and emerald relate to feminine energy. The wearer could represent that or that it could bring good luck.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design on the Foot

Emerald tattoo 8

The wearer has got this beautiful emerald tattoo on the foot and the tattoo extends from the ankle to right before the toes making the tattoo quite visible who wouldn’t want to show off this beauty anyway? The emerald stone is not very detailed but still has a very capturing effect.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design on the Ankle

Emerald tattoo 9

This is a really elegant design where the wearer has made the tattoo look like a kind of bare-foot jewelry piece. The dotted hangings from the tattoo further add to its beauty. They have not just got a gemstone in emerald but also the hangings that are diamond shaped are of the same color to match the aesthetic.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design with Wolf Element

Emerald tattoo 10

The wearer has gone a black and white wolf tattooed on the arm but the 2 gemstones and the eyes are colored emeralds. This makes them stand out and makes the tattoo look intense. This tattoo could mean spiritual protection and loyalty that is represented by the wolf and emerald is also known to increase the cosmic powers of an individual. Perfect combination!

  • Crystal Emerald Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 11

This emerald tattoo features the gemstone in its natural form before it acquires shape and extra luster. These crystals are very sturdy and survive under a lot of circumstances which is why this tattoo can represent someone who does not give up easily. The wearer has also added some leaves on the side.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design with Date

Emerald tattoo 12

Known as the color of spring, this rich color symbolizes romance, hope, and rebirth. A precious gem associated with Venus, the emerald is also believed to aid fertility and love. Since the wearer has got a date tattoed along with the stone, it could be the birthdate of someone close to them. It could also be the date they found love and the tattoo immortalizes that.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design with Lime

Emerald tattoo 13

The wearer here has added a lot of elements along with the emerald tattoo which gives it a very deep meaning that is personalized by the wearer. Lime or lemons are symbolic of positivity and the fact that the wearer likes to make the most out of any situation. If that is who you are, this tattoo could be for you.

  • Bold Emerald Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 14

This next one is a very bold tattoo, not only because of the size of the tattoo but the design as well. It does not feature the typical emerald gemstone but some elements of the tattoo like the eyes and the mandala are emerald colored. The animal is a symbol of raw strength and the woman in the tattoo placed inside their jaw could be symbolic of feminine power.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design on the Finger

Emerald tattoo 15

This small emerald gemstone has a squarish shape had the wearer has placed it on the ring finger, right in the center. The deep green color makes the stone look very realistic. You could also get plain likes tattooed on both sides of this stone tattoo to make it look like a ring or keep it simple like this person.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design on the Arm

Emerald tattoo 16

This tattoo on the arm counts as one of the most visible areas on the body to get a tattoo. This wearer has got triangular green shades which gives an illusion of the stone cut precisely. The raindrop shape is also very interesting and something that is not commonly found.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design with Other Gemstones

Emerald tattoo 17

The wearer has combined the emerald gemstone along with two others that seem to be ruby and blue sapphire or Azurite. All three of them are in different shapes and have been adorned with a golden metallic-looking frame. Ruby is often associated with protection and wealth whereas azurite is associated with balance.

  • Emerald Bottle Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 19

This next one is straight out of a magical mystical movie. The wearer has got an emerald-shaped bottle that looks like a perfume or potion bottle. There is grey metallic around the emerald bottle and also has details of white small pearls around it in the shape of a heart. We can also see fumes coming out of the bottle which could mean the spreading of balance, clarity, and everything that emerald stands for.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design on Back Shoulder

Emerald tattoo 20

The wearer of this tattoo has also got an emerald shaped like a heart on the back shoulder. It is outlined by black round beads which add a dimension to the tattoo. This tattoo can be in any size but should not be placed in areas that are too small because of the fine details.

  • Dream Catcher Emerald Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 18

Dream catchers ward off the bad omens. This tattoo features a beautiful black and white dream catcher that has an emerald stone in the center that catches the eye. Another colorful and eye-catching element is a whale tattooed in cosmic paint with stars. Whales are symbolic of intelligence, and power and are also signs of spiritual beliefs and peace.

  • Emerald Heart Tattoo Design 

Emerald tattoo 21

Through time, the emerald has been known as a symbol of truth and love, and what better way to express it than a heart-shaped emerald tattoo? The wearer has placed the tattoo on the ankle which is a perfect place for small tattoos like these.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design with the Sword

Emerald tattoo 22

The wearer here has got an emerald gemstone tattoo that is cut through by a small sword. Emerald is a really strong material and swords usually represent authority and strength. This tattoo could represent resilience and strength to cut through anything, that is facing every hardship with bravery.

