Erin Wasson’s 26 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Erin Wasson is an American model, actress, occasional stylist, and jewelry designer. Wasson began getting tattoos at the ripe age of 17 and had a no-frills attitude toward getting inked. In an interview, she said, “I believe if you feel it, you should do it. Don’t overanalyze anything in life too much—you’ll make yourself crazy.” So, scroll down for her tattoos you want to copy them on your skin.

Erin Wasson

1. ‘SHELTER’ on her Back

Erin Wasson Shelter Tattoo


Meaning: Erin Wasson has word SHELTER on her back written in gothic font. This is the largest tattoo she has on her body.

2. Pyramid on her Left Wrist

Erin Wasson pyramid tattoo

Tattoo: Erin has a pyramid or tribal looking triangular design inked on her Left wrist.

3. Blob Shape Tattoo on her Right Wrist

Erin Wasson blob tattoo

Tattoo: Blob shaped tattoo

Meaning: Erin has this undefined or somewhat blob shaped tattoo inked on her right wrist. This tattoo is blue shaded at its outline.

4. ‘Right on, Ride on’ her Left Forearm

Erin Wasson Right on ride on tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Right on, Ride on’

Meaning: Erin has a phrase Right on, Ride on inked on her left forearm. The phrase is inked circularly. The celebrity Tattoo Artist, Dr. Woo had inked this tattoo in August 2013.

5. ‘BABE IS BUSY’ on her Right Elbow

Erin Wasson babe is busy tattoo


Meaning:  Erin has the phrase Babe is Busy inscribed on her right elbow. The phrase is written in bold letters.

6. Love & Guts on her Left Wrist

Erin Wasson love and gut tattoo

Tattoo: Love & Guts

Meaning: Erin has Love, and Guts Tattoo inked on her Left Wrist.

7. ‘Cream’ above her Left Breast

Erin Wasson Cream tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Cream’

Meaning: Erin has inscribed the word Cream above her left breast. The tattoo is inked by Celebrity Tattoo artist, Dr. Woo, in fine cursive handwriting.

8. EYE on her left little finger

Erin Wasson eye tattoo

Tattoo: Wasson has Eye inked on her little finger of her left hand.

9. Heart Shaped Noose on Right Elbow

Erin Wasson Heart shaped noose

Tattoo: Heart Shaped Noose on her Right Elbow

Meaning: Erin has inked a heart-shaped noose on her right elbow. The imagery and symbolism associated with a noose are almost never-ending, though two meanings stand out above all others; execution and death!! Although, Erin has never revealed the true meaning behind this tat.

10. American Native design Tattoo on her Right Forearm

Erin Wasson American native art tatttoo

Tattoo: American Native Arrow Design

Meaning: Erin has American native arrow design inked on her Right Forearm

11. Script on her Left Collar Bone

Erin Wasson script tattoo


Tattoo: Script

Meaning: Erin has writing inked on her left collar bone. It looks like an Arabic script on its first look. But the model has never revealed the true meaning behind this tattoo.

12. ‘Imi Loa’ on her Left Upper Arm

Erin Wasson Imi Loa tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Imi Loa

Meaning: Erin has inked the word, Imi Loa on her Left Upper Arm. This is the Hawaiian word, which means, to ‘seek’ or ‘explore.‘ It is the word used for distant travelers.

13. Outline of a Flying Bird on her Left Forearm

Erin Wasson Outline of flying Bird Tattoo

Tattoo: Outline of a bird

Meaning: Erin has an outline of a flying bird inked on her left forearm near the elbow.

14. Love on her left Wrist

Erin Wasson Love Tattoo

Tattoo: Love

Meaning: Erin has the word love inked on her left wrist in bold letters. Later on, the word, Guts is also added into it, making it Love & Guts.

15. ‘KEEP IT NEIL’ on her Left Shoulder

Erin Wasson keep it neil tattoo


Meaning: Erin has inked her left shoulder with the phrase ‘Keep it Neil’ on bold letters. She wrote, ‘Keep it Neil or Keep it real‘ on her Instagram post.

16. Undefined tattoo on Left Leg

Erin Wasson leg tattooerin-wasson-leg-tattoo

Tattoo: Undefined Tattoo

Meaning: Erin has some undefined tattoo inked on her left lower leg. According to some other source, they are some numerals. But the exact meaning is still unknown.

17. Leaf-shaped design tattoo on her Right wrist

Erin Wasson quadrant shaped tattoo

Tattoo: Leaf shape

Meaning: Erin has some indistinct tattoo which is in leaf shape inked on her right wrist.

18. TCB lightning bolt tattoo on her Upper Left Arm

Erin Wasson TCB tattooerin-wasson-tcb-tattoo

Tattoo: TCB with a lightning bolt

Meaning: Erin has a TCB with lightning bolt oinked on her inner side of the left upper arm. Elvis Presley inspires this tattoo. He did not try to tell “the world” that “TCB” meant anything other than the meaning it had for him personally. It was just a favored Motto he had for himself that stood for: “Taking care of Business.” The lightning bolt that accompanies the three letters of “TCB” represents: “In a flash.”

19. ‘Three Rings’ on her Left Earlobe


Tattoo: Three Circles

Meaning: Erin has an outline of three circles inked on her Left earlobe. The three rings are in decreasing order of diameter from bottom to top of the ear.

20. Tiny Cross on her Right Elbow

Erin Wasson cross Tattooerin-wasson-heart-noose-tattoo

Tattoo: Erin has a little tattoo of a cross inked near her right elbow. The tattoo is quite tiny.

21. Feather on her Right Ribcage

Erin Wasson Feather tattoo

Tattoo: Feather

Meaning: Erin has a feather inked on her Right ribcage. The tattoo is shaded in black ink.

22. ‘This heart will start a riot in me” on her upper right arm

Erin Wasson this heart will start a riot in me” tattoo

Tattoo: “This heart will start a riot in me”

Meaning: Erin has the phrase this heart will start a riot in me” inked on her right upper arm. The phrase is taken from the song, ‘That’s what you get’ by Paramore.

23. Native American design art on her Left Upper Arm

Erin Wasson american native design tattoo

Tattoo: Native American design art

Meaning: Erin Wasson has American Native Design art tattoo inked on the back side of her left upper arm. The triangles in the tattoo are outlined with white ink which gives it a pure native look.

24. Circle with Pair of Parallel Lines on her Right Elbow

Erin Wasson Circle with lines tattoo

Tattoo: Circle with a pair of parallel lines

Meaning: Erin has a tattoo inked on her right elbow. It has a small circle which is surrounded by four pairs of parallel lines, opposite to each other. It also has numerals ‘one’ and ‘six’ on the opposite sides.

25. Horshoe shaped Tattoo on Right Upper arm

Erin Wasson Horseshoe shape tattoo

Tattoo: Horshoe Shaped with writing

Meaning: Wasson has a horseshoe-shaped tattoo with writing below it inked on her inner side of the right upper arm.

26. Circular Ill Formed Design at lower Waist

Erin Wasson ill formed circular tattoo

Tattoo: Circular design with snake-like face

Meaning: Erin has an ill-formed design tattoed on her lower waist of the left side. The tattoo is circular, resembling the shape of an amoebic cell, with a snake-like face at its beginning.

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