Marco Reus’ 7 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Borussia Dortmund star, Marco Reus is one of the most in-demand footballers on the planet at the moment. He is one of the best wingers in world football, a talented player who showed his skill at an early age. Marco is a versatile attacker who plays in the German national team. The fast-paced offensive midfield started impressing football scouts since he started playing at the age of 5. Marco is recognised in the football field because of his tattoos. He has inked all the tattoos on his Left arm till date. Let’s explore his inks and the meanings behind them.

Marco Reus

1. Baby hand holding a Finger of an Adult Hand on Left Forearm

Marco Reus baby hand and point finger tattoo

Tattoo: A baby hand holding the index finger of the Adult hand

Meaning: Marco has a huge tattoo inked on his left forearm. It depicts the hand of a baby holding the pointing finger of an adult hand. According to some source, this tattoo represents Marco’s hand held by his nephew, Nico’s hand.

2. “Marco and His Birthdate” on his Left Forearm

Marco and birthdate-marco reus tattoos

Tattoo: MARCO and 31.05.1989

Meaning: Marco has inked his name on his Left forearm. The name is inked in bold letters above his date of birth, 31.05.1989.

3. 4 Pendants on his Left Forearm

Marco Reus pendant tattoo

Tattoo: 4 Pendants with Alphabets, T, M, Y, M.

Meaning: Marco has a pendant tattoo inked on his left forearm. It looks like the baby hand is holding for pendants. All the pendants contain the initials of his family members name, Thomas (his father), Manuela (his mother), Yvonne (his elder sister), and Melanie(his another elder sister).

4. “Half Clock” on his Left Forearm

Marco Reus clock tattoo

Tattoo: Half Clock

Meaning: Marco has inked a half clock on his left forearm. The clock shows a time, which is not clear and also the reason behind this is not known.

5. The phrase “The biggest adventure you can take is to live your dream” on Upper Left Arm

Marco Reus qoute tattoo Marco reus phrase tattoo

Tattoo: “The biggest adventure you can take is to live your dream”

Meaning: Marco has inked a phrase on his upper left arm, “The biggest adventure u can take is to live your dreams” in cursive handwriting. Just below the quote is ‘fire.’

5. Cloverleaf band on his Left Wrist

Marco Reus clover leaf tattoo

6. Lion on his Left Shoulder

Marco Reus lion tattoo

7. Flower on the inner side of his Left Elbow

Marco Reus Flower tattoo

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