Tucker Pillsbury’s 28 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Tucker Pillsbury, the famous American pop singer, and songwriter is also known as Role Model. Tucker gained all the limelight when his extended play, Arizona in the Summer released in 2017. Tucker is famous because his song lyrics are often based on the most common aspects of our daily lives, such as depression, self-doubt, failed relationships, and loneliness. With lots of people following him and his singing, Tucker recently revealed that he loved poetry and writing a lot during his childhood. Tucker seems to have overpowered the young minds with his pop singing. He has also got multiple body tattoos. Let us explore his inks and see their meanings.

Tucker Pillsburry

“Writing was the only thing in school I really loved, but I had never thought about writing songs or putting my writing to music,” Pillsbury said.”You could just write stories, makeup fantasies. The best thing a teacher could do for me is to have a free-writing day.”

1. ’11’ Tattoo

Tucker 11 tattoo

Tattoo: ’11’ number is tattooed on the top corner of Tucker’s right hand.

2. Arm Tattoo

Tucker arm tattoo

Tattoo: An upside-down heart inked with a face of babysitting with folded hands inside the heart.

3. Child Tattoo

Tucker baby tattoo

Tattoo: There is another baby boy tattoo on his arm. This tattoo shows a boy all set to play and act on the field.

4. Map Tattoo

Tucker bicep tattoo

Tattoo: The tattoo shows the map of the city of Maine, US.

5. Birdcage Tattoo

Tucker birdcage tattoo

Tattoo: Tucker has another exciting tattoo on his body. It is a birdcage that is inked on the center of his stomach.

Meaning: Birdcage represents the open-minded personality of the tattoo wearer. The birdcage symbolizes freedom, independence, liberty, and freedom from the rules and interference of society.

6. Skull with a candle Tattoo

Tucker burning candle over skull face

Tucker burning candle tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of his stomach, there is a skull tattoo with a candle on the top.

Meaning: The skull is the symbol of evil and death. However, some people also consider the skull as the means of strength and courage to overcome the complex phases of life with ease. A candle on the skull is symbolic of mortality. The burning candle reminds us that if the candle goes out, the end is near, the life is over. The burning candle, if turned off, will lead to death so, keep enjoying life till you can.

7. Butterfly Tattoo

Tucker butterfly tattoo

Tattoo: We can also see a butterfly tattoo on the left side of his body.

Meaning: Butterfly is the symbol of fresh beginnings and start. It is symbolic of hope, desire, and also a token of good luck. A butterfly represents faith, freedom, romantic love, transformation, and independence.

8. Cherub Tattoo

Tucker chest tattoo

Tattoo: On his right pec, a baby angel inked with multiple arrows stabbed in his back.

Meaning: Angel is the symbol of pureness, good luck, protection, and direction. An angel with stabbed back symbolizes the confidence and the spirit of keep leading in life even if everyone ditches you and creates hindrances in your path. The angel reflects the honest and pure mind that is bound to get stabbed because not everyone is pure and sincere like an angel, which represents goodness.

9. Cross with a Rose 

Tucker cross with rose tattoo

Tattoo: Tucker has got a cross and a rose inked on his left wrist.

Meaning: A cross and the rose is the most unique yet, common tattoo among Christians. Rose symbolizes joy, pureness, love, romance, and affection, whereas the Cross is the Holy symbol of Christians. Rose cross symbolizes the love for someone who is no more alive. Rose is symbolic of Virgin Mary as per Christian beliefs. Thus, a rose cross is regarded as the purest religious symbol among Christians.

10. Dancing couple Tattoo

Tucker dancing couple tattoo

Tattoo: There is a romantic dancing couple inked on Tucker’s left inner bicep. Also, there is the letter G inked on the couple’s left side.

11. DIRIGO Tattoo

Tucker DIRIGO Tattoo

12. Stairs to Heaven

Tucker doorway to heaven

Tattoo: On his right bicep, Tucker has got a tiny tattoo of a staircase that represents the ‘staircase to heaven.’

Meaning: Staircase to heaven represents your encouragement and the aim of reaching heights of success in life. This tattoo is the symbol of inspiration, hope, and happiness in life.

