20 Awesome Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Ideas

Capricorns are often associated with traits like persistence, hard work, strong determination, and yes, definitely overthinkers to see every aspect of a plan and hence one of the best when it comes to a well-structured, goal-oriented roadmap that will benefit them in the long run.  Talking about the constellation attributed with this sign, also known as Capricornus, there are 20 stars (a multiple star system) that make the sea-goat pattern, 5 of which are prominent. A triangle formed by Alpha-2 Capricorni, Beta Capricorni, and Omega Capricorni makes it easier to identify the constellation. Knowing how important it is for a Capricorn to make a well-calculated decision, especially when it comes to getting a permanent tattoo, this article will most certainly help you have a clearer image of the different styles of these constellations tattoos and their meaning.

Meaning of  Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Designs

This constellation depicts a sea-goat, a mythical creature associated with both the Babylonian god Enki and the Greek god Pan. It is this association that represents most of the traits of Capricorn like being persistent at work to get the desired results. Just as the goat keeps rising the mountain to reach the top, the constellation could represent this trait of the people of this earth sign: they never give up!

As the initiators of the earth signs, Capricorns lead the way. They’re the bosses of the zodiac! Constellation tattoos symbolize the fact that they are a cardinal sign that does not hesitate to take charge when the situation requires it. It also depicts a well-known fact that Capricorns emphasize control and status in the most grounded ways.

Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and it is associated with responsibility and determination. It is often called the taskmaster of the planets, keeping everyone on track and ensuring that everything is done with passion. In addition to understanding limitations, Saturn is also associated with learning. Tattoos like these represent the true survivors who can endure almost any circumstance or problem.

Ideas For Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Designs

As one of the sea goat fam – including stars like Timothée Chalamet, and Michelle Obama – you’re well aware or guilty of possessing most of the above-mentioned awesome traits and nothing conveys your pride like a Capricorn tattoo. Indeed, people differ greatly in their preferences; however, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Depending on your personality, you could choose a bold color or a design that is large enough to be noticed even if it is in black and white. The most ideal place to get these would be the side of the neck or wrists and arms, where they can be more visible. Why not flaunt it right?

As for our wallflowers like the ones who do not prefer to go all out on this one, subtle yet elegant designs remain a classic. These can be on the parts that are usually less visible like the side of the thigh, chest, or on back.

Where Should You Get Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Designs

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Designs & Meanings

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design for the Minimalists

Capricorn constellation tattoo

Starting with this minimalistic design that can be suitable if the wearer prefers to get a tattoo on a smaller body part like wrists or ankles. The stars and moon further give this constellation tattoo a more cosmic vibe. However, if you prefer something simpler than this then, you can simply replace the stars with bigger dots.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design with the Text

Capricorn tattoo 1 compressed


This design still fulfills the subtle agenda but with the element of calligraphy for those who would want to be expressive. Adding text like this or even a small quote allows other people to easily understand what your tattoo means without having to explain a lot. The wearer here has played quite graciously by merging the word ‘Capricorn’ into the constellation itself.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design with the Sea-Goat Depiction

Capricorn tattoo 2 compressed

Capricorn’s spiritual calling is about focusing energy on long-term goals, which is represented by the mountain goat. A goat climbs the mountain slowly but surely. A Capricorn moves slowly and steadily through life, succeeding gradually but surely as well. This tattoo can be symbolic of this fact and serve as a reminder. The wearer also gains hope from this tattoo that constant work and effort will eventually be rewarded.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design for the Bold

Capricorn tattoo 3 compressed 1

This is the kind of tattoo that one can get on their ankles, wrist, and arms, that is, more visible areas. The choice of color here gives an exciting twist to the tattoo. It reflects the playfulness and the willingness of the person in taking leadership roles or who likes things to go their way. The constellation in this tattoo is subtle and overpowered by the bold and bright colors.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design for the Nature Lovers

Capricorn tattoo 4 compressed

Next on the list, for the people who adore nature and scenic beauty. The wearer of this tattoo has added the elements like mountains, moons, and stars along with the constellation indicating that they love a good trip to the woods or riverside. This also means that the person is a night sky-watcher and appreciates looking up on a clear night.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design with the Symbol

Capricorn tattoo 8 compressed

Now this one is more specific since not everyone knows the triangular design of the Capricornus. This symbol usually depicts a mythical creature that is half-goat and half-fish. The wearer of this tattoo chooses the back to glorify the proper space required for this tattoo. Other places could be the lower back or thigh. This tattoo sneakingly replaces the text but fulfills its purpose of it. The addition of the extra stars is contributing to the overall spacial look of the tattoo.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design with a Creative Touch

