10 Water Marble Nail Art Designs & Ideas

Water marble nails are a nail art technique implicating dropping nail lacquers into crystal clear water and generating a pattern on the water surface, the pattern conceived is then deported to the nails. This marbling technique in nail art is done by adding nail polish into a bowl of water and slightly wriggling the colors around so that when you drench your fingers in it, you end up with a very classy-looking marble effect on your nails! It’s much easier than it sounds. Here we have amazing marble nail art designs and ideas. Check them out below.

Water Marble Nail Art

1. Neon Marbled Nail Art

Neon Marbled Nail Art

This neon marble art will make your nails look fresh, funky and fetish. Also, it is very easy to do with them too. In a bowl of water, start by adding few drops of the nail polish you wish to apply. Then keep reckoning the different variants of nail colors in a circular form side by side. After that’s done, use the toothpick to whirlpool around the colors. Wriggle them around till the time, the design makes you satisfied enough. Once done, you should dip your fingers into the color scheme made, one by one. Create the similar pattern in a similar way once again in the water, if it’s not enough for the nails. Use a cotton sponge drenched in nail polish remover to clear up the area around the nails. Finally, seal it with a top coat, and you’re done with those fashionable nails.

2. Groovy Marbled Nail Art

Groovy Marbled Nail Art

One thing common to all those marbled nail arts is to dip nails into the water. But, this groovy style of marbled nail art is marginally different. In such a type, art is first created and then dried and later cut into sizes to make them fit on one’s nails. One can reuse it too.  Begin by adding the three nail polish colors into the bowl of water in a way that they form concentric circles. Use a toothpick after that to create lines in the similar pattern inside out. Leave it for some time allowing it to completely dry and place it on a paper towel after that. Now, you can cut them up into pieces so that they fit on your nail. You can storehouse them in a cool, dry place and use them whenever you need them again. To use them, you will have to give a white coat as a base, and apply a safeguarding layer around the nails in order to avoid any filth or mess, or to make it easier, you can just clean it up with nail polish remover later on. On wet polish applied, place your cut out designs on the nail. Do this for all the nails and clean up the sides that emerge. Finally, apply a layer of last coat, and you’re done with this groovy marbled art.

3. Beneath the Blue

Beneath the Blue

If the movie The Little Mermaid ever fascinated you, let me tell you the above nail art can be one of the reasons so that it can connect you to the artwork shown in the film. It gives a very adorable look and can be done within minutes.  First of all, paint your nails with the darkest shade of turquoise, for a beautiful base. Then, blanket some tape around your fingers,  under your nails so that it doesn’t get too untidy when you dip it in the bowl. Apply the colors into the bowl