13. Earth on Fire

Tucker earth tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the outer side of his right bicep, there is a tattoo of pair of hands holding the burning earth.

14. Masks Tattoo

Tucker mask tattoo

Tucker faces on chest

Tattoo: On his collarbone area, a portrait of a boy is inked, along with a mask overlapping the boy’s face.

Meaning: The double-faced tattoo is the representation of the two-sided personality of every human being. It shows us that each individual has a hidden side which he never shows to anyone. We should be raw and honest and keep our masks off to be genuine and sincere in this world.

15. Singing Skeleton

Tucker figure tattoo

Tattoo: On Tucker’s left pec is an extraordinary tattoo design. It is a skull/ghost-like structure holding a mike, which represents that Tucker shall continue to sing until he gets old in bones.

16. ‘P’ Tattoo

Tucker hand tattoo

Tattoo: There is another letter inked on his body. It is the letter P which is tattooed on his right hand.

Meaning: The tattoo represents the logo for the Portland Press Herald. Tucker got this to remind himself about his home always.

17. Ladder Tattoo

Tucker ladder tattoo

Tattoo: On Tucker’s right shoulder, he has got the ladder tattoo.

Meaning: Ladder tattoo is a source of motivation for self to keep leading his life with confidence and work hard striving for his high ambitions and life goals. This should continue till he achieves success and fulfills his dreams.

18. Magnet Tattoo

Tucker magnet tattoo

Tattoo: There is a magnet inked on his outer left forearm.

19. Nails Tattoo

Tucker nails tattoo

Tattoo: Tucker has got two nails inked on the left side of his neck. Two pins are believed to be the symbol of crucifixion.

Meaning: Nail is believed to represent those hard times of the person’s past, the trauma which cannot be forgotten and with which the person ought to live forever. Some people also say that two nails are the symbol of Jesus’ crucifixion, while others believe that they symbolize our fate and remind us to enjoy every moment and keep pushing ourselves during difficult times of our life

20. ‘5’ Tattoo

Tucker number 5 tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the right side of his neck, Tucker has got the tattoo of the number ‘5’.

21. ‘S’ Tattoo

Tucker S tattoo

Tattoo: Letter ‘S’ can be seen on the inner side of Tucker’s upper right arm.

Meaning: The letter S is the dedication of his love for his mother. It represents the initial of his mother’s name, Susan Pillsbury. In an interview, Susan claimed that their family is very proud of Tucker because of his achievements in music and that he has done this all by himself.

22. ‘Ship’ Tattoo

Tucker ship tattoo

Tattoo: There is a ship inked on Tucker’s right bicep.

Meaning: Ship is used to symbolize good luck, fortune, protection, bravery, and honor. However, some people also consider it a way to regard their times of troubled past, a token of bringing change in life and prosperity in the near future.

23. Stomach Tattoo

Tucker stomach tattoo

24. ‘TAKE CARE’ Tattoo

Tucker take care tattoo

Tattoo: Under his right pec, Tucker has got the words, ‘TAKE CARE’ inked.

Meaning: It is a common phrase used to wish someone a promising future and be cautious of every bad thing that might happen.

25. Cross Fingers Tattoo

Tucker tattoo on arm

Tattoo: There is a hand tattoo on his left forearm that is signaling the cross fingers.

Meaning: Cross fingers are used to wish someone good luck or to keep off the bad luck. It is instead the universal symbol used to wish someone good fortune for any task or their future. Also, it is symbolic of the god’s protection.

26. Body Tattoos

Tucker unknown tattoos

Tattoo: Tucker has got multiple tiny tattoos that include some icons, figures, outlined designs, etc. There is a side portrait of a blindfolded man inked on his left forearm, a tiny baby on the lower left side of his body, and wings on his right forearm. Angel wings symbolize good luck, guidance, freedom, faith, protection, and guardianship.

27. Writing on Neck

Tucker writing on neck

28. Year Tattoos

Tucker years tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the right side of his lower body, Tucker has got some years inked vertically. They can be read as ‘1921,1933, 1961, 1990’ in sequence. The details are not known but, we can assume that the years might be the birth years of his family members.

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