Diego Maradona’s 8 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Diego Armando Maradona Franco, an Argentine professional football player, was regarded as one of the well-acclaimed football players. He died on 25 th November 2020, due to cardiac arrest. He owned extraordinary skills and due to his talent, he was also given the nickname “El Pibe de Oro” Diego was twice banned due to his involvement in drugs. He was known by nicknames as, ‘Hand of God’ and ‘The Golden Boy’. Diego was too close to his family especially his daughters and this was evident from his body tattoos. Let us see what tattoos he had and what meanings did they have for him.

Diego Maradona

1. Bicep Tattoo

Diego bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On Diego’s right bicep he had the tattoo of the famous Argentine Marxist revolutionary, and military theorist, Che Guevara.
Meaning: Diego said that he got this tattoo inked as the source of his love and respect for Che. Additionally, his experience of meeting with Che was a dream come true for Diego. In an interview, Diego said that this tattoo always reminded him of the closeness and how good he felt keeping Guevara closest to his heart. Che was considered as the symbol of innocence and revolution by many.
 “I carry him on my arm and in my heart. I learned his story, I learned to love him. …Meeting him was like touching the sky with my hands.”

2. Daughter’s Name Tattoo

Diego daughter name tattoo

Diego daughter name tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right forearm, Diego had the tattoo of his daughter, ‘Gianinna’ inked. Maradona loved his wife and both the daughters a lot.

3. ‘Tiny Heart’ Tattoo

Diego Heart Tattoo

Tattoo: Maradon’s right wrist had a small heart inked. The heart is a symbol of love and romance.

4. ‘Fidel Castro’ Tattoo

Diego Fidel Castro Tattoo

Tattoo: Diego had the portrait of Fidel inked on his left leg.

Meaning: Fidel was the former Prime Minister of Cuba. Diego and Fidel shared a very close bond. Their bond could be understood from the fact that when Fidel explored in 2016, Diego was recorded to have been broken and also considered him as his ‘second father’. Diego and Fidel met for the first time in 1987 following Argentina’s 1986 FIFA World Cup triumph. Coincidentally, Diego died on the same date after four years of Fidel’s death, i.e. 24 November 2020 whereas, Castro died on November 25, 2016.

“Meeting him was like touching the sky with my hands. What he has done for me is indescribable. Along with God, he is the reason I am alive.”

5. ‘DALMA’ Tattoo

Diego DALMA Tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his left forearm, Maradona had the name of his other daughter inked as, ‘Dalma’. Dalma is Diego’s older daughter, however, Diego’s mother’s first name was also, Dalma.

6. ‘Rocio’ Tattoo

Diego Rocio Tattoo

Tattoo: On his bicep, Diego had got a tattoo that was kept hidden by him. The tattoo said, ‘Rocio’. Rocio is the first name of his first girlfriend, ‘Rocio Oliva’. They came into headlines in the year 2014.

7. ‘Dragon’ Tattoo

Diego dragon tattoo

Tattoo: A lightly shaded dragon was inked on his arm.

Meaning: Dragon is the symbol of good luck and also, the symbol of strength and confidence.

8. ‘Benjamin’ Tattoo

Diego arm tattoo

Tattoo: On Diego’s right forearm, he had the tattoo of the name, ‘Benjamin’.

Meaning: Benjamin is the grandson of Diego Maradona and the son of Diego’s daughter, Gianinna, who is married to the famous footballer, Sergio Aguero.

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