10 Best Tattoo Artists in Leeds

Leeds is one such place that is drenched in a variety of art forms. It has galleries, various kinds of exhibitions, gigs, and musical events, street art shows, collectives, old and new cinemas, various hip book shops, and a mammoth of tattoo parlors.

If you think about getting inked and turning your body into a masterpiece of art, you must look out for the most talented tattoo artists and some tattoo studios in Leeds. This list comprises tattoo artists and studios that are most renowned in the city and here’s a list of our top recommendations.

To put together this list, many factors have been taken into consideration like reviews from multiple sources, how long have each artist worked for, the celebrities if they have worked for, the kind of services that they offer, the diversity of their work, the accessibility factors, etc. There are a plethora of establishments that might offer the same kinds of services but here are a few personal recommendations to get inked while in Leeds.

1. Chloe O’Malley- Rose and Thorn Tattoo Studio


Most of the designs by Chloe are inspired by nature and wildlife. Her style of inking is a bit more delicate. During the day, she works at the tattoo studio Rose and Thorn in Bramley, and in the evenings, she works with a different set of needles and transforms her colors into amazing embroidery. She sells her stuff online in the form of clothes and other apparel on Big Cartel.

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2. Grimm Tattoo Studio- Nico, Alex, and Daz

grimm tattoo


Grimm Tattoo is made up of the skills of three amazing artists, Nico, Alex, and Daz. They have more than 20 years of combined experience. They work the best in many kinds of styles like watercolor, portraits, American realistic designs as well as shading effects. If you look for a comprehensive experience in Leeds, make sure not to miss out on Grimms Tattoo Studio.

grimm tattoo

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3. Danny Potter- Cobra Club Tattoo

Tattoo Artists in Leeds

Tattoo Artists in Leeds

Danny Porter is the local talent based in Leeds. He began his career with Cobra Club Tattoo which is quite a hotspot for all the tattoo enthusiasts in Leeds. It is based in Hyde Park. His style can be said to be unique which comprises thick lines and beautiful curves that make some stylistic patterns, typography, and various other symbols. He shares his work constantly on his social media.

Tattoo Artists in Leeds

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4. Urban Ink

urban ink

Urban Ink is yet another well-renowned tattoo studio based in Leeds. They offer completely client-focused work and feel that each client has specific requirements. They give free first consultation from their fully licensed tattoo artists and make sure that they can assist their clients in the best possible way. No matter if it is a cover-up or a new tattoo, they have their professional hands on it. All they expect from their clients is to sit back and relax. They have a large screen where they let the clients enjoy a screening of a film, probably so that they can have a great time. They make sure not to deviate from their quality standard each time.

urban ink

Their artists specialize in cover-ups, realism, and portraits. The ink that they use is vegan which makes their tattoo studio a bit unique from others. Cleanliness and comfort are their priorities hence a lot of gadgets. They also offer the service of choosing a private room by the client to make sure that they are happy with the kind of service they receive. Each room has its own screen.

urban ink
Considering all the needs of the customer, they strive to establish a rapport with them and explain to them that they take the essence of the work remarkably sincere. With the assistance and expertise ready, their clients are sure to be fluttered with their amazing results.

urban ink

  • Shop Name: Urban Ink
  • Address: Urban Ink, 5 Hyde Park Rd, Burley, Leeds LS6 1PY, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 113 318 9247, 01134829401 
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Facebook: Urban Ink
  • Websiteurbanink-leeds.co.uk
  • Timings: Tuesday- Saturday 10 AM- 6 PM

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5. Katie- Ultimate Skin Tattoo and Piercing

Located within the fashionable Northern Quarter of Leeds City Centre is Ulitmate Skin Tattoo and Piercing Studio. It is such a place that must be pretty famous amongst tattoo enthusiasts. The studio shares an exceptional reputation and seems to be booked for months in advance. All this is in awe of the kind of work that they offer. They are often praised for their extremely professional attitude, hygiene, and friendly environment.

“We will have been open twenty-two years this Autumn, making us the longest-running shop in Leeds City Centre,” asserts Katie, “We’ve branched out from three small rooms towering over New Briggate to our current street-level shop, which has a beautiful open front and a lot more space.” Ultimate Skin is an apiary of people who can tattoo well, that comprises of five full-time resident artists, four realism artists who often travel over from Spain, and an abundance of guest artists that are invited over every couple of months. “Our resident artists all have different specialties, so there aren’t many styles that we don’t do. We take walk-ins for both tattoos and piercings, and if people want to pop in to discuss design ideas, there’s always someone free in the shop,” she continues.

