Dane Swan’s 25 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Dane Swan is a former renowned professional Australian rules footballer who used to play for the Australian Football League (AFL) for Collingwood Football. Despite his slow start, he took a big leap in his career, coming to the point where now, he is recognized as one of the greatest midfielders in the modern era. Just like many of his sportsmen, Swan began inking his body from the time when he gained victory in Copelands. His love for tattoos was not limited to only painting his body, as he also has his tattoo shop. This article shall give you insight into his multiple body tattoos and the stories that are linked to them.

Dane Swan

Dane stomach tattoos

Dane Swan tattooed body

1. Abdomen Tattoo-Tribal Designs in shades of red and black!

Dane abdomen tattoo

2. Back Tattoo

Dane back tattoo

Tattoo: On his back, there is a huge tattoo inscription of an outlined skull.

3. Leg Tattoos

Dane calf tattoos

4. Tribal Mandala Flower Tattoo

Dane chest tattoo

Tattoo: On the top left side of his back, there is a tribal mandala flower inked.

Meaning: Mandala is regarded as a sign of harmony, immortality, and perfection. It is also considered the emblem of feminine beauty, feminineness, and the blossoming of life.

5. ‘COOL LIFE’ Tattoo

Dane cool life tattoo

Dane left hand tattoo

Tattoo: Across his knuckles, there is the tattoo of the word, ‘COOL LIFE.’

6. Devil with Horns Tattoo

Dane devil and lotus tattoo

Dane devil face tattoo

Tattoo: There is a colorful devil face tattooed on his right bicep. It has also got a pair of horns.

Devil is the symbol of strength, outrageous personality, and a sharp way to show that the person is powerful and not, in any case willing to be bossed around by anyone!

7. Dragon with Lotus on Stomach

Dane dragon with lotus tattoo

Dane devil on stomach

Tattoo: On the right side of his body, there is a big dragon inked, which extends into a pink lotus on his right pec.

Meaning: Dragon is the symbol of good luck, safety, knowledge, calmness, resilience, and strength. People get a dragon inked to include these qualities in themselves. Also, a lotus attached to the dragon depicts beauty, learning, and wisdom.

8. Hand Tattoos

Dane hand tattoos

Tattoo: On his right hand, there is a joker face tattooed, whereas, on his left hand, there is a purple lotus inked.

Joker symbolizes intelligence, the power to deal with the sorrows of life, whereas the purple lotus signifies royalty, wealth, and dignity.

9. Joker Tattoo-Right Thigh

Dane joker on thigh tattoo

Tattoo: Covering the major portion of his right thigh is a portrait of a joker tattooed.

Joker is the person who makes us all laugh and smile with his tricks, but what does a joker tattoo mean when you have it on your body?

It is a way to symbolize that each one of us has some wise and villainous intentions and a dark side that we keep hidden from the world and just deal with everyday struggles with a smile on our face.

10. Joker on Hand 

Dane joker tattoo

Tattoo: On his right hand, Dane has got a tattoo of the famous character, Joker, from the movie JOKER. The famous role was played by Joaquin Rafael Phoenix.

11. Japanese Temple Tattoo

Dane japanese pagoda tattoo

Tattoo: On his left arm, we can see a tattoo of some temple inked in multiple inks. It is speculated to be a design of the famous Japanese temple where sacred texts were stored, and getting this tattoo is a way of showing your respect and paying tribute to religious beliefs and faith. Also, it is linked with wisdom and intellect.

12. Skull and Devil Face Tattoo

Dane skull and devil tattoo

Dane left leg devil tattoos

Tattoo: On his left leg, there is another devil face inked, followed by the skull on his knee.

Skull is symbolic of death, bad, evil, but, on the contrary, it is also regarded as the means to mark the ability of the person who has successfully overcome the difficult phases of his past life or is trying to overcome currently.

13. Leg Tattoos

Dane leg tattoos

14. Portrait on Left Leg-Virgin Mary

Dane portrait on leg

Dane virgin mary tattoo

Tattoo: Virgin Mary, the significant image of the motherly image, is tattooed on Dane’s left outer leg.

The Virgin Mary represents the kind of mother we all want. A lady who is compassionate, sensitive, thoughtful, and encouraging, the Virgin Mary tattoo serves as a symbol of unconditional love and acts as a token of hope through tough times.

15. Skull on Stomach

Dane skull on abdomen

Tattoo: Towards the lower left side of his upper body, a fierce-looking skull is tattooed.

16. Skull on Chest

Dane skull on chest

Dane skull on chest tattoo

Tattoo: There is another skull inked on Dane’s upper body. It shows the smiling skull. This smiling rather, skull with big sockets and revealing teeth is commonly used to express representational death, like dying from extreme laughter and appreciation.

17. Skull on Knee Tattoo

Dane skull on knee tattoo

Tattoo: There is a two-faced skull tattooed on Dane’s left knee, which shows a smiling skull and a face of a lady.

18. Snake Tattoo

Dane snake on leg tattoo

Tattoo: Wrapping his right calf muscle is the colorful cobra.

Meaning: Cobra is the deadliest of the snakes and symbolizes protection, intuitiveness, knowledge, tranquility, and unpredictability.

19. Thigh Tattoo-Skull rising from Sunflower

Dane thigh tattoo

Tattoo: On his right leg, there is a skull seen rising from a sunflower.

The Sunflower and skull are a way to symbolize a life and death theme; with the Sunflower’s blossom and brightness, we decipher life, and the skull represents death. However, because everything must die before it can be reborn, the skull here acts as the sign of regeneration.

20. Champion Bottle Tattoo

Dane beer bottle tattoo

21. Left Bicep Tattoo

Dane left bicep tattoo

22. Tattoo on Left Upper Arm

Dane left bicep tattoo

23. Right Thigh Tattoo

Dane right thigh tattoo

24. Right Arm Tattoos

Dane right arm tattoos

Tattoo: Dane’s right arm is a masterpiece that includes different colored flowers, a devil’s face, a yellow-colored lotus, and purple-leafed flowers.

25. Constant and Faithfulness tattoo

Dane writing on abdomen tattoo

Tattoo: On his waistline, Dane has got a tattoo of two words, ‘Constant and Faithful.’ Dane revealed that these represent his Swan family’s motto. Also, this was his first body tattoo.

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