DaBaby’s 32 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk popularly known as DaBaby gained a tremendous fan following with his signature deep voice from his debut album, Baby on Baby. He took a firm decision to turn his life upside down by giving up on the petty crimes and legal issues that otherwise; he was always linked up with. He had begun his rapping career in 2015 under the name Baby Jesus but soon changed it to DaBaby. DaBaby’s body has a huge number of inks covering both of his arms and stomach completely. Let us explore their relevance.


1. Chest Tattoo

DaBaby Chest Tattoo

Tattoo: On DaBaby’s chest there are roses inked. On the top of the roses there lies a name that can be read, ‘Linda P Matthews’. Though he has never revealed anything related to this tattoo, the person might be too close to his which can be easily recognized from the roses inked along with the name.

2. Words on shoulder blade

DaBaby Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoo: On his shoulder blade we can see the words inked as they start from the right blade and move towards the left as, ‘Last of 3 First of 3″.

3. ‘Velma Johnson’ Tattoo

DaBaby Stomach Tattoo

Tattoo: On the center of his stomach there is another name tattoo which can be read as, ‘Velma Johnson‘. She died on 9 August 2019  in Huntsville, Texas. Velma was believed to be DabBaby’s grandmother and when she died he even made her part of his music lyrics too.

Do you like that nigga song? It’s the most real shotta
Don’t worry ’bout Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus got it
Rest in peace to Velma Johnson, free my cousin Dotty
Come on, yeah, nigga
10 bands, 20 bands, 100 bands, fuck it, man
Baby Jesus in a sprinter van
Baby Je-Je-Je-Je-Je-Je-Je-Je-Je-Jesus, aw man

4. Angel on left bicep 

DaBaby Angel on left arm

Tattoo: On DaBaby’s left bicep we can see an angel with wings inked. There is a banner with a named wrapped around the center of the angel.

Meaning: Angel tattoos are the symbol of seeking good luck and also a dedication for some guardian angel of your life.

5. ‘Angel Wings’ Tattoo

DaBaby Angel Wings TattooDaBaby Angel wings

Tattoo: There are angel wings tattooed on either of his shoulders.

Meaning: Angel tattoos denote strength, safety, and security. They are used as the symbol of good luck. However, people also receive angel wings as the dedication of love for the near and dear ones who are no more in this world.

6. Angel on Right Bicep

DaBaby Baby Angel Tattoo

Tattoo: Supporting the angel tattoo on his left bicep, we can see another angle with wings inked on his right shoulder. It also showcases a banner passing through her center body and carries the word, ‘grandma‘.

Meaning: DaBaby might have been too close to his grandmother and thus this angel tattoo is his dedication to his love for his late grandmother.

7. ‘Carpe Diem’ Tattoo

DaBaby CARPE DEIM Tattoo

Tattoo: DaBaby’s hands are inked with the word, ‘Carpe diem’.

Meaning: ‘Carpe diem’ is a popular phrase and is highly lovable among young tattoo lovers.  It showcases the person’s confidence and positive attitude thus overpowering the fearlessness in life. It focuses on the person’s belief in living the current and the present life fully and happily rather than focusing on the future.

8. ‘TRUE’ Tattoo

DaBaby Finger Tattoo

Tattoo: Across the knuckles of his left hand’s fingers, DaBaby has got the tattoo of the word, ‘TRUE’.

Meaning: In an interview, DaBaby revealed that he is very true to himself because if he is true to himself then only he can be true to others in life and thus, to remind himself of this motto of his life he has got the word, ‘TRUE‘ tattooed across the knuckles of his left hand.

9. ‘GIFTED’ Tattoo

DaBaby GIFTED Tattoo

Tattoo: DaBaby’s left forearm is tattooed with the word, ‘GIFTED’.

Meaning: He has multiple times accepted that he considers himself to be the special and gifted child of God. He said that he is glad to be at the place where he is, career-wise. Thus, we can totally understand the worth of this tattoo for DaBaby.

10. Portrait of Lady Tattoo

DaBaby Lady on right arm

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right arm, there is a portrait of a lady along with a baby’s face inked.

Meaning: As per the sources this tattoo is DaBaby’s favorite one and he once claimed it to be his mother’s portrait and the baby there represents him. This tattoo is his dedication of love towards his mother and the bond that he has with her.

11. Tattoo on Left Arm

DaBaby left arm Tattoo

12. Writing on Left Arm

DaBaby Left Bicep writing

Tattoo: DaBaby on his left arm carries a very interesting tattoo which says,


grant me the


to accept the things I cannot change;

COURAGE to change the things I can;


to know the difference.

Meaning: This a popular tattoo among all the people who are the stern believers of God and God’s blessings. It denotes the prayer to God to grant the seeker the patience to accept the things which are beyond his control, and confidence to change the things which are actually under his control and he can change them. Also, to grant him wisdom to realize the difference between right and wrong.