The studio also houses 5 in-house tattoo artists. So if you would like to get inked by them, you need to make an appointment with them ASAP through their website. They also announce any cancellation on their Facebook page and if you are in luck, you might be able to hog onto that train.

Ultimate Skin Tattoo & Piercing’s 5 tattoo artists concentrate on a range of styles which include Japanese, Traditional, and Black & Grey Realism. They also offer a free consultation to the clients. In addition to tattoos, they also offer a vast array of body piercings and body jewelry. Rebates are also possible for block bookings on laser removal sessions. Appointments and walk-ins are appreciated.


The kinds of tattoos that they offer are Eagle, Tiger, Photo Realism, Small, Mandalas, Cover-Up, Skull, Portrait, Butterfly, Horror, Fish, Eye, Religious, Colour Work, Natural, Wolf, Dragon, Fantasy, Haida, Floral, Heart & Memorial Tattoo.

They also organize one of the biggest tattoo conventions in Leeds, called, the Leeds Tattoo Expo which happens annually. “It’s a really fun weekend of live music, wild entertainment, lots of friends, and course tattooing,” Katie explains, “if you’ve never been to a tattoo convention before, it’s really worth checking out.” Leeds Tattoo Expo invites over 180 artists from all over the globe who come to the First Direct Arena for two days of amazing tattoo expertise and perfection. Katie tells, “even if you’re not into tattoos, it’s worth a visit just for all the wonderful traders and whacky fire shows, or even to join a Viking horde!”

Katie talks of the bounty of artistic enterprise in the city: “Leeds is such a great city for the arts,” she says, “the art gallery always has fantastic exhibitions, and Leeds Central Library is one of the most beautiful buildings we have, but it’s relatively unknown. Our shop owner, Silvia, always takes our guests to look around the library if they have a bit of spare time – the tiled halls are mouth-watering!” The team at the Ultimate Skin Tattoo and Piercing never really runs out of drawing material because Leeds got it covered too: “We all spend lots of time (and hard-earned cash!) at Fred Aldous, but in North Leeds, Dinsdale’s is the best. It’s a tiny shop, and the guy behind the counter is lovely, plus all the materials they sell are really good quality.”

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6. Gareth Miller- Snakes and Tiger Tattoo

Snake And Tiger Tattoo

It’s difficult to believe by the kind of success and popularity that they have accumulated, that Snake & Tiger only opened their doors in 2015. Established by tattooists with almost 30 years of expertise, they have their vision set upon the kinds of projects that will help them to enhance the quality of Leeds’ tattoo enthusiasts. Since the beginning, they’ve inked thousands of people, that includes even some really popular names on the screen like Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey and British Olympic gold medalist Nichola Adams along with Premier League footballers and Coronation Street and Emmerdale stars. They have a portfolio that contains a variety of designs right from full-body pieces to simple patterns. They’re remarkably experienced and are delighted to talk through inventive concepts you might have. The customers are especially impressed with the high levels of cleanliness, so you can be certain of Snake and Tiger. You can see lots of their work on their social media which they keep updated.

Snake And Tiger Tattoo

Some of the styles that the artists in the studio specialize in include, Heart, Clock, Mandalas, Eye, Animal, Skull, Cover-Up, Haida, Memorial, Floral, Butterfly, Portrait, Dragon, Scorpion, Half and Full Sleeve, Colour Work, Tiger, Wolf, Octopus, Black, Small, Religious, Fantasy, Eagle & Horror Tattoo.


The owners of this studio, Gareth Miller, and Chris Lambert have located their studio in the heart of the Leeds City Centre. Located in the stunning grade 2 listed Victorian Thornton’s Arcade, just a minute from the main high street on Upper Briggate. Thus this is something that makes them highly approachable. No matter if you are a collector of complex designs or a first-timer, they have got you covered. Not only do they pride themselves in the highest possible standards for customer satisfaction but they use the highest grade of ink which is vegan and equipment and are approved by Leeds City Council Hygiene.

Both tattooists have almost 30 years of expertise combined and together they chose to build a comprehensive studio designed to purvey to everyone’s needs.


