5 Celebrities with Star Wars Tattoo

Almost anyone can obtain all of the information about Star Wars without ever watching the film. There’s a reason why fans globally are keeping up with Star Wars, from the iconic characters to the iconic stories of good versus evil. Fans who are devoted to the band will sometimes prove that with permanent ink on their bodies … Consider two or three of them. The biggest fans are undoubtedly those who watch fantasy pleasures. It’s Harry Potter tattoo time (hello!)

It is nothing new for tattoo artists to design tattoos based on pop culture influences. Find out even more inspiration from television by checking out these tattoos inspired by shows. Look into tattoos for 90s kids, someone who wants some pop culture with a dash of retro flair. It seems like there’s a tattoo design for every type of fan out there—even those who are Captain Marvel fans! The Force is stronger than these 20 examples, but for those penning a new Star Wars tat, there is nothing better than these 20 brilliant ideas. Its only question now is: where should it be placed?

List of Celebrities with Star Wars Tattoos

  • Paris Jackson Star Wars Tattoo Design On Ankle

celebrities with star war tattoo

The two tattoos Paris Jackson has on her ankle are in honor of her younger brother, Bigi (Blanket) Jackson.  A tattoo of the black Millennium Falcon spaceship from the Star Wars movies and her initial “B” were done in black ink and white ink during a session in September 2016… “Let’s hope my little bro likes it,” she wrote on her Snapchat. “Hope I made my little one proud today.”

  • Lights Poxleitner Star Wars Tattoo Design On Forearms

celebrities with star war tattoo

In the German translation of her lyrics, Lights has tattoos across both forearms.  There is a saying that reads “Jetzt und immer die Segen von der Vater und bleibst Unschuldig bis Er kommt,” which means “Now and always have the blessing of the father and remain blameless until the end,” though the translation is a bit off. In her quotation of Lights, she said she likes tattoos because the German word for “father” is “Vater” and it reminds her of Darth Vader from Star Wars.

  • Halsey Star Wars Tattoo Design On Right Elbow

celebrities with star war tattoo

Hanley got a Star Wars tattoo in August 2013 as a result of a collaboration with artist Darci Munster. Moreover, it’s the emblem of the Mandalorians in the Star Wars universe, as well as the face of the fictional Mythosaur. The following tweet was posted by Halsey a few months before getting the tattoo: “I just love Star Wars so much it makes me emotional. Padme is crying I can’t do this. I’ve seen it 472953 times and I’m still not ready.” The right elbow is where the tattoo is located.

  • Renee Star Wars Tattoo Design On Shoulder

celebrities with star war tattoo

A photo of Renee’s left shoulder before she was given a colored mask of Darth Vader by her tattoo artist James Ranieri was shared by Renee

  • Zayn Malik Star Wars Tattoo Design On Finger

celebrities with star war tattoo

Since Zayn Malik has just gotten a tattoo inspired by the extragalactic universe, he must be a huge Star Wars fan. Usually, Malik, former One Direction crooner, makes people perceive him as the ultimate cool kid from downtown. He has however shown a charming and endearing side of himself through his latest movie. JonBoy shared an Instagram pic of the design (under regular and UV light) with the caption, “May the force be with you.” In Zayn’s case, the force now always accompanies him… at least under dim light.

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