Brenda Castillo’s 14 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Brenda Castillo is a professional volleyball player from Dominican Republic. She was announced as the tournament’s best libero during the 2012 Summer Olympics. She has got several tattoos on her body. Let’s have a look!Brenda Castillo-Tattoos

1. Infinity Symbol Tattoo

Brenda Castillo-Infinity Symbol Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Infinity Symbol’ tattoo on her right shoulder.

Meaning: Earlier, Brenda had got the tattoo on an infinity symbol which she, later on, got covered with the ‘geometric pattern design’ tattoo.

2. Geometric Pattern Design Tattoo

Brenda Castillo-Geometric Pattern-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Geometric Pattern Design’ tattoo on her right shoulder and neck area.

Meaning: Geometric pattern design tattoo symbolizes balance, mystery, stability, intelligence, healing, and protection.

3. Mandala Tattoo

Brenda Castillo-Mandala Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Mandala’ tattoo on the center of her neck.

Meaning: Mandala is a circular-shaped design that symbolizes balance, unity, harmony, growth, and perfection.

4. Tiny Heart Tattoo

Tiny Heart Tattoo-Brenda Castillo

Tattoo: ‘Tiny Heart’ tattoo on her left ring finger.

Meaning: A heart Tattoo symbolizes emotions, feelings, passion, gratitude, love, union, and respect.

5. Rose Tattoo

Brenda Castillo-Rose-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Rose’ tattoo on her left shoulder and back.

Meaning: A rose tattoo symbolizes feelings, emotions, new beginnings, mature love, and protection from an envious lover.

6. Tattoo on her right hand

Hand tattoo Brenda Castillo

7. Tattoo on her right leg

Brenda Castillo-Right Leg Tattoo

8. Tattoo on her left hand

Hand Tat-Brenda Castillo

9. Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoo-Brenda Castillo

Tattoo: ‘Lion’ tattoo on her left arm.

Meaning: Lion tattoo symbolizes power, strength, courage, authority, leadership, justice, motherhood, and protection.

10. Tattoo on her right index finger

Finger tattoo-Brenda Castillo

11. Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoo-Brenda Castillo

Tattoo: ‘Cross’ tattoo on the right side of her neck.

Meaning: Cross tattoo symbolizes faith, respect, and regard of the wearer for Christianity. It also signifies the event of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

12. Tattoo on her left arm

Arm tattoo Brenda Castillo

13. Tattoo on her right forearm

Brenda Castillo-Arm Tattoo

14. Tattoo on her back

back tattoo-Brenda Castillo

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