23 Amazing Machu Picchu Tattoos

Machu Picchu is yet again a mysterious kind of place that you can discover in the Andes. The ruins of Machu Picchu are quite a sight to look at however, it captures thousands of mysteries beneath its destruction. The intricate stonework and a breathtaking hilltop view make it one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit. This Incan castle is located in Peru.

Besides the general fact that Machu Picchu served as a royal site for the Emperors of the time, the proximity it shares with the mountains and other geographical features leads others to believe it to be a religious site. Anyway, we know that Machi Picchu is one of the most visited sites and quite popular amongst the tourists, and so we created a list of suitable tattoos that will mark a memory of it for you. Because… photographs are too mainstream!

  • Wrist Band Tattoo

machu picchu

This design resembles a wrist band. It is quite unique in its make up. The enclosed design gives it a 360 view which is quite eccentric.

  • V-Shaped Tattoo

machu picchu

This design on the forearm seems hipster. The clouds, sun, mountains and a river flowing makes it perfect for a beautiful scenery.

  • Time Travel Tattoo

machu picchu

The compass seems to be pretty ancient which has been added to the design. It makes the whole design resonate with epicness.

  • Caricaturish Tattoo

machu picchu

These bold lined tattoos make for an extremely great design. The shading effect is great and enhances the whole look of the tattoo. I like how the sun has risen up behind the mountains.

  • Realistic Tattoo

machu picchu

This is quite a realistic-looking design of Machu Picchu. I bet the tattoo artist must have worked so hard to achieve something like this.

  • Colorful Tattoo

machu picchu

This 3D effect design is great for arms or ribs. The vibrant colors make the tattoo a little cartoonish but it is very attractive still.

  • Upper Back Tattoo

machu picchu

  • Leg Tattoo

machu picchu

This Machu Picchu is enclosed in a rhombus-shaped design which gives the whole pattern a neat enclosure.

  • Leg Band Tattoo

machu picchu

It seems as if the whole leg is enclosed with the Machu Picchu design while the black circles seem like many big and small moons in the sky.

  • Inside A Circle Tattoo

machu picchu

The sky has a great linear effect which gives it a unique texture. The lines that are used to make the tattoo are not too bold.

  • Ruins of Machu Picchu Tattoo

machu picchu

This looks as if the ancient remains of the pattern have been collected on the man’s biceps.

  • Latitude and Longitude Tattoo

machu picchu

YOu can add the latitude and longitude and other geographical features that you like to your Machu Picchu design. I think it adds a great rendition to the whole pattern.

  • Calves Machu Pichu Tattoo

machu picchu

A circular boundary gives this tattoo a neat closure which makes the tattoo look more composed and attractive.

  • Monumental Tattoo

machu picchu

I love how the boundaries of the tattoo has been shaded to make it more poignant.

  • Minimalistic Tattoo

machu picchu

This is a minimalistic design of the mountains and it looks pretty great. You need not get the whole complicated design, something like this looks equally exhilarating.

  • Forearm Machu Picchu Tattoo

machu picchu

This monument is enclosed in a circular shape which gives it definition.

  • Colored Machu Picchu Tattoo

machu picchu

It can be made practically anywhere on the body. The green hills look extremely soothing.

  • Intricate Machu Picchu Tattoo

machu picchu

This design on the ankle is quite small but very intricately done.

  • Ancient Tattoo

machu picchu

This design is great because it also features a tribal person who could a person of the ancient civilization. It is a nice addition to the design and enhances the effect of it.

  • Beautiful Machu Picchu Tattoo

machu picchu

This is an exquisite looking monumental design. Itis made on the thighs, right above the knees of the wearer. While it is a good location, you can also try and get it on the shoulder.

  • Bicep Tattoo

machu picchu 3

The tiny monument design on the bicep looks very different and unique.

  • Full Back Tattoo

machu picchu 2

Machu Picchu is huge and this tattoo design shows exactly the same thing. The whole back has been used to imprint the design of the monument.

  • Featuring A Goat

machu picchu

This tattoo design features many more elements than just Machu Picchu. It includes what looks like a watchtower and a goat. Probably the whole arm is based on different monumental sites.

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