Chris Silva’s 6 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Chris Silva Obame Correia Silva is a Gabonese professional basketball player. He is currently signed with the Miami Heat in the NBA who have loaned him to the Sioux Falls Skyforce. He also represents the Gabon National Basketball Team. Chris has a few interesting tattoos on his body. Let us look at them and the meanings they hold.

Chris Silva

1. ‘Hands and Wings’ Tattoo

Chris Silva hands wings tattoo

Tattoo: The middle of his chest contains a tattoo of two hands, joined in prayer with a pair of wings tattooed behind them.

Meaning: This is one of his religious tattoos. He got the praying hands tattooed on his body as a symbol of the power of Christ.

2. ‘Lion’ Tattoo

Chris Silva lion tattoo

Tattoo: The left shoulder and upper arm of the athlete contains a large tattoo of the face of a lion. The lion is also wearing a crown made of feathers.

3. ‘Name’ Tattoo

Chris Silva name tattoo

Tattoo: Chris’ upper left arm contains the name, “AVELINO” tattooed on it vertically along his bicep.

4. ‘Date’ Tattoo

Chris Silva date tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his left forearm, just where his elbow folds contain the date, “June 2006” tattooed on it.

5. ‘Name and Date’ Tattoo

Chris Silva name date tattoo

Tattoo: His left bicep is covered with a tattoo of the name, “Giselle” along with the date, “19 12” tattooed below it.

Meaning: The date represents November 12, 2019, when he played against the Detroit Pistons and represents one of his favorite games.’

6. ‘Forearm’ Tattoos

Chris Silva forearm tattoo

Tattoo: The left forearm of the player contains many little tattoos including designs and numbers.

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