Capricorn tattoo 6 compressed

The wearer of this tattoo has taken an interesting take by merging the constellation with a face of a human. This kind of tattoo explores and expresses the creative side and is preferred mostly by women. This tattoo could represent a strong Capricorn woman who is ready to make an impact in this world. It can be tattooed on the chest, lower back or biceps to project power and creativity.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design with Flowers

Capricorn tattoo 5 compressed

The subsequent tattoo design includes the addition of flowers at the position of 3 major stars in the constellation. You are free to experiment with any of your favorite flowers of course. In this particular tattoo, the wearer chooses red roses tattoo to symbolize passion, and love in combination with the constellation traits as roses are often seen as the most traditional, universal symbol of love.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design on with Fish Element

capricorn constellation tattoos back 01 300x300 compressed

Although the Goat on Capricorn’s top half can handle rough mountain terrain, the fishtail on the bottom is comfortable in the ocean’s mysterious depths. As a result of this combination of Earth and Water, Capricorns truly are the masters of both elements. So, if you are not willing to add the goat, something colorful like a fishtail can be your solution. In this particular tattoo, the wearer has given the projection of a mermaid going through a constellation that gives it a 3D effect.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design with a Combination

Capricorn tattoo 7 compressed

This accounts for the most interesting one. The wearer of this tattoo can place it on any part of the body and adjust the size accordingly. The flower twig going through the constellation gives a 3D effect in addition to the text. The elements of the constellation can also be replaced with dots. Though it is preferable to keep this design in black and white but a little color never hurt anyone right?

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design on the Front Shoulder

Capricorn constellation tattoos 1

This location of tattoos is preferred by women more than men. The wearer here has added a chrome moon in addition to the stars that make the constellation. The finer small tattoos tend to get blurred as we age, losing their grace. However, the skin on the shoulders isn’t affected by aging that much. That’s why tattoos on this part of your body tend to age well. You could choose a design with as many details as you want for this area.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design on Shoulder Back

Capricorn constellation tattoos 4

This area of the shoulder has a large surface area and getting a tattoo here is relatively less painful, so one could go for bigger and more spread-out designs here. The wearer of this design choose a unique style of constellation depiction as they did not join it through lines. This tattoo is just about the right placement of the stars. It’s subtle and yet elegant.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design on the Forearm

CT 4 compressed

Subsequent in the series is this unique tattoo design with the use of white ink on skin. This kind of tattoo blends in very well with the skin. The wearer could have chosen this if they did not want their tattoo to be remarkably visible and yet have an impact. The word Capricornus makes it more specific.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design on the Bicep

CT2 compressed

Unlike the inner bicep, the outer bicep has more muscle and fewer nerve endings, making it a good place for a tattoo. The wearer here has chosen a detailed yet huge tattoo for the bicep. The moon and the mountain element give it a meaning that the person is a nature lover. The shape of the mountains is very particular here that giving the lower part of the tattoo a very ragged shape.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design on the Back

CT 3 compressed

The back is an ideal place to get a tattoo since it is wide, flat, and the broadest part of the body. The back tattoo would definitely be an excellent choice if your workspace isn’t very tattoo-friendly or just want to play it low-key. The wearer here has played smart by combining the Capricorn sign with the stars and dots making it look like a cosmic pattern.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design on the Leg

CT1 compressed

This beautiful tattoo includes a combination of constellations but can also be used for representing one. The colorful clouds behind them give a very unique and fascinating tattoo design as they look like dust clouds in space or something very dreamy. The choice of color also really makes a difference and here the pink, purple, and blue perfectly contrast the black constellation.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design on the Nape of the Neck

Capricorn constellation tattoos 5

The nape or the back of the neck is a very particular place for a tattoo. As we age, the neck skin becomes loose, without elasticity, and no longer able to bounce back to its original shape. This results in the tattoo’s neck stretching as well, which is why very fine tattoos should be avoided in this area. This wearer has added circles to her constellations as they represent perfection, wholeness, and totality. A circle comes all the way around and connects with itself to complete the path.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design on Fingers

CT 7 compressed

This particular tattoo is a tricky one since the fingers have an extremely small surface area and do not hold the ink well. On the other hand, well, they look beautifully fine. So if you have made your mind about one, and you’re a fellow Capricorn, a triangular constellation may just be your thing. Here the wearer has placed the tattoo on the inner finger making the tattoo concealed.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design on Wrists

CT 5 compressed

Tattoos on the wrist are definitely a great idea especially to display your art if you’re looking for prime visibility. This wearer has gone for an extremely small tattoo and a little cat element here. You could add any small animal of your choice.

  • Capricorn Constellation Tattoo Design on the Lower Back

CT 6 compressed

This line tattoo definitely has a lot of symbols hence a lot of meanings. The best thing about line tattoos is that you can extend or shorten them depending on your choice and how many symbols you want to add.

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