16 Celebrities with Knife Tattoo Designs

A knife tattoo is a very specific kind of element for a tattoo design. It has distinctive value for each individual. The first thing that comes to our mind when we look at a knife is protection and self-defense. Many people might get this inked to represent the same feeling but for others, it might just be a decorative element. As many varied meanings that this element holds, it remains one of the most popular kinds of design that is there; so much so that even celebrities have got it inked. Here’s a list of a few celebrities who can be seen donning knife tattoo designs.

List of Celebrities with Knife Tattoos

  • Avril Lavigne’s Knife Tattoo on Forearm

Avril lavigne's Knife Tattoo on Arm

Avril Lavigne has a knife tattoo on her forearm. Although the meaning behind this tattoo is not clear, knife tattoos usually represent strength and courage and thus this one might represent the same.

  • Justine Skye’s Knife Tattoo on Forearm

Justine Skye's Knife Tattoo on Forearm

Justine Skye has a simple knife tattoo done in grey and black shading effect. The tattoo has been made with a blood drop which represents sharp mental well-being. It is right below her unicorn tattoo and the ink has been made by Dr. Woo in January 2016.

  • Maggie Lindemann’s Knuckle Tattoo

Maggie Lindemann's Knuckle Tattoo

Four of Maggie Lindemann have astronomical tattoos on her knuckles which is also a placement area for the knife tattoo. However, she said that the tattoo is not put in place, rather, the designs are not associated with each other. She said: “I’ve wanted a knife for a while but didn’t know where to put it, so I saw someone with one on their thumb and fell in love.” She got this tattoo from artist Romeo Lacoste on October 16, 2016. This tattoo represents a darker side of Maddie’s personality. “I’ve always been so fascinated with horror, murders, etc. so I felt it was appropriate,” she tweeted.

  • Kreayshawn’s Knife Tattoo on Forearm

Kreayshawn's Knife Tattoo on Forearm

Kreayshawn has knife tattoos on her arm with the name of her mother, Elka wrote on it. Her mother raised her single handled and so this tattoo might represent the same.

  • Grimes’ Knife Tattoo on Calves

Grimes' Knife Tattoo on Calves

Grimes has a black outline tattoo of a knife on her leg.

  • Acacia Brinley Clark’s Forearm Tattoo on Forearm

Acacia Brinley Clark's Forearm Tattoo on Forearm

Acacia Brinley has a huge human heart tattoo pierced by a knife in the middle. The tattoo was done by Romeo Lacoste in 2015. Later on, it was added with some floral patterns to connect it with the rest of the designs.

  • Jessica White’s Knife Tattoo on Forearm

Jessica White's Knife Tattoo on Forearm

Jessica White has a knife tattoo with a snake on it on her arms.

  • Carah Faye Charnow’s Knife Tattoo on Stomach

Carah Faye Charnow's Knife Tattoo on Stomach

Carah Faye has a double knife tattoo smeared with blood on her lower abdomen.

  • Ruby Rose’s Knife Tattoo on Forearm

Ruby Rose's Knife Tattoo on Forearm

Ruby Rose has Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inked on her arm. The character is holding a sword. This she got from artist Rhys Gordon in November 2011. She posted a picture of her tattoo on Instagram with the caption, “This is why I have Leonardo the ninja turtle tattooed on me. I wore this to school.. I thought I was him,” she wrote.

  • Halsey’s Knife Tattoo on Thigh

Halsey's Knife Tattoo on Thigh

Halsey has a small knife tattoo with the number ’13’ written on it.

  • Melanie Martinez’s Knife Tattoo on Forearm

Melanie Martinez's Knife Tattoo on Forearm

Melanie got this cute little rabbit tattoo on her forearm in 2015. This tattoo was done in the American traditional style with a heart on its head. This rabbit is inspired by her pet rabbit when she was a child. She explained that the inclusion of the knife was necessary because she wanted to represent how her rabbit died. In her words,

This one I got for my bunny. It was actually my first pet ever. And then I got a dog and my parents told me I couldn’t have a bunny and a dog, so we all decided to give the bunny away to a friend of a friend who already had a bunny. So we thought “It’ll have a friend, that’s amazing, that’s awesome.” So they left my bunny and their bunny in the backyard unattended for like four hours. They ended up finding their bunny in their neighbor’s backyard and my bunny’s head was in their yard.

Some people have also seemed a stark resemblance to the character Bonnie the Bunny from the video game Five Nights at Freddy’s. However, nothing can be confirmed about it.

  • Bunny Meyer’s Knife Tattoo on Foot

Bunny Meyer's Knife Tattoo on Foot

Bunny Meyer got a realistic portrait tattoo on her foot in 20122. “This was my first color tattoo and also my first large area tattoo,” she explained in a video. “It’s a cameo of Al Swearengen who is a character from the TV show Deadwood.” His face is in a golden picture frame with two crossed miners’ knives at the bottom. The tattoo was done by Dave Boseman in approximately 7 hours of sitting at Locally Famous Tattoo in Houston, TX. “He is by far the best portrait artist I have ever seen,” Bunny says. The knives are a part of the whole portrait tattoo. Originally, she wanted to get tattoos on both feet but she canceled it because this one was quite painful. She said, “I was going to get another cameo on my left foot of another Deadwood character so they would match and be a set. But I have not been able to convince myself to do this because the first time around was so horrible.”

  • Megan Massacre’s Knife Tattoo on Arm

Megan Massacre's Knife Tattoo on Arm

Megan Massacre got herself a raven tattoo on her leg as a part of the TV show, America’s Worst Tattoos. The bird tattoo with the knives inside it covered up a previous unfinished zombie tattoo. It is done by Tim Pangburn who came up with various ways of covering the old tattoo. “I like dark creepy things,” she told TLC. “Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and ravens remind me of Halloween. So it was a pretty good fit for me. I was very excited about it. I love it so much better than the weird creepy alien zombie that used to be on my leg.”

  • Sky Ferreira’s Knife Tattoo on Arm

Sky Ferreira's Knife Tattoo on Arm

Sky Ferreira has a huge knife tattoo that looks kinda scary. She said that she wanted something gothic and scary which would be different from the usual girly stuff. “It’s very masculine but the shading is very feminine, so it balances out,” she says. “This was like right when I moved to New York, a few months before my 18th birthday. I was living on my own now. So when I look back on it, that’s what I’m going to think of, is when I finally kind of became an actual adult.

  • Alexis Krauss’s Knife Tattoo on Forearm

Alexis Krauss's Knife Tattoo on Forearm

Alexis has a knife tattoo on her forearm. The knife is done with a black and grey shading effect with a skull cutting right across it.

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