Debra Wilson’s 22 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Debra Wilson is the official name for our very own American actress and comedian, who is also known as Debra Wilson Skelton or Debra Skelton. She is best known as the cast member who has served the longest time on the sketch comedy series Mad TV, being part of all eight seasons from 1995 to 2003. Her professional accomplishments, such as acting and voiceovers, are well known to you, but do you know what tattoos cover our lovely star’s body? This article delves into Debra’s body tattoos and the implications they carry for her.

Debra Wilson

Debra Wilson Tattoos

Debra Wilson tattoos

1. Three Stars Tattoo

Debora stars on arm

Tattoo: On her left wrist, there are three stars tattooed.

Meaning: Three-Star Tattoo- There are many meanings associated with a star tattoo, such as aspirations, fate, hope, guidance, vision, and showing you the right path towards your goals, all of which are linked to ancient beliefs in which sailors used to rely on the position of the pole star to estimate the time of day.
If the stars are lined in a series, with each star larger than the last, this tattoo depicts THE JOURNEY OF LIFE. Many artists, entertainers, and celebrities opt to get stars tattooed to commemorate and symbolize their journey from the past to the present times of their achievements.

2. Butterfly on Ankle 

Debra ankle tattoo

Tattoo: Debora has got a beatifically done colorful tattoo on her left ankle.

Butterfly tattoos are the ideal way to represent transition and change in life. They can also symbolize young love; just as butterflies flit amid flowers, so do young people do in their social life, and they like to wander and enjoy each aspect of their young age.

Intriguingly, butterflies are also associated with mortality, joy, beauty, and summer in many cultures and beliefs.

3. Tribal Sun Tattoo

Debra back tattoo

Tattoo: On the upper right side of her back, Debora has got a tribal sun inked.

Meaning: A tribal sun symbolizes the harmony between the sun and life on Earth. It may also convey brightness, vigor, and inventiveness. Tribal sun tattoos are frequently associated with themes of balancing the sun and supporting life.

4. ‘Japanese Dragon’ Tattoo

Debra chinese dragon tattoo

Tattoo: On her right upper leg, there is a tattoo of a red and blue colored Japanese dragon wrapped around her leg.

Meaning: The Japanese dragon represents power, enlightenment, compassion, and the force of good. The symbolism originates from the traditional concept that dragons can influence elements for the benefit of people and the good in the world. With this belief, many people choose the tattoo of a Japanese Dragon not only as a mark of good luck but also to keep positive energy around themselves that can keep them grounded.

5. Left Arm Tattoo

Debra circle on arm tattoo

Tattoo: On her left inner arm, there is a tattoo design of the Polynesian ink.

Meaning: Polynesian tattoos stand for bravery, power, strength and determination. However, the polynesian circle or circular designs stand for the sky, and our ancestors who act as the protectors of their descendents.

6. Tribal Tattoos on Shoulders

Debra designs on shoulders

Tribal tattoos are the symbol of one’s wealth, tribe, and the rich heritage. However, the tribal designs shaded in the shape of snake skin represent your culture, authority, safeness, the cycle of life, force, cleverness, or wickedness.

7. Ear Tattoo

Debra ear tattoo

8. Tribal Designs on back

Debra kanji symbols tattoo

Tattoo: On her lower back, Debra has got some Kanji Symbols tattooed.

Kanji are Chinese characters were originally employed in Japan around the times of 800 A.D. Kanji, which evolved from written Chinese, is used to write nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, making them a great motif for tattoos to express different meanings in written.
Debra’s torso is said to be inscribed with symbols representing her strength and power.

9. ‘Koi Fish’ Tattoo

Debra koi fish tattoo

Tattoo: On her left thigh, there is a tattoo of orange-colored Koi Fish.

Meaning: Perseverance, endurance, and temptation are just few of the character aspects represented by the Koi fish tattoos. They are also frequently used by people who have come across a long journey of difficulties and hard phases in order to reach their current paths. Thus, representing that the individual is no less than a conqueror of his own life struggles.

Koi Fish is a popular tattoo pattern that symbolises good luck and persistence; a sign of wealth and good fortune.

10. Tribal Tattoos and Fire designs on the Left Arm

Debra left forearm tattoo

Tattoo: Debra’s arm is covered with the tribal design in fire, as you can see the shades of orange and red that reflect ribal fire tattoo.

Many people regard the fire tribal tattoos as the symbol of sun, and hell, as per Christian beliefs. However, the tribal designs itself stands for power and deep passion that is reflected via flames.

11. Fire and Flames on Left Arm Tattoo

Debra left forearm tribal tattoo

Tattoo: Fire and flames are nothing but a great sign of deep passion and young spirit and attitude of the person.

12. Roses and Flames Tattoo

Debra left shouler tattoo

Tattoo: On her shoulder, we can see a huge fireball tattoo surrounded by widely spread flames. Also, inside the flame fire boundary is the tattoo of the most loved flower, Rose.

Meaning: A rose represents affection, love, and passion. Flames, on the other hand, represent the person’s passion, the fire, and occasionally devastation.

A flaming rose tattoo is one of the most interesting patterns chosen by tattoo enthusiasts. It can represent power, love, and othersome positive and good feelings.

13. Tribal Designs Tattoo on Legs

Debra leg tattoos

14. Lotus Tattoo

Debra lotus on stomach tattoo

Tattoo: On Debora’s waist, there is a lotus inked.

Meaning: Lotus blossoms represent a variety of different things, making them one-of-a-kind and incredibly personal tattoos. It is frequently chosen as a tool of overcoming desires of life and becoming a better human. Furthermore, according to Hindu mythology, lotus flowers represent elegance, honesty, and spiritual enlightenment.

14. Tattoos on legs

Debra lotus tattoo on arm

15. Lotus tattoo

Debra lotus tattoo

16. Arm Tattoos

Debra right arm tattoo

17. Red Heart Tattoo

Debra right shoulder tattoo

On her left shoulder, you can find a tattoo of a red heart in a barbed wire.

Meaning: The red heart barbed wire tattoo is symbol of passion, liberation, stability, longing and empathy.

18. Heart with crown

Debra sacred heart tattoo

Tattoo: On the top left side of her back, we can see a very precious piece of ink. It is a heart tattoo with a crown and a cross inside the heart.

The heart is a well-known and often used symbol of love. A heart tattoo indicates that the tattoo bearer is yearning for love or is “open for relationships/love” The crown linked to the heart indicates that the tattoo bearer has been “taken” and is grateful to have found love in someone. Some individuals use it to represent themselves as the king/queen of their own lives, to remind themselves of their own value, and therefore to practise self-love.

SACRED HEART Tattoo– The one on Debra’s back has often been the topic of debate among many. It is also said to be the flamjingd sacred heart tattoo.

Each element of the holy heart design is intended to convey a specific significance in respect to Christ’s sacrifice and divine love, making it an excellent choice for tattoo lovers like Debra, who holds strong faith in their religious values. . Debra’s trust in Christ is symbolized through the Sacred Heart.

19. Forearm Tattoos

Debra sanskrit writing tattoo

20. Tribal Arm Tattoo

Debra scorpio tattoo

Tattoo: On Debra’s right inner arm, there is a another tribal design that covers her arm from top to bottom but, with a twist. We can see a tiny scorpion.

The scorpion has the capacity to kill with a single wave of its toxic tail, terrifying anyone who get too close. This, is the way to reflect that the tattoo wearer must be an outstanding individual, a powerful person and thus, everyone should be aware of them.

The scorpion tattoo indicates fright and terror as an expression of strong strength, self-control, commitment, and intense sexuality.

21. Tribal Designs on Back

Debra tribal back tattoo

22. Arm Tattoos

Debra tribal arm tattoos

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