2 Celebrities With Medusa Piercing

If you are into piercings and alternative styles, then I bet you already knew about Medusa piercing which is alternatively called the philtrum piercing too. But for those who don’t know, well, it is a rising trend, and here’s why! This piercing is located right above the lip. The location and the jewel can take up a very sleek and elegant look with a sublime lip stud or you can choose to be a bit more extravagant with a bold jewelry option. Many who chose to get this kind of piercing also go on for other kinds of styles like a labret piercing or other kinds of face piercing which will help accentuate this lip piercing.

Medusa piercing is just like any other kind of piercing; you will have to adhere to a strict cleaning and aftercare routine with this one. You might want to be aware of the healing time with it and know about the potential health risks that are associated with those. The piercings that are near the mouth area would require special care and attention because even after it has healed, many bacterias on the mouth might just be harmful to the piercing.

If you are considering getting a Medusa piercing, know that some of your favorite celebs have also got it done, so it is something very much in trend. Here’s a look at all the celebrities that have got themselves a beautiful medusa piercing and their styles.

Medusa Piercing Variations

Body pieces of jewelry, just like making tattoos are a unique way to show our unique personalities. We love it because it helps us be unique and express our sense of style. We can take advantage of the way we want our piercings to be shown by being creative![

  1. Double Medusa: A double medusa piercing is a variation of the commonly piercing medusa which consists of two vertical punches below the septum. This style would look good with tiny and petite piercings which are put one on one. Because this kind of piercing requires two perforations in a single place, the piercer would recommend you getting them at separate times so that you have to go through lesser pain and easier healing.
  2. Nose Ring/ Septum Piercing: The Medusa piercing also pairs up pretty well with a septum piercing or a simple nose piercing because of the proximity these two areas have with the upper lip!

List of 2 Celebrities with Medusa Piercing

1. Zhavia Ward Medusa Piercing

zhavia ward septum nose hoop medusa 1

Zhavia Ward has a septum nose hoop and a medusa stud in the “Candlelight” music video. The medusa is done in a beautiful stud which is not too big. The septum and the nose piercing compliments the medusa piercing and all of them together complete the whole look. This is one of the variations that people can go for if they need to look more badass or fashionable. It is a great idea to incorporate multiple piercings.

2.  DEV Medusa Piercing

dev medusa piercing

DEV has a medusa piercing just above the middle of her lips which provides her with amazing stability. She has got herself a beautiful golden stud which is not too big. It is petite and looks extremely subtle which makes it a great choice. One can go ahead and even get a bold piercing but in these areas, I think, a small and beautiful stud would look much better.

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