David Raya’s 4 Tattoos and their Meanings

David Raya is a professional football player. He is a Spanish goalkeeper who has played for clubs such as Brentford FC in England. He began his career in England with Blackburn Rovers in 2012. He is a tattoo enthusiast, and they hold significance to him, marking some crucial turning points in his football career, and they express his passion and dedication towards it. Read the article to know more about his body art.

David Raya's picture

1. Neck Tattoo

David Raya Neck Tattoo

While having a photo shoot, he took a picture of his back to highlight jersey no. 22 while the spotlight became his tattoo just above his neckline that reads the date of his Premier League debut, “13-08-21”. This event happened during Brentford’s historic 2-0 victory against Arsenal in their very first Premier League game. With a win over his current team and a clean sheet, Raya’s day was unforgettable.

2. A Date on His Hand

David Raya's date tattoo

He has a date inked on his right hand; he has not directly talked about the significance of this day, but it must hold importance to him.

3. Arm Design Tattoo

David Raya's Arm Tattoo

His arm is covered with ink design, if looked closely one can see “Greek faces”, it seems to be a mythological tattoo. Such tattoos have symbolism of gods and goddesses, like Athena and Zeus along, with symbols and motifs that are commonly detailed and elaborate.

4. Knuckle Tattoo

David Raya's Knuckle Tattoo

He also has knuckle tattoos on his right hand. He has symbols on his knuckles, like a symbol of a Football, a heart, a fist. The tattoo is his depiction of his passion for football.

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