13. Left-Hand Tattoo

DaBaby Left Hand Tattoo

14. ‘Loyalty is Life’ Tattoo

DaBaby Loyality is Life Tattoo

Tattoo: A tattoo that has hardly been revealed by DaBaby actually is placed on his inner left bicep and it says, ‘Loyalty is Life’.

Meaning: DaBabyis is known to be a very honest and faithful person. He has often been famous for his honest revelations publically. Thus, he is a keen believer in living his life based on truth, loyalty, and honesty in life.

15. Egyptian Lady Portrait 

DaBaby Mughal Portrait Tattoo

DaBaby Mughal Portrait

Tattoo: On his arm, there is a face of Egyptian Lady inked. Egyptian tattoos are popular among people because of the richness and prestige of Egyptian culture and history.

16. ‘Music’ Tattoo

DaBaby Music Tattoo

Tattoo: Above his left eyebrow there is a tattoo that says,’Music’.

Meaning: This is the pure dedication of DaBaby for his profession and career i.e. Music and Rapper, forever.

17. ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Tattoo

DaBaby My Brothers Keeper Tattoo

Tattoo: Another phrase lies on his stomach that says, ‘My Brother’s Keeper’.

Meaning: DaBaby is close to his siblings. He has two brothers and shares an adorable bond with them. He makes sure to fulfill all their needs and also is way too possessive for them

18. Neck Tattoo

DaBaby neck tattoo

19. Numbers on Stomach

DaBaby numbers on stomach Tattoo

Tattoo: On his stomach, there are few numbers tattooed as, ‘8, 7, 22, 16’.

Meaning: These numbers reflect the important dates of his life. This is what he said once in one of his interviews. Number 22 is his own birthdate since he was born on 22 December 1991.

20. ‘Praying Hands’ Tattoo

DaBaby Praying Hands Tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm there is a tattoo of praying folded hands inked.

Meaning: Praying hands tattoo is a popular symbol that denotes us about DaBaby’s religious faith and beliefs i.e. Christianity. It is the symbol of seeking blessings of Jesus Christ and signifies the person’s faith, courage, and strength.

21. ‘Isaiah 54:17’ Tattoo

DaBaby Right Arm

DaBaby Quote on Right Arm

Tattoo: On his right forearm there is a tattoo that says, ‘No weapon formed against me shall prosper‘ which is inspired by Isaiah 54:17, that says “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise…

Meaning: This means that DaBaby is a strong believer in God and his will. He strongly believes in depending upon God. This quote implies that if you believe in God no weapon or enemy who initiates action against you can ever succeed.

22. ‘Fear None Fear God’ Tattoo

DaBaby right arm Tattoo

Tattoo: Another phrase on his body says, ‘Fear None Fear God’.

Meaning: DaBaby’s strong faith in God and his blessings are what we can relate to this tattoo too. The phrase means that we should be fearful of God since he is divine and is above all. It is rightly said that “If you fear God, you fear nothing else, but if you do not fear God, you fear everything else”.

23. ‘God’s Work’ Tattoo

DaBaby Right Eyebrow Tattoo

Gods Work Tattoo

Tattoo: Above his right eyebrow he has got another word inked that says, ‘Gods Work’.

Meaning: Since DaBaby considers himself the child of God and strongly believes in his will, this tattoo is his another showcase of love and respect for his belief.

24. ‘Right Hand’ Tattoo

DaBaby Right Hand Tattoo

25. ‘Roses on Chest’ Tattoo

DaBaby Roses on Chest Tattoo

Tattoo: There are multiple roses inked on DaBaby’s chest.

Meaning: Roses are the symbol of love and promise. They are also used to denote love for someone who is no more.

26. ‘SACRIFICE’ Tattoo


Tattoo: DaBaby’s left forearm is inked with the word, ‘SACRIFICE’.

Meaning: According to DaBaby, sacrifices have always been part of his life. This tattoo says that all. He says that if he has to sacrifice his own good for the good of others, he prefers to do that.

27. ‘SERENITY’ Tattoo

DaBaby SERENITY Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left cheek we can see another word tattooed that can be read as, ‘SERENITY’.

28. Skull on Left Arm 

DaBaby Skull on left arm

Tattoo: The inner side of his left inner arm there is a huge skull inked.

Meaning: Skulls are the symbol of death and evil. However, they are also used to symbolize the person’s courage and confidence to overcome all the difficulties of his life.

29. Skulls on Right Arm

DaBABY Skulls on Right Arm

Tattoo: On his right forearm there are multiple skulls tattooed. Skull as we know not only symbolizes the bad, evil but also, the courage of a person to handle all the fears and failures of life with courage.

30. Tattoo on left Shoulder

DaBaby tattoo on left shoulder

31. Cross on left Shoulder 

DaBaby Truly Blessed Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a cross inked on his left shoulder with the words, ‘Truly Blessed’ inked on the top and middle of the cross, simultaneously.

Meaning: Cross is the symbol of DaBaby’s religious faith i.e. Christianity. The selection of words as ‘Truly Blessed’ is the depiction of the fact that he considered himself to be blessed kid of God.

32. Writing on Right Bicep 

DaBaby Word Tattoo

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