While both Chris and Gareth have the matchless experience, they both understand the importance of building memories along with building a tattoo. This is exactly why the moment you stop in their studio for a consultation, they make sure to make you feel assisted throughout by their professional staff.

Both of these artists have come to understand that the memories from your experience of getting ink last as long as the tattoo does and so the moment you walk through the doors of the tattoo studio they do their best to make you feel comfortable and help assist you through the whole process with the help of their professional staff.

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7. Chris Lambert- Chris Lambert Tattoo


Chris is yet another tattoo artist who followed his passion for tattooing and made it to his profession. He is a graduate in Fine Art from the University of Leeds and a retired muralist and graphic designer, whose devotion and enthusiasm for the history and aesthetics of tattooing lead him to take up the profession in 2005. He is especially captivated by the aesthetics of traditional American tattooing of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, and also the impact of Japanese craft on Western tattooing throughout the same duration.

Besides creating designs, he is also a tattoo historian of this period and has held onto one of the finest collections of the early 20th century American Tattoo designs in the United Kingdom. His forte is to pay attention to the minute details of how a tattoo design should look and was produced in the earlier time frames of the 20th century and tries to reproduce the same details in a more modernistic form using modern standards and techniques. His skills that resonate with his sincere love and passion for this art speak volumes about his work which provides him so much inspiration and an awesome reputation.

The Western tattoo world was deeply affected by the Japanese style of tattoo until 1945 and mixed both oriental and modern t techniques into their work. In the late 20th century, they both diverged to their own respective paths with a few artists remaining who work in both these domains simultaneously or an amalgamation of these two forms of art. Chris’ work, nevertheless, lies conveniently in the progenitors of the great Euro‐American tattoo artists of the first half of the 20th century, all of whom operated across these diverse aesthetic skills to formulate output that is unique, interesting, and extraordinary. This makes Chris Lambert one of the only tattoo artists working in Britain now who famously incorporates Japanese tattooing with Euro‐American traditions in the methods that were familiar a hundred years ago. Certainly, Chris has contributed his free time studying in Japan and operates regularly beside a Japanese-trained master tattooer, Horikitsune in a separate workshop in London.


Chris’s customer account swells with people such as Game of Thrones actress, Lena Headey, Olympic athletes such as gold medalist Nicola Adams, premier league footballers, and BBC radio DJs, amongst many others.

His works and designs are housed in the perpetual acquisitions of the Yokohama Tattoo Gallery in Japan and the Mike Skiver Tattoo Museum in Pittsburg, USA. He aims to work intimately with his customers on both petite and extensive work, and whether you have probably 10 other kinds of tattoos or attempting your first piece, Chris is bound to secure a relaxed, specialist, and pleasant experience.

The co-owner of Snake and Tiger Tattoo in Leeds says,

“I have always had a passion for art and after enjoying the subject through compulsory education I took a step to fuel my passion by studying Fine Art at Leeds University, graduating in 2003. From here I started work as a community artist in schools across Yorkshire painting large scale murals and project managing collaborative art projects for 5 years. Many of the skills I learned during this time, such as collaborating with clients to meet their specific desires, I have transferred into tattooing. I have a passionate interest in Japan and lived in Japan during 2005. This prompted me to consider tattooing seriously, and move away from community art to concentrate on my personal passion as a career. My other interests are 50s and 60s pop culture and the rock and roll influenced lowbrow art that came out of it, tattooing being an obvious part of that culture.”

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8. Victoria Boghia- Artistic Crew Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Artists in Leeds

Artistic Crew Tattoo is an amazing tattoo studio that could be found on Kirkstall Road in Leeds. They’ve got a great name accredited to their tattoo artists who specialize in the more aesthetic tattoos. If you need a portrait tattoo or something more dystopian, they are worth getting in touch with as they offer a stylistic twist to your custom designs. What’s more, is that they have a huge set of positive reviews from people who have visited their studio and other previous clients.

The owner Victoria Boghia says, “We are a custom tattoo studio based in Leeds West Yorkshire. Our mission is to reach the heights in offering the best services for our respectable clients.”

