Nico Tortorella’s 27 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Nico Tortorella is a well-known actor and model from the United States. He is often praised for his roles in several films and drama shows. However, the most remarkable position that appears to have really inspired him is his role as a tattoo artist in the TV Land comedy-drama series Younger, which he worked on for more than five years (2015-2021). He first revealed his bisexuality in June of 2016. This article discusses Nico’s numerous body tattoos and the inspiring tales behind each one.

Nico Totorella

When asked about his first body tattoo, Nico said it is a funny experience to share because he went with his mother at the age of 15, to get it done.

It’s funny because my mom took me when I was 15 to get my tattoo. It says, “health, wealth and happiness.” It’s supposed to. But the “wealth” actually means My sexual experience and knowledge will be abundant and therefore I will be wealthy.” Actually, pretty nail on the head. Look at my life and my work outside of acting. It is all about sexual identity and gender and health. It goes hand in hand.

1. Back Tattoo

Nico Tortorella tattoos Nico butt tattoo Nico leg ink

Tattoo: On his back, Nico has got a massive tattoo art piece that stretches from his back, covering his mid back, and goes till his right ankle. He got the tattoo done in August 2021 and also shared the whole picture on his Instagram story.

If I wasn’t a full-time actor, I think I would be fully covered. I get tattoos all the time, “My agents want to die. They gave up hassling me a long time ago. The art of tattoos, historically, is one of the most sacred practices. I’m really strongly connected to the ancient practices of tattoo work — not just, ‘Oh, it’s cool to get tattoos now.’

2. Upper Back Tattoo

Nico back tattoo

Tattoo: On his back, Nico has a massive ink design that covers his back, however, the new tattoo seems to have covered up the Chinese tattoo that he got at the age of 15.

“Yeah, I got Chinese on my back when I was 15. I’m ready for that to go. I have some work on my leg that is not really clean. I want to get that covered up. But as I continue to fill up my body, they will keep changing and getting layered. All of this skin is going to die at the end of the day. Nobody leaves it out here alive.”

3. Tiger, Cub, and Wolf  Tattoo

Nico left bicep tattoo

Nico animals on left arm

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right upper arm, Nico has a tattoo of a mother tiger with her cub. The tattoo shows the mother holding her cub in her arm.

Nico got this loving tattoo as a tribute to the beautiful bond between him and his mother. She had walked proudly at Nico’s date during the TV Land Party.

This masterpiece on his arm represents the mother tiger with her cub  A mother lion holding her youngster on his arm in tribute to his mother, who proudly walked the red carpet as her son’s date at the TV Land party. Then there’s the somewhat naughtier addition – “just over my junk,” he joked – with his name scrawled in script three times, which has his Instagram fans salivating over practically naked mirror photos.

4. Chest Tattoo-‘ALL OF IT IS YOU’

Nico chest writing tattoo

Tattoo: Across his chest, Nico has a got the tattoo of the line, ‘ALL OF IT IS YOU.’.

Meaning: The lines represent the title of Nico Tortorella’s debut poetry collection. The title says, ‘All of It’, implying from the smallest cells in our body to the furthest reaches of our existence.

5. Sparrow Tattoo 

Nico colorful sparrow tattoo

Tattoo: There is a red colored sparrow inked with open wings.

Tattoos of a sparrow represent modesty, independence, and pure love. This tattoo is especially popular for representing human relationships, sentiments, dedication, devotion, and affection.

6. Arm Tattoo

Nico forearm tattoo

7. HoneyBee Tattoo

Nico honeybee tattoo

Tattoo: On the leftside of his stomach, there is a big tattoo of a honeybee.

Meaning: These little insects are devoted to their hivemates and the queen. Some individuals have it tattooed to express that they are sincere and dedicated folks, while others get it tattooed to exhibit their honour and commitment to their life passion or profession. A bee tattoo represents affirmation and loyalty.

8. Antique Mirror with 39 Tattoos

Nico left arm mirror tattoo

9. Portrait on Left Arm-Statue of David

Nico left arm tattoos

Tattoo: On his left arm, Nico has got some portraits inked. It includes the face of the Statue of David, and the portrait of his grandmother, from top to bottom.

Meaning: The Statue of  David sculpture depicts David’s conquest over Goliath, a magnificent fable of victory. This statue tattoo represents success in many aspects and how you prevail over others in circumstances. It is more of a source of encouragement for the tattooed person to remember to overcome all of his difficulties, fears, and hurdles of life and be triumphant in every job that he does.

10. Right Leg Tattoo

Nico leg tattoo

11. Hexagon Star on left Pec

Nico pec tattoo

Tattoo: On his left pec, we can see the hexagon star or the six pointed star inked. This is also known as the Star of David.

Meaning: As you can see, the tattoo is made up of six triangles, six corners, and six sides of an interior hexagon. The hexangular Star of David is regarded as one of the world’s oldest and most intriguing symbols. It represents the unity of Heaven and Earth, with God reaching downwards to man and man stretching up to God. The tattoo is also known as the Star of David, Solomon’s Seal, and Magen David. In the past, only priests and monks would wear a hexagram design on their bodies, and it was used to indicate that they belonged to a special caste.