  • Alluring Emerald Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 23

This hyper-realistic emerald tattoo is very rich in color and resembles the one naturally found except that it is shaped like a teardrop. The wearer has also got a small hand of a very light brown color that seems to be receiving the gemstone and hence receiving the powers of the stone.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design on the Leg

Emerald tattoo 24

This is a very interesting tattoo where the wearer has got a tattoo of an insect that seems to be a beetle with really colorful wings and the main body of the beetle is the emerald gemstone. The beetle is a symbol of regeneration and renewal and the emerald also denotes clarity and intelligence, so the tattoo could mean to project those qualities- all in one tattoo!

  • Emerald Charm Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 25

This charming tattoo includes emerald stone as a charm in the bracelet. The wearer has also got some other charms tattooed like a plane. It could denote that emerald stone acts as their lucky charm.

  • Emerald Jewel Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 26

The wearer has placed this tattoo on the wrist but it is also ideal for the thigh since the hanging jewel would give an illusion of body jewelry on the thigh. It looks good on the wrist as well, especially with the extra decorative elements that the wearer has got, like dots, flowers, and the metallic frame.

  • Emerald Crown Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 27

The wearer of this design has placed a huge emerald stone that looks very realistic along with two leaves going across the stone in opposite directions. A crown is placed on the top of the stone which could mean that it is their favorite stone or that they really value and respect someone who endured this stone. It could also be symbolic of the person honoring the symbolism of the emerald.

  • Emerald Tiara Tattoo Design with Roses

Emerald tattoo 28

This bold and beautiful tattoo features roses in black and white. This means that the wearer did not want to specify the color of the rose since different roses symbolize different things. The main piece of the tattoo is the tiara that is studded with beautiful emerald stones. The tiara is a symbol of loyalty and leadership and is also used to portray confidence and personal victory. This tattoo would be best placed on the arms and legs.

  • Emerald Broccoli Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 29

Broccoli symbolizes an expectation of a better future. It is a reminder of a blessing in disguise and the wearer has got that tattoo in the emerald stone pattern. The broccoli looks very crystalline and could mean that the wearer wants to symbolize good health through emerald as well.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design with Dinosaur 

Emerald tattoo 30

This is a very unique tattoo of a dinosaur skeleton where the wearer has replaced the scales on the back of the dinosaur with emerald crystals. The dinosaurs represent strength and the skeleton, in general, is symbolic of remembering the dead or telling others to proceed with caution. The emerald is also known to have manifesting powers and so do scales. It could also be symbolic of their importance in history.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design with Lotus

Emerald tattoo 31

The wearer has placed this tattoo on the bicep and has got a blooming lotus underneath which we can see a huge squarish emerald stone. There are some dotted likes hanging from it that make it look like jewels. The lotus is usually associated with higher powers and awakening along with purity or rebirth. So it could signify a big positive change in the wearer’s life.

  • Lock & Key Emerald Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 32

The lock and key tattoos are well known for representing protection. It could be in regard to anything that one needs to protect like love, secret, freedom, or security. It could also represent the opening of new doors and opportunities. The emerald stone placement in the key is a very interesting element added by the wearer.

  • Circular Emerald Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 33

This perfectly round emerald stone design is one of a kind. The wearer has got a little bit bluer in the center and emerald on the sides. This tattoo is ideal for anywhere on the body and would look very elegant, especially in the smaller areas like hands, wrists, and ankles. The shading of the tattoo gives a very nice depth effect.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design in a Triangle

Emerald tattoo 34

There are a lot of meanings for including a triangle in a tattoo but most commonly, a triangular tattoo facing downwards is a sign of femininity. The wearer has got a squarish emerald tattoo placed inside the upside-down triangle. It could represent honoring of the feminine side of yourself or some women’s important role in your life.

  • Emerald Bracelet Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 35

This tattoo design is very unique and looks very aesthetic. The wearer has got an emerald stone bracelet tattooed on their wrist. There can be a lot of modifications of this tattoo as an anklet or around the neck like a choker which would be for women. Bracelets are simple and can be tattooed by men as well.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design with Owl 

Emerald tattoo 36

Next in the series is this owl tattoo with a huge emerald heart in the center as if it was part of its body. The owls are a symbol of mystery, wisdom, and love. It could represent a realization of a higher connection or deep love for someone. Both these are equally beautiful reasons to get this tattoo. The black shade in the owl really makes the green emerald stand out.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design on the Nape of the Neck

Emerald tattoo 37

If the first thought after seeing this tattoo is our very own childhood game- Sims, then this tattoo is for you. Although the significance of this tattoo is much more than just a game, it could be symbolic of dissociation or difference from society. This beautiful emerald crystal tattoo is ideal for small regions of the body. If you are someone who would easily want to cover your tattoo, the nape of the neck is a perfect place.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design with Text

Emerald tattoo 38

The wearer of this tattoo has got a huge emerald gem tattooed with the text ‘Priceless’. Now, emeralds are surely very costly but here they may signify a deep and emotional connection with someone or a relationship with feelings that cannot be bought. The intuitive powers of emeralds are often used to manifest different things in life and you could do that too.

