Gervonta Davis’ 21 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Gervonta Davis is an American professional boxer who is a two-weight world champion. Gervonta has got the collection of beautiful tattoos on his body, mostly dedicated to his loved one and his achievements in life. Let’s take a look at each one of them. gervonta davis-tattoos


1. ‘Blessed’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-blessed tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Blessed’ Tattoo on his neck.

Meaning: Gervanto was 20 years old when he decided to get this tattoo inked on his neck. In an interview, Gervanto told that he was the youngest of the three brothers at the age of 5 when the protective services ordered their mother to give up the custody of the children. He explained the entire reason for getting this tattoo inked. He said,

my mother did drugs … It took my grandma about three years to get us back as we went into different homes — to a foster family, to a group home. It was like we were locked up, too — the only times we could see our family was for about 30 minutes in this little room. The disruptions of these years hardened me. I would fight with the neighborhood kids. I’d even fight my [15-year-old] brother’s battles. My uncle James Walker observed my talent and with the help of the financial assistance from another uncle to buy boxing equipment, he took me to hit the gym operated by the coach, Calvin Ford. Even though I was in that gym fighting, I felt like I was getting the love I didn’t get at home, After school let out around 2:30, I’d go straight to the gym to be the first person there, even though it didn’t open until about 4:30. I was the littlest one and I was good, so they took me seriously. If it wasn’t for the gym, I would’ve been out in the neighborhood running wild, But most of the time, I was out of town at tournaments, because I was winning so much. I feel really blessed.”

Along with the word blessed, he got inked the cloud shading and wings.

2. ‘Gorilla Face’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-gorilla face tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Gorilla Face’ Tattoo on the right side of his chest.

Meaning: A gorilla face tattoo symbolizes strength, power, aggression, and ferocity.

3. ‘Playing Cards’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-plying cards tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Playing Cards’ Tattoo on his right forearm.

Meaning: Gervonta Davis has got the tattoo of the ace cards of four suits of the playing cards (heart, spade, diamond, and club) inked on his right forearm. It symbolizes good luck, good times, new beginnings, and good fortune.

4. ‘Cross’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-cross tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Cross’ Tattoo on his right arm.

Meaning: A cross tattoo is a symbol of faith in Christianity. It represents the event of the crucifixion of Jesus.

5. ‘Crown’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-crown tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Crown’ Tattoo on his right shoulder.

Meaning: Generally, a crown tattoo is a symbol of the highest power in the kingdom. It represents a person’s abilities and desires to reach on the top. Despite powers and pride, it also represents great responsibilities.

6. ‘Skulls’ Tattoo 

gervonta davis-skull tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Skulls’ Tattoo on his right arm.

Meaning: Skulls tattoos symbolize the abilities and power to overcome the difficulties and obstacles of life. It also represents the protection of valuables.

7. ‘Boxing Gloves’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-boxing gloves tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Boxing Gloves’ Tattoo on his right arm.

Meaning: Since Gervonta is a professional boxer so he got inked the tattoo of ‘boxing gloves’ on his right arm as a tribute to his boxing career. He is a two-weight world champion.

8. ‘Lion’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-lion tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Lion’ Tattoo on his right shoulder.

Meaning: A lion tattoo is a symbol of glory, victory, strength, power, authority, and courage.

9. ‘Mexican Girl’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-mexican girl tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Mexican Girl’ Tattoo on his left forearm.

Meaning: ‘Mexican Girl’ tattoos are also called the ‘day of dead girl’ tattoo which is inked to honor the loved ones who have passed away. No information regarding for whom Gervonta got this tattoo is available.

Earlier, Gervonta had got the tattoo of the word ‘LADY’ inked on the same place which is now covered with the ‘Mexican Girl’ tattoo.

gervonta davis-lady tattoo

Gervonta’s ‘LADY’ tattoo is now covered with ‘Mexican Girl’ tattoo

10. ‘Playboy Bunny’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-playboy bunny tattoo

‘Playboy Bunny’ tattoo on his right forearm

11. ‘Symbols’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-symbols tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Symbols’ Tattoo behind his left ear.

Meaning: Gervonta got three different symbols; dollar sign, peace symbol, and musical note inked behind his left ear.

12. ‘TANK’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-tank tattoo

Tattoo: ‘TANK’ Tattoo on his left arm.

Meaning: ‘TANK’ is the nickname of Gervonta which is given by his former trainer in reference to how Gervonta’s large head looked on his body.

13. ‘KB-1973’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-kb tattoo

Tattoo: ‘KB-1973’ Tattoo on his arms.

Meaning: Gervonta has got the tattoo of letter ‘K’ along with the number ’19’ inked on his right arm while the letter ‘B’ along with the number ’73’ on his left arm. The letter ‘KB’ stands for his mother’s name, Kenya Brown, while the number ‘1973’ is his mother’s birth year.

14. ‘Japanese Fire with Stars’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-japanese fire and stars tattoo

‘Japanese Fire with Stars’ tattoo on his right forearm

15. ‘Lock’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-lock tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Lock’ Tattoo on his right forearm.

Meaning: A lock tattoo is a symbol of freedom from the time when you felt locked up.

16. ‘Unidentified Portrait’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-unidentified tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Unidentified Portrait’ Tattoo on his right leg.

Meaning: No clear piece of information regarding this tattoo is available.

17. ‘M and E’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-unidentified

Tattoo: ‘M and E’ Tattoo on his chest.

Meaning: The letter ‘M’ might be related to his hometown ‘Baltimore, Maryland, (United States of America), but the information regarding the letter ‘E’ is not available.

18. ‘Rose’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-rose tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Rose’ Tattoo on his left shoulder.

Meaning: A rose tattoo is a symbol of new beginnings, new phase, hope, love, emotions, and feeling. It also represents a mature love and protection against the envious lover.

19. ‘Heart’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-heart tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Heart’ Tattoo near his right wrist.

Meaning: Heart tattoo is a symbol of emotions, feelings, love, and compassion.

20. ‘Unidentified’ Tattoos

gervonta davis-unidentified tattoo on arm

‘Unidentifed’ Tattoo on his left forearm

gervanto-unidentified tattoo

‘Unidentifed’ Tattoo behind his right ear

davis-unidentified tattoo

‘Unidentifed’ Tattoo on the nape of his neck

gervanto davis-tank-unidentifed tattoo

‘Unidentified’ Tattoo on his right forearm

Tattoo: ‘Unidentified’ Tattoo on his left forearm, behind his right ear, nape of his neck, and right forearm.

Meaning: No clear piece of information is available regarding these tattoos is available.

21. ‘Michael Jackson-THRILLER’ Tattoo

gervonta davis-michael jackson tattoo

gervonta davis-michael jackson-thriller tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Michael Jackson-THRILLER’ Tattoo on his right thigh.

Meaning: In 2018, Gervonta Davis got inked the tattoo of the zombie look of Michael Jackson’s THRILLER album inked on his right thigh.


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