La La Anthony’s 11 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Alani Nicole “La La” Anthony is an American TV personality, actress, author, and businesswoman. She is known for making style statements as she loves makeup and is a fashionista. She loves tattoos and has an artistic side too which gets revealed by the tattoos that she has got inked on her body.La La Anthony Tattoo

1. Shoulder Tattoo

La La Anthony Shoulder Tattoo

The actress got her right shoulder inked with a word saying “Blessed.” No doubts that this reality star is blessed.

2. Delicate Fairy Design

La La Anthony Fairy Tattoo

This famous personality is no less than an artist because she has inked the back of her right shoulder with a delicate fairy design. This shows that she has an artistic approach towards life.

3. Hearty All Way

La La Anthony Heart Tattoos

La La Anthony seems to believe in love as she has inked a series of heart-shaped tattoos rolling down through the right side of her nape.

4. Tattoo On Foot

La La Anthony Cross Tattoo

The actress loves to flaunt her legs as she got her right feet inked with an anklet of the cross symbol on it. Undoubtedly she knows how to make a style statement.

5. Feathery Touch

La La Anthony Feather Tattoo

La La Anthony is genuinely a tattoo lover as she got her left hand inked with a black feather.

6. Wrist Tattoo

La La Anthony Wrist Tattoo

The gorgeous lady perfectly waves; thus displaying her right wrist tattoo which has some writing inscribed therein.

7. A Fairy On Ankle

La La Anthony Fairy Tattoo On Anklet

La La Anthony is undoubtedly a fairy lover as she has one another tattoo depicting a fairy on her left ankle.

8. Beautiful Butterfly

La La Anthony Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are the symbol of love and spirituality, and the TV star has perfectly inked a beautiful butterfly on her left feet.

9. The Nape Says It All

La La Anthony Fairy Tattoo

La La Anthony’s nape is inked with a tattoo which is quite impressive in itself.

10. The Waistline Tattoo

La La Anthony WaistLine Tattoo

The American Actress has got her right waistline inked with a tattoo. There is one more tattoo which is present on her upper left thigh. Well, one can say she is an obsessed tattoo lover!

11. Tattoos On Back

La La Anthony Back Tattoo

The stunning lady got her back tattooed with 3 more tattoos. One on the left side, another on the lower back, and the last one is on her right butt cheek.

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