WizKid’s 18 Tattoos and their Meanings

If you do not know the famous Nigerian singer, Ayodeji Balogun, chances are that you might know him by the name WizKid. Another interesting fact about him – he has a lot of tattoos with meanings that are relevant to him. In this article, we have covered all that is there to know about tattoos and what WizKid has to say about them.

Fela Kuti Tattoo

WizKid got a realistic portrait of Fela Kuti, who was a Nigerian musician, bandleader, composer, political activist, and Pan-Africanist, on his right arm. The tattoo was done in black and grey shading effect with Fela’s famous pose where he has his two-fisted hands in the air.

Fela is a big inspiration to my music, he is a very musical person I like, he started a whole sound, his own sound even when it’s not making sense but this music is still there generation to generation we still listening to his music, we still value his music, he is a great guy and what he stood for and what he use his music to do is like passing a really serious message to the politicians on how they should treat the people. Fela kuti and Bob Marley are the two people that inspired me.”

  • His Mom’s Name on his Arm

Mom's name on arm

WizKid, being a mamma’s boy, has a beautiful tattoo of his mother’s name inked on his arm. The tattoo is a bold script done with a new school shading effect in black and grey ink. It spells ‘Morayo’ and is also followed by a tiny heart. He got this inked in New York.

  • A Date on his Arm

Date Tattoo on Arm

He has inked a date on his arm – 7.11.10. This date is important to him because he had an accident. He also said in an interview, he is lucky that he is alive and that is why this date matters to him a lot.

  • Smiley on his Lap

WizKid's smiley tattoo

WizKid got a smiley on his lap which is a variation of the famous rapper and producer, J Balvin’s and Justin Bieber’s trademark emoji.

  • English Text on Upper Arm

English text on arm

WizKid has an English text on his upper arm that says “Living and Learning.” The ink is done in simple black ink with a stylistic font.

  • Yoruba Text on Upper Arm

Yorubi Text on Arm

While the whole text is not clear, WizKid has inked something in his native language Yoruba. The first word seems to be ‘Yetunde’ which means ‘Mother Returns or Mother has Returned.’ The second word is ‘Omolara’ which means ‘child born at the right time.’ The third word is ‘Busayo’ which means ‘Add to the Joy’.

  • Nautical Star Tattoo on Shoulder

Nautical Star Tattoo

WizKid has a nautical star tattoo on his shoulder which might represent the strength ad courage of the sailors on board. We are not sure of the meaning as Wizkid has not talked about this tattoo extensively, but this is the most common depiction of the nautical star tattoo.

  • Lion Tattoo on his Arm

Lion Tattoo on his Arm

WizKid has a realistic black ink image of a lion on his arm. The lion tattoo signifies strength, courage, and determination.

  • Musical Notes and Stars on his Wrist

Musical notes and stars

WizKid has a tattoo of musical notes along with some stars on the side part of both his wrists. Since he is in the music industry, the tattoos might apparently mean his love and honor for the music.

  • Rose with Folded Hands on Upper Arm

Rose Tattoo with Folded Hands on Upper Arm

To show gratitude to his religion, WizKid also has an ink consisting of a Rose with folded hands. This tattoo represents thankfulness and love.

  • Tribal Ink on the Shoulder

Tribal Ink on shoulder

WizKid has a bold tribal design done in black on his shoulder. He has not revealed the meaning behind the tattoo yet.

  • Eagle Tattoo on Back

Eagle Tattoo on Back

Seems like WizKid is all about representing characteristics like strength and determination symbolically in the form of animals like eagles and lions.

  • Eagle Tattoo on Hand

Eagle Tattoo on Hand

WizKid has one more tattoo of an eagle on the upper side of his hand. Considering the similar tattoos he has, we are guessing it means courage and determination.

  • Balogun Tattoo on Arm

Balogun Tattoo on Arm

WizKid has his last name ‘Balogun’ on his arm in black ink. His real name is ‘Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun.’

  • Lagos Ink on his Wrist

Lagos Tattoo on Wrist

WizKid has ‘Lagos’ inked on his wrist. He has not yet revealed the meanings or intention behind this ink but Lagos is the chief port and economical center of Nigeria where the singer was born. Moreover, in October 2020, he also released his fourth album, Made in Lagos which was an instant hit.

  • Rose Tattoo on Hand

Rose Tattoo on Hand

WizKid has a rose tattoo done in black and grey shading on his hand. While he has not revealed the exact meaning behind this ink, the rose usually symbolizes love and passion.

  • Portrait Tattoo on Arm

Portrait Tattoo on Arm

WizKid has a portrait right above the tattoo of his mother’s name. It could be the portrait of his mother but he has not revealed much about the inspiration behind this design.

  • His Son’s Name on Hand

Boluwatife tattoo on hand

WizKid has his son’s name ‘Boluwatife’ inked on his hand with black ink. Boluwatife, whose full name is Boluwatife Adedeji Ibrahim Balogun is the eldest of three boys born to the Nigerian singer.

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