Tattoo Artists in Leeds

The artists at Artistic Crew Tattoo Studio believe that they will provide the best advice possible when it comes to the kind of tattoo designs that should be inked. The artists in the studio have over 10 years of experience in this art form, and thus, one need not worry about the end product. They are also sponsored by quantum tattoo inks which is one of the leading brands in the industry and so one can be assured about the quality of ink that they use. Quantum inks are made from earth pigment and are 100 percent vegan and non-acrylic. Thus, it gives the tattoos a beautiful vibrancy and a long-lasting effect. It also assures to provide a very unique experience. Their belief is strong when it comes to art and its immortality.

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9. Sam Myers- Rude Studio Tattoos and Piercings

There is a motive why Rude studios have grown to be known as one of the best Tattoo and body piercing studios in Leeds, West Yorkshire. They have opened multiple locations in the UK since they first opened their store in Headingly in 2009, which is a decade over. They are now the proud owners of the Leed’s most recognized and skilled custom tattoo experts with three locations in Leeds itself. They have 15 in-house artists in their Leeds locations who are considered based on their skills and abilities. They also have a professional team of piercers.

Tattoo Artists in Leeds

They are built around high-tech technologies that ensure an ultra-modern hygienic environment. The tattoo studios across the Uk provide services including custom tattoos, body piercing, laser tattoo removal, micro-blading, semi-Permanent makeup, paramedical tattooing, scalp pigmentation, and high-end body jewelry sales. “This is a specialist service that we provide for people who have had cancer or operations like mastectomies, or if they have scarring they want to cover up,” Sam says, “it’s only available in our Headingley clinic, but we’re opening a new clinic that will offer this in May in Leeds City Centre.” 

Their wide array of services provide an opportunity for this kind of art to flourish. Their focus is to introduce a top-notch product and service to a wider audience. The owner here, Sam Myers, says, “While guaranteeing you a high level of comfort, service, and satisfaction that derives from a genuine desire to be the very best in the industry. Our focus is to provide all customers with an informative, efficient, and comfortable experience.”

Rude studios the production of an Award-winning make-up artist & celebrity body piercer, Sam Myers who has a degree in BA(HONS). Sam has over 25 years of professional expertise and excels in advanced and artistic methods. Sam has had the chance of piercing names such as The Kaiser Chiefs, Sugar babes, Emmerdale, and Hollyoaks cast members.

Tattoo Artists in Leeds

Sam also has advanced certification in Semi-Permanent make-up, Microblading, Para-medical tattooing, scalp pigmentation, and has taught advanced body piercing at the Leeds School of body piercing for over 10 years. Sam took up the course in 1997 by Anna Kai MD, and has an advanced certification in body piercing, Sam gained a BA(HONS) in media and SFX make-up, majoring in body modification. Because he has been prepared by a medical expert, Sam will inspire an exceptional example of security and health.

“There is a reason why Rude Studios has become known as one of the best tattoo and body piercing shops in Leeds,” begins Sam Myers, award-winning make-up artist, and body piercer, “starting at our little Headingley studio in 2009, we’ve grown a lot since then, providing amazing artwork and creative body modification to the people of the city. The studios are a product of my personal passions and expertise,” she continues, “I’ve got over twenty-five years of professional experience and I specialize in creative techniques.”

Tattoo Artists in Leeds

Leeds is a perfect location for her art because it is drenched with a variety of art forms from all kinds of niches. It offers sanctuary to a variety of ideas and projects. “Duke studios is a particularly favorite spot of mine, and I like East St Arts too”, which is an industry that champions modern artists and their achievement in transient and perpetual spaces across the city. “In terms of artists I admire in my own craft, it has to be Dr. Inkwell’s Custom Tattoos.”

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10. Hayley- Buzz Club Tattoo Studio


The Buzz Club, in Leeds, is rather a new tattoo studio that caters to the client’s tattoo needs and has something for everyone. The resident artists here are engaged in specific art forms that they excel in. They also invite over guest artists that bring in various kinds of new techniques and styles. Each artist in their studio has their own personal social media where they showcase their designs and a portfolio for the same. They specialize in providing custom designs to their customers and bring their designs to life.

The ink that they use is of high quality and 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free. Their products do not contain animal fats. They use Kuro Sumi for black ink and Eternal Ink for colors. They also use Hustle Butter Deluxe instead of vaseline before, during, and after the tattoo as it’s the best quality of the vegan product that is out there. In addition to this, they also use Spirit stencil paper for their tattoo designs instead of others, which doesn’t include any animal fats.

Lastly, all the energy that they consume is 100 percent renewable!

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