Mauro Icardi’ 30 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Mauro Emanuel Icardi is a famous Argentine professional footballer. He plays as a striker for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the Argentina national team. Mauro became part of a controversy when he married his teammate’s ex-wife,  Wanda Nara. Mauro has got his body covered by an immense number of tattoos. Let us see what tattoos he has and what meanings do they hold for him.

Mauro Icardi

1. ‘ISABELLA’s Portrait 

Mauro daugther portrait

Tattoo: Mauro has got the portrait of a baby girl inked on his left leg’s calf area. Under the portrait, we can see a clock inked followed by the number 27 on the top. Also, the name ‘ISABELLA’ is tattooed on the top. the clock is stopped at 9:00.

Meaning: Isabell is Mauro’s younger daughter. He is very close to his daughters. This is not a single tattoo that shows his love for his daughters. Number 27 represents her birthdate as she was born on born on 27 October 2016. The time on the clock is exactly the time when Isabella entered this world.

2. ‘Isabella’ Tattoo

Mauro Isabella tattoo

Tattoo: On his lower abdomen, Mauro has got the second tattoo dedicated to his younger daughter.

Meaning: Mauro’s second daughter, Isabella’s name is inked on his lower abdomen. He got it done along with the lion portraits on his stomach. The tattoo reads, ‘Isabella’.

3. ‘FRANCESCA’s Portrait Tattoo

Mauro FRANCESCA tattoo

Tattoo: On his right leg’s calf, Mauro has got the baby portrait of his elder daughter, Francesca. Along with the portrait, we can see her name inked on the top followed by the clock tattoo on the bottom. The clock displays the time at almost 11:49.

Meaning: This tattoo dedication is for his love for his elder daughter, Francesca Icardi Nara. Mauro has two daughters with his wife, Wanda Nara. Francesca was born on 19 January 2015. The time on the clock reflects her birth time.

4. ‘Francesca’ Tattoo

Mauro Francesca name tattoo

Tatto: Exactly above the lion’s face on his chest, Icardi has got the name of his elder daughter, Francesca inked.

Meaning: He said that the lion piece is dedicated to his daughters and thus, on the top, is the name of the elder daughter, Francesca, followed by the younger daughter’s name on the bottom, towards the abdominal area.

5. Lion Tattoos

Mauro lion tattoos

Tattoo: On his stomach, and chest, Icardi has got the portraits of Lion and his cubs tattooed.

Meaning: The lion is the symbol of strength, confidence, and intelligence. The tattoo on Mauro’s body is his tribute to his daughters, Isabella and Francesca.

“Like always, my friend, thanks a lot for this artwork that we started in tribute to my two small loves, Francesca and Isabella. See you soon to continue MI9 holykoitattoo”.

6. ‘Virgin Mary’ Tattoo

Mauro right bicep tattoo

Tattoo: Covering the portion of his right bicep and shoulder is a tattoo of a lady embracing a child in her hand.

Meaning: The lady in the tattoo actually represents Virgin Mary. This tattoo is an important symbolism of motherly love. It is the most powerful religious tattoo among Christian followers. Many a time people get this tattoo to showcase that they yearn for such motherly love.  Also, prisoners get this tattoo as their hope of redemption. In the tattoo, there is a rosary beads necklace with a cross pendant wrapped around the body of Mary and the child. Cross and rosary beads are the symbols that Mauri is a Catholic.

7. ‘Maxi Lopez’s Children’ Tattoo

MaurMauro left bicep tattooo left bicep tattoo

Tattoo: Icardi’s left bicep carries a beautiful art piece. There are three baby angels inked along with the names underneath. The names include Valentino, Constantino, Benedicto.

Meaning: The three baby angels are the portrait representations of Icardi’s now-wife, Wanda’s children from her previous marriage. The three angels represent Maxi Lopez and Wanda Nara’s three boys Valentino, Constantino, Benedicto. Also, the date in the banner inked right under the portraits carries a date (27-06-14). The date represents the marriage anniversary of Mauro with his wife, Wanda Nara.

 ‘I love these three little angels’.

‘The kids are my strength… and they know I will do everything to protect them because they mean everything to me.’

8. ’27’ Tattoo

Mauro 27 tattoo
Mauro 27 tattoo
Tattoo: On his left hand’s wrist, Mauro has got the number 27 inked. Above the number, there are two alphabets inked i.e. W and M.
Meaning: 27 represents the date when Mauro got married to Wanda. The alphabets represent the initials of his own name (M for Mauro) and his wife, (W for Wanda’s name). They tied the knot on 27 May 2014.

9. ‘Angel’ Tattoo

Mauro angel tattoo
Tattoo: On his inner right arm, Mauro has got a baby angel inked.
Meaning: Baby angels or cherubs are the symbols of protection for the wearer. They also symbolize god’s pure love and the innocence of the child. People might get this tattoo to showcase the love for a young near one who is no more.

