Damar Hamlin’s 10 Tattoos and their Meanings

Damar Hamlin is a professional American football gamer who began his NFL job in 2021 as an unsettled complimentary representative with Buffalo Expenses. He is commonly acknowledged for his toughness, adaptability, and tackling ability on the field. Hamlin’s interest in body art is likewise widely known, and every one of his tattoos lugs a distinct definition and deepness into his beliefs and values. Read below to comprehend facets of his life revealed via body art.Damar Hamlin's picture

1. Hand Tattoo

Damar Hamlin's hand tattoo

The hand tattoo carries a deep symbolic meaning. This tattoo was carved by Artist Andres Ortega of Onder. The sketch of the tattoo symbolizes various elements with an astronaut doing yoga in the middle of a galaxy. He explains that the astronaut represents his road towards recovery, which he went through after having suffered from a cardiac arrest during a “Monday Night Football’ game. The tattoo is the reflection of his physical healing. The space represents his pursuit of new frontiers and to reach new heights on and off the field.

2. Heart Shape on Neck

Damar Hamlin's heart shape neck tattoo

This tattoo of Damar Hamlin has a heartfelt backstory to it. He got this tattoo inked to mark one year of his on-field cardiac arrest incident that occurred in 2023. Artist Alexander Brenes first revealed this tattoo on his Instagram. The design of the tattoo shows hands joining to form a heart shape with an ECG sign in between. The tattoo acts as a reminder of his resilience and recovery from the fatal incident and his comeback from it.

3. Hamlin Island Chest Tattoo

Damar Hamlin island tattoo

He has a scenery tattoo on his chest, the tattoo reads ‘Hamlin Island’, and the sketch includes an island with an ocean, trees, sand, and a man standing in the middle flexing his biceps which usually depicts strength. He represents the island with his name ‘Hamlin’.

4. Number Tattoo on his Arm

Damar Hamlin's number tattoo

He has No. 3 tattooed on his left arm simply as no. 3 is his current jersey number. Hamlin wore the no. 3 jersey number in his high school and college, but as he joined the Bills, he started playing with the no 31 as no choice was provided to the players. Later when the players were asked to pick their numbers, he again switched it back to 3. The number is close to his heart, and he probably finds it his lucky number.

5. A Warrior on his Shoulder

Damar Hamlin's warrior tattoo

He has a warrior sketch inked on his bicep that is stretching towards his arms, the artistry of the tattoo is a symbol of courage and bravery. Given the fatal event that Damar Hamlin went through during one of his games, there is no doubt to the fact that he is a warrior who fought through difficult times and made a comeback. The tattoo truly represents him in all ways.

6. Alphabet Tattoo

Damar Hamlin's Alphabet tattoo

He has the initial “P” on his neck, it represents the Pittsburgh Pirates logo, which belongs to his homeland Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh also is home to the professional baseball franchise popularly known as the Pirates.

7. Egyptian Tattoo

Damar Hamlin's Egyptian tattoo

He has an Egyptian-themed tattoo on his right arm, he has not clarified its meaning directly, but the structure of the tattoo is similar to that of a Sphinx tattoo, they have a fascinating design, and they represent wisdom.

8. Skull Tattoo

Damar Hamlin's Skull tattoo

Damar Hamlin has a skull tattoo that is stretched throughout his forearms. He has not mentioned the significance of this tattoo.

9. Bicep Tattoo

Damar Hamlin's Bicep tattoo

He expressed his connection and love for his hometown where he belongs, He has a tattoo right under his left bicep with green ink that states “Gray St” the place where he belonged.

10. Leg Tattoo

Damar Hamlin's leg tattoo

He has a tattoo of a person on his leg, it also follows a design along with that. It holds significance to him which has not been clarified yet.

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