  • Taurus Emerald Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 39

The wearer here has gone for a tattoo that reflects one of the signs of the horoscope. Emerald is the birthstone of Taurus and that’s why the wearer has got a symbolic tattoo of the bull and the emerald. This is because an emerald is considered a gemstone of venus, which is the ruling planet of Taurus.

  • Horoscopic Emerald Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 40 scaled

Another one of the Taurus included emerald tattoos that feature an abstract image of the sign of the Taurus. The bull is seen adorned with emerald stones with a huge triangular piece in the center making the face of the bull.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design with Flowers

Emerald tattoo 41

The addition of botanical elements is very common among tattoo lovers. Here, the wearer has added lily flowers along with the emerald stone tattoo but you can add the flower of your choice and the one that represents you. The flowers are not colored here which highlights the stone as the main piece of the tattoo.

  • Creative Emerald Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 42

This creative and absolutely stunning emerald tattoo is no less than a beautiful vision. The wearer has got it tattoed to resemble an armband that is an arm jewelry piece. The emerald is clearly the main focus of the tattoo along with other elements like flowers and butterflies. There are some pearls studded on the sides of the emerald as well that have a very beautiful meaning apart from representing purity.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design with Heena Design

Emerald tattoo 43

The wearer has placed their tattoo on the wrist extending up the hand. It features a large emerald stone surrounded by pearls and an intricate henna design tattooed around. This is a very bold choice for a tattoo since hands are usually exposed and hence the tattoo becomes very visible most of the time. But if you are a fan of the bold, go for it!

  • Emerald Tattoo Design with Butterfly

Emerald tattoo 44

This is a very interesting tattoo since the wearer has combined two very similar elements. Both butterfly and emerald can be associated with rebirth along with many other meanings. There is also a lotus on the top which is symbolic of spiritual knowledge and transformation. All these together could mean that a huge change happened in the life of the wearer.

  • Square Emerald Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 45

This simple but eye-catching tattoo of a squarish emerald stone is placed on the arm by the wearer. They have gone for a very deep green which usually means that the emerald has aged very well.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design on the Arm

Emerald tattoo 46

The next tattoo is one of the three-dimensional tattoos in which the wearer has placed it on the arm. They used bold colors and shades really well to make the tattoo pop up. This tattoo is ideal for people of any gender and can be tattooed on the arm, legs, or thighs. A small version of this tattoo would also be suitable for wearing it behind the ear.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design on the Chest

Emerald tattoo 47 scaled

This emerald tattoo features a gemstone made in black and has an octagonal cut. The wearer has placed the tattoo on the chest and if you want it to be clear that it’s an emerald, you can go for a green outline as well.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design with other Family Stones

Emerald tattoo 48

This is a very unique tattoo to honor and keep your family in your memories forever. The wearer has a house-like outlined box tattooed in black and inside are four gemstones. Each probably corresponds to the birthstone of each of the family members. The other stones along with emeralds appear to be blue sapphire and ruby.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design with other stones

Emerald tattoo 49

This tattoo design includes not just emeralds but a lot of other stones as well. They are all arranged in a flower pattern which could represent combining all of their qualities since all the flower petals meet at a common center. This is a very pretty tattoo that is adequate in size to be tattooed anywhere on the body.

  • Emerald Outline Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 50

The wearer here has placed the tattoo in the center of the chest which is a very good place to get a tattoo for aesthetics but you’ve got to have a little more pain tolerance. But then again, it’s really subjective when it comes to pain tolerance. The wearer has chosen an emerald green color to get the outline of the tattoo which specifies the type of stone.

  • Emerald Pendant Tattoo Design

Emerald tattoo 1

The next one here is this emerald pendant tattoo with the silver portion studded with diamonds. The pendant could be really special to the wearer and could be symbolic of someone they love. It could also be in memory of someone close to them. If you are one of the lucky ones who have been gifted an emerald by someone special you could get a tattoo of that ornament and make this tattoo, your own.

  • Emerald Tattoo Design on the Chest

Emerald tattoo 2

Lastly, is this beautiful and elegant emerald tattoo combined with some botanical flowers of different colors and varieties. The stone is placed at the bottom and in the center of the flowers.

Hopefully, this article helped you choose which tattoo you are getting to ‘shine bright like an emerald’!

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