10. Ankle Tattoo

Mauro ankle tattoo
Tattoo: Flying bird tattooed on his right ankle.
Meaning: Flying dove bird is the symbol of love, peace, and hope.

11. Back Tattoo

Mauro back tattoo
Tattoo: There are no details revealed about this tattoo by Mauri. However, as we can see there is a portrait of a lady followed by some lines inked under it.

12. Bicep Writing 

Mauro bicep tattoo
Tattoo: On his inner right bicep, we can see his first name inked as, Mauro.

13. Banner Tattoo

Mauro cherub tattoo

14. ‘Clouds with stars’ Tattoo

Mauro dark clouds and stars tattoo
Tattoo: Icardi’s left arm is covered with clouds and stars.
Meaning: Clouds are the symbol of difficult past times of life whereas stars, on the other hand, are the guiding lights. They are considered to be the right guide for our future life.

15. ‘Flower’ Tattoo

Mauro flower on arm
Tattoo: A small flower can be seen on the inner side of his right elbow.
Meaning: A flower is the symbol of freshness and new beginnings.

16. Sparrow Tattoo

Mauro flying bird tattoo
Tattoo: A flying dove bird is inked on Mauro’s right leg.
Meaning: Flying dove is the symbol of peace and new beginnings in life.

17. ‘Wanda’ Tattoo

Mauro left arm writing
Tattoo: Mauro’s left forearm carries the name tattoo which reads, ‘Wanda’.
Meaning: Wanda is the first name of Mauro’s wife, Wanda Nara. They got married on 27 May 2014.

18. ‘Three Children’ Tattoo

Mauro left bicep tattoo
Tattoo: Mauri’s left bicep carries three names.
Meaning: The three names in vertical sequence can be read as, ‘Valentino, Constantino, Benedicto’.  These are the names of Maxi Lopez and Wanda Nara’s three boys. Wanda’s children from her previous marriage.

19. Baby Angel Tattoo

Mauro leg tattoo
Tattoo: Another cherub tattoo is inked on his right leg.

20. Right Leg Tattoo Illustration

Mauro leg tattoos
Mauro right leg tattoo
Tattoo: On his right leg, Mauro has got a male portrait inked which is surrounded by three baby cherubs. Also, above the portrait is an angel inked flowed by a flying dove.
Meaning: The illustration is actually the representation of Jesus Christ being surrounded by baby angels on all sides.

21. Portrait Tattoo

Mauro portrait tattoo
Mauro portrait tattoo
Tattoo: On his inner left arm, Mauro has a portrait tattoo of a lady inked.
Meaning: The lady in the portrait is Mauro’s wife, Wanda Nara. Also, there are three roses inked underneath. Roses are the symbol of love and romance.

22. Cherub Tattoo

Mauro right arm cherubs
Tattoo: Cherub on the right inner arm.
Meaning: Cherubs or the baby angels are the symbols of protection. Also, people get it inked to showcase love and pay tribute to a young person who is no more.

23. Portrait of a child and father 

Mauro right leg tattoo illustration

24. Rosary Beads with a Cross Tattoo

Mauro rosary baeds with cross tattoo Mauro rosary beads tattoo
Tattoo: There is a rosary beads tattoo inked around his left wrist. Also, the rosary beads have a cross pendant.
Meaning: Rosary Beads symbolize Virgin Mary. The cross is the symbol of a person’s belief and faith in Christianity. However, rosary beads and cross tattoo on the wrist are symbolic that Mauro is highly connected to God and believes in his blessings and direction. Also, Mauri is Catholic.

25. Thigh Tattoo

Mauro thigh tattoo

26. Three Crosses tattoo

Mauro three cross tattoos
Tattoo: Three crosses are inked on Mauro’s right thigh.
Meaning: Three crosses usually have dual relevance.  Firstly, it represents the three aspects of God as per Christian Faith i.e. the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Also, it symbolizes Jesus Christ along with two other individuals who were crucified with him at Golgotha. The tattoo on Mauro’s thigh is also the symbolism of the same. We can see the middle cross showing Jesus Christ’s on the crucifixion. It is the way to remember the sacrifice made by the three of them towards humanity.

27. Writing on Arm

Mauro writing on aforeram tattoo Mauro writing on arm tattoo

28. Writing on left bicep

Mauro writing on bicep

29. Cross Tattoos

Mauro cross tattoos
Tattoo: On his left inner wrist area, Icardi has got two crosses inked.
Meaning: Cross tattoo is the symbol of Mauro’s faith in God and his deep connection with Christianity.

30. Back Tattoo

Mauro lower back tattoo

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