15 Easiest Nail Art Ideas & Designs

Frowning on being a lazy chic, when it comes to innovating your nails? Never mind, here we have the easiest nail art ideas and designs, which aren’t tailor-made but will surely fascinate you. One simple mantra for the designs below would be, “No expertise needed, just play with your hands!” Please find below effortless but astonishing nail art designs.

Nail Art Design

1. The Loofah Look

You can easily go for a two-tone look by using a loofah as external help. First, give a base nail paint to your nails. Then you can put a loofah over them one by one once they are dry, and can use a different color to make a combination of your choice. Apply a different color via loofah to create a crisscross pattern all over.

The Loofah Look

2. Crescent Moon Design

This design is one of those easiest nail art designs. Put a base nail paint of your choice, for example, white. Then paint a tilted curved line to create the outline of the black area. After this, fill in the gaps with a black polish. Finally, you can apply a top coat and you are done within no time.

Crescent Moon Design

3. Matte With a Pinch of Eye Shadow

Apply your favorite matte nail polish. Let it dry and then mix it up with a glossy eyeshadow. Apply a second coat with this newly made brewed nail paint.

Matte With a Pinch of Eye Shadow

4. Polka Dots

Topcoat in a different color can be innovated with polka dots final furnishing, thereby giving it a typical yet simple nail art design. One can do it using a nail paint thin pointed brush or even a normal paint brush.

Polka Dots

5. Bobby Pinning is Great!

So simple, right?  Why didn’t we ever think of that earlier?  The little round part at the end of a bobby pin is simply great for making polka dots. So set aside your laziness pangs and try this now.

Bobby Pinning is Great

6. Some Tape Please?

You can make a zig-zag design of your nails by using a tape cut in a criss-cross manner. Initially, apply a base shade and cover it with a differently cut tape partially, leaving the area you want to be creative with. Over that, you can use sheer sparkle things to make it look more pretty and at the nook of your fingers.

Use Tape

7. Diagonal Nail Art

This nail art is a diagonal nape tape manicure, which is very simple and classic at the same time. First, paint all your nails with the finger paints base coat. When nails get completely dry, put a scotch tape and place it diagonally on your nails and rub down to make sure it is sealed. Then, pull off the tape carefully, in the direction of the nail polish to get a clean line.

Diagonal Nail Art

8. Sponge Gradient

You can also go for an exclusive yet simple design, that is sponge gradient texture. Put the color you want to use a sponge and then you can rub it on your nail gently by using a tap-tap technique. By this method, you can get an imprint on your nails from the sponge.

Sponge Gradient

9. Pantone Look 

One way to give a classy look to your nail art by the simplest method is using a sharpy marker. You can write or draw anything cool as per your choice.

Pantone Look

10. Graffiti Nail Art

Another design that can be printed on your beautiful nails could be simply applying abstract strokes by literally throwing nail paint haphazardly. For keeping the other side of your fingers, you can cover them using a tape and later on remove them. This graffiti design is very easy to do and looks really amazing.

Graffiti Nail Art

11. Glitz and Glam

You can give your nail art an entirely solitary look by applying glitter at the corner of your nail or maybe on some other strategic position as you find better.

Glitz and Glam

12. Simple Dot Adorable Chic

This can be done either over transparent nail paint or on some nude shades. A simple yet elegant nail art design which can deck you up within seconds.

Simple Dot Adorable Chic

13. One Thick Strip Shaded

Pretty shape centric but this design can turn your nails from pale to pink within a fraction of the time. You can draw any shape depending upon your expertise to use brush stroke and can add finesse.

One Thick Strip Shaded

14. Triangles Tucked

You need not worry even if you have little short nails or they got crooked by chance because we have a great idea to make up for this. One can apply a transparent polish first of all and then can draw pointed triangles over it with some vibrant color. This will make your nails look long as well as attractive simultaneously.

Triangles Tucked

15. Ruffian Nail Art 

This is a very common nail art design which can be made with no hard efforts. All you have to do is to get two different shades of nail polishes you want to use. Apply the first initial coat normally, let it dry and then paint another color you got for yourself by pigmenting only some part of the nail which is already painted, it can be half or maybe a quarter, depending upon your choice.

Ruffian Nail Art

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