12. Portrait on Left Forearm

Nico portrait on arm tattoo

Tattoo: This portrait on his left arm represents the face of his grandmother from her young age times.

13. Anchor with ‘MOM’ Tattoo

Nico anchor tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his left upper arm, we can also see a  tin y anchor tattoo along with the word, ‘MOM’.

Nico’s love for his mother is eternal but, the anchor symbolizes the mark of the love and respect for someone very close to you. It is also believed to be the symbol of versatility and hope.

14. Left Forearm Tattoo-Grandmother’s Portrait

Nico portrait on left arm tattoo

15. Portraits on Arm

Nico portraits on arm

Tattoo: Another portrait that can be seen on his upper left arm is the face of his grandfather from the young times when he was in the U.S. Navy. His grandfather was a World War II veteran. Nico got this tattoo done by the tattoo artist, Kat Von D.

16. Arms Tattoo

Nico right arm tattoos

17. ‘Rocco’ Tattoo

Nico Rocco tattoo

Tattoo: On his left shoulder, we can see the name tattoo that says, ‘Rocco’. This is the first name of Nico’s brother, Ricco Tortorella.

18. Sea Dragon Tattoo

Nico sea dragon tattoo

Tattoo: There is a dark-shaded sea dragon inked on Nico’s left upper arm.

Sea Dragons are said to represent power, understanding, courage, security, family, and long life. Many people mistake it for the fact that Japan is an island, and thus, the highly brilliant and colorful dragon tattoos typically portray sea monsters or serpents. This is not correct. The most ideal representative of the protector of family and home is the Sea Dragon.

19. Shoulder Tattoos

Nico shoulder tattoos

Before getting these two tattoos covered up with nautical stars, these designs represented 300-year-old iron charms. The two circles are actually two Viking luminaries of the moon that are claimed to have been uncovered in a treasure chest off the coast of Florida. We can also see one Viking cross inked on the bottom of the left Viking Luminary, inked on his left shoulder.

20. Skull on Left Wrist

Nico skull tattoo

Tattoo: Skull tattoo on his left wrist.

Meaning: Skull head is the symbol of death, dying, and evil. But, the case may not be the same always. Many people also regard it as the symbol of marking the fact that the tattoo wearer has, or is trying to overcome the dark phases of his life, with valor and confidence.

21. Latest Shoulder Tattoos-Five Pointed Stars 

Nico stars on shoulders tattoo

Tattoo: As a cover-up to the previous tattoos that existed on his shoulders, Nico has got five-pointed stars tattooed across his shoulders.

Five-pointed stars are the representations of guidance, direction, and helping the person lead towards the right path in his life.

22. Stomach Tattoo

Nico stomach tattoo

23. Thigh Tattoos

Nico thigh tattoo

Tattoo: Across his thighs, there is another writing tattoo that says, ‘LOVE Y’LL’, on his right and left thigh, respectively.

24. ‘Stomach’ Tattoo

Nico waist tattoo

Tattoo: On his abdomen, you can see the tattoo of the word, ‘NICONICONICO’.

Meaning: Nico Nico Nico is the name of the idea project art project that is based on Nico’s personal life. It is a documentary Nico and his brother, Rocco, have worked on together.

“Nico Nico Nico is this idea of a concept brand art project that I came up with early in the year,” the 27-year-old explained. “I got the tattoo, my brother and I started working on this film that kind of documented my life in a real art pop-y way. It’s all part of it. We filmed me getting the tattoo. You’ll hear more when it comes out later this year. Nico Nico Nico, stay tuned.”

25. Portrait on Left Arm

It’s funny that the tattoo here looks like Debbie Mazur but, that is actually me from a younger time without clothes.

26. Portrait of Grandmother From her 50s

He says, “Funny enough the first tattoo I got is Chinese characters; health, wealth and happiness. It was 2006 everyone was doing it. But the wealth actually I come to find out later, my ex-girlfriend’s grandmother was Chinese and we are sitting out by the pool one day and she comes up to me and starts explaining to me what my middle symbol means and the wealth actually means that my sex life is going to be extremely abundant and therefore I will be wealthy. I was like, ‘I’ll take it.'”

I have a bunch of tattoos, too many to count. If I wasn’t a full-time actor, I think I would be fully covered. I get tattoos all the time. My agents want to die. They gave up hassling me a long time ago. The art of tattoos, historically, is one of the most sacred practices. I’m really strongly connected to the ancient practices of tattoo work — not just, ‘Oh, it’s cool to get tattoos now.’

27. Deck of Cards Tattoo

“This is kings and queens and space between,” they said, pointing to the deck of cards designed on their left wrist. “The queen is on the king and the king is on the queen; it’s gender f*ckery, and it’s really about deconstructing the binary and the division that exists between male and female and the infinite space that lives between. It’s a pretty special piece. My new book is called Space Between, that’s coming out Sept. 17, and this is an ode to that.”

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