Hilary Duff’s 15 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Hilary Duff is a famous name in Hollywood who started as a Disney child actor and grew up to do major movies, became an entrepreneur and very accomplished writer of the bestselling novels. Hilary seems to have figured it out all, and the tattoos of Hilary surely emphasis on her cheerful and positive personality. With almost 15 tattoos, Hilary’s inks are amazing and make her looks super gorgeous. She flaunts them quite often and loves to share her tattoo’s stories with her fans.

Hilary Duff

Below are a few tattoos details of Hilary:

1. Anchor

Hillary Duff - Anchor Tattoo
Hilary has an anchor tattoo on her left ankle. It signifies hope, stability and being grounded; we wonder what Hilary had in mind while having it.

2. Bird with “Stand by me”

Hilary Duff - Bird Tattoo

On the right elbow of Hilary, there are two tattoos. First, she got the words “Stand by me” inked and in the year 2012, she got a little bird next to that wording.

3. Red Heart 

Hilary Duff - heart tattoo

Hilary has a cute little tattoo of a red heart on her left wrist. The star surely is a firm believer for all the love she can get.

4. “Ma Petite Amie” 

Hilary Duff - ma petite amie tattoo

Hilary got the French phrase “Ma Petite Amie” inked on her right rib cage. The tattoo is for her close friend and it means “My little friend” or “My girlfriend.” She got this tattoo with friend Leah Miller.

5. Shine 

Hilary Duff - shine on finger tattoo

Hilary got the word “Shine” tattooed on her right hand. She has quite a relevance for the tattoo. She says that in this busy world, people get tired and it feels that the whole world is against you. At times like that, it is important to “let your light shine.”

6. Thick As Thieves

Hilary Duff - thick as thieves tattoo
Hilary also has a phrase “Thick as Thieves” inked on her. She claims that it means to be in a friendly manner and is close to somebody special.

7. “Let it Be…”

Hilary Duff - let it be tattoo
Hilary got the words “Let it Be” inked on her foot. In the hectic and stressed life, this tattoo reminds her that she is just one little person, so let it be. Sweet!!

8. Star

Hilary Duff - star tattoo
Hilary Duff got a rather cute star tattoo inked on the back of her neck.

9. Wishbone

Hilary Duff - wishbone tattoo
The right forearm of Hilary has a tattoo of the wishbone, and it is supposed to bring good luck and hope for better days. It seems like Hilary tattoos are all about positive vibes.

10. 2 Cents

Hilary Duff - 2 cent tattoo
Hilary got a tattoo in the year 2013 which says “2 cents” along with her friend. Seems like some story behind that tattoo!

11. Heart & Son’s Name

Hilary Duff - luca wrist tattoos
There is no doubt that Hilary is an awesome mom. She even got her son name “Luca” inked on her wrist along with the heart tattoo. Isn’t that utterly cute!!

12. Ghost Tattoo 

Hilary Duff - ghost tattoo

Hilary and her best friend Alanna Masterson got rather amusing and scary matching tattoos in the year 2014. It is a ghost tattoo with words “ride or die”. Wonder what’s the reason behind getting that ink?

13. “BK” on her arm

Hilary Duff - bk tattoo
Hilary also got a tattoo with letters “bk” on her arm. It is also a matching tattoo with her good friend LoBan.

14. Arrow, Star and Crescent, Triangle Tattoo

Hilary Duff - arrow on bicep tattoo
Hilary has a tattoo of a crescent moon, star and a triangle cut by pointed down arrow inked on her right bicep.

15. Double Rose Tattoo

Hilary Duff - roses bicep tattoo
Hilary has a tattoo of the beautiful double rose in black and white inked on the inside of her right bicep. This tattoo is by famous artist Dr. Woo.

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