Celebrity With Back Dimple Piercing

Back Dimple Piercing is done on what is commonly known as ‘Dimple of Venus’ and it looks sexy because many celebrities have been showing it off like crazy! It is definitely a newly developed craze among people that shows the display of the dimples right about the hip area which gives a sexy look but a back dimple piercing would for sure enhance the look. Many magazines and social media show pictures of not just girls but celebrities flaunting their simple piercing in crop tops and low waist jeans or bikini!

The kind of piercings that is more generally used for back dimple piercing is micro dermal. They are made using two folds. One is placed under the skin while the other one is done on the skin with the help of a skin element. To insert the anchor in the skin, a perforation is made in the skin and the flat part of the jewel is then inserted. Many people use barbells and it is the most commonly used accessory. The back dimple piercing with barbells remains secure in the area and does not get caught up with clothes because it is usually flat. You can even change the jewelry pierces after it has healed completely which is not too tough either. Some people also get a double lower back piercing if they are feeling quite daring and a badass!

Celebrity with Back Dimple Piercing

  1. Rosie Williams Back Dimple Piercing

rosie williams 1

Rose Anna Williams who made an impressive career for herself as a solicitor outside the Love Island villa showed off her piercing in a TV show as she wore a backless white dress. She made her fans go crazy with some mixed comments from her. Some people labeled her as “tacky” but to some, it looks quite sexy and badass. People also judge the validity of the piercings.

rosie williams

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