Cheryl Cole’s 7 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, earlier called ‘Cheryl Cole’ is an English dancer, singer, and television artist. She is best known for her love of tattoos. The whack singer and heretofore Girls Aloud affiliate has a giant tattoo enveloping her entire bums and lower back as well. Also, a few smaller tattoos on her hand, thighs, and neck decorate her body. When asked, she elaborates, “It’s like body art and I think it’s reflective of someone’s personality, I don’t know what it is real.  I think it’s very much one of those things where you either like [tattoos] and you’re attracted to that sort of body art or you’re not. But I just am.” We know eight of her body inks. It also comprises a few which have been covered now too.

Cheryl Cole tattoos

 1. Red Heart Tattoo


Cheryl has got a baby red heart tattoo just underneath the base of her nail bed on her left middle finger. When inquired, previously, she explained that she had enough of tattoo love after huge bum tattoo, but then, she formed an exception for something so itty-bitty! Heart tattoos usually personify the Christian symbol of a sacred heart. By sacred heart, we mean engagement to the glorious heart of Christ. Also, it can have another meaning, like heart tattoos can be taken for benevolence, true love or confidence, and can hence be used to deliberate feelings of love, agony, grief, loss or memorial to the departed.

2. Tribal Right Hand


Cheryl Cole’s right hand is inked in a traditional tribal tattoo. It is a stereotyped Polynesian Maori style tattoo.  Though she has mentioned that her favorite tattoo “changes daily,” but she marked this one as a favorite in a 2010 interview with The Guardian folks, “I like the one on my hand, the little one.  Just an abstract thing.” This may have some spiritual or religious connotation.

3. Nape of the Neck


Cheryl has got a maiden name, which is Cheryl Tweedy, so she got this “Mrs. C” tattoo on the back of her neck after getting married to football player Ashley Cole in 2006 and changing her last name to Cole. But she got divorced with him back in 2010. Also, She mentioned The Guardian. that she has no plans to remove this ink, saying that “I’m not ashamed of anything. I’ve got nothing to rub away.” She did not instantaneously reform her name either, elaborating “I don’t feel sentimental about the name. If I went back to being Cheryl Tweedy, I’d be… I’m not ashamed of my marriage, it’s a period in my life. And I am Cheryl Cole. That’s how I feel.”  Nonetheless, she held on the name Cheryl Fernandez-Versini after getting hitched to Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini in July 2014.

4. Of Vines and Wires


Cheryl has a tattoo of vines and barbed wire shawl around her right thigh accompanied with a rose and a soprano fabricate at the side. Roses she says are her favorite flowers and the treble clef represents her music career. Vine tattoos look pretty and cute. They twist with a significant meaning. It kind of comes from biological stature. However, a barbed tattoo can represent different things, may be Crown of Thorns Jesus before he was crucified. Here, crown depicts life and faith to be particular.

5. Floral Tattoo


Cheryl Cole had a large floral tattoo polishing her entire lower back and bums in August 2013. Nikko Hurtado was his permanent tattoo artist for this particular tattoo for which he took multiple sessions for many months before it was finally completed. In February 2013, she exclaimed that she had already put fifteen hours of work into the tattoo.

The tattoo does have a deeper emotionally attached meaning to Cheryl, but she also loves it for the sake of how amazing it looks. She once tweeted, “I have personal meaning behind it but English roses are my favorite flowers.” She was influenced to go great with her inking after getting sick with Malaria in 2010 after she came back from a trip to Tanzania. She told, “After I got malaria, I wrote a — you call it a bucket list, I call it a fuck it list. And I just wanted to do everything I wanted to do. Life’s short and it changed my perspective and I always wanted a big tattoo.” This tattoo blankets many of Cheryl’s before inkings which comprised the butterfly on her back and flower on her butt.  It also includes a small Tweety cartoon tattoo on her bum which was actually her first tattoo.  She explained to the media, “The first tattoo I ever got, I was 16.  My sister was having the first grandchild of the family and we all got a little symbol for him.  I got a teeny little Tweety Bird.”  She chose the Tweety Pie character from Looney Tunes because of its similarity to their family name Tweedy.

6. Butt Rose


Cheryl Cole has been admiring the concept of having a rose tattoo on her bums for quite a long time. She got a little flower tattoo on her left butt cheek in 2007, that is, six years before she took the nosedive with the enormous cover-up shawl. As per tarot cards, the rose is taken as a symbol of balance. The beauty of this flower exclaims agreement, faith, hope, and fresh beginnings. It has a conflicting combination because of thorns, which depict defense, negativity, loss, and thoughtlessness. A yellow rose, however, symbolizes joy, friendship, protection against animosity between lovers, and a blooming matured love.

7. Tribal Butterfly


The now-covered tribal butterfly tattoo on Cheryl’s lower back was her oldest tattoo. In the above photos, captured lately, she had already initiated work on the Whirlpool design that now envelopes her lower back. The tattoo depicts a new beginning after her 2010 divorce. She says, “I designed it myself with the help of an artist and had it done to symbolize a new beginning” As The Mirror says, Cheryl told one of the friends, “The tattoo is deeply personal. It took weeks to come up with the final design. It has a strong symbolic meaning and signifies a fresh start and my new independence.”

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