Arjun Kapoor’s 2 Tattoos and their Meanings

Arjun Kapoor is a popular Indian actor known for his work in Bollywood movies. He has a few inking on his body reflecting his passion for tattoos. Each tattoo holds a personal significance for him. His tattoos are a topic of interest among his fans and followers, adding to his charismatic personality.

Arjun Kapoor picture

1. Alphabet Tattoo

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Arjun Kapoor Alphabet tattoo

He got his sister’s initial ‘A’ inked on his left arm. He dedicated this tattoo to his sister Anshula Kapoor. This represents his close bond with his sister. He posted a video on his social media with a heartfelt note to his sister after getting the initial inked.

2. Phoenix Tattoo

Arjun Kapoor Pheonix tattoo

He recently inked a new phoenix tattoo which states ‘Rise’ in 2024. He explained that the tattoo represents his life struggles and how eventually he rose from the ashes just like the phoenix bird. While sharing this on his social media he captions it as “For only from the ashes of who we were, can we rise to become who we are to be”. It represents strength in the face of adversity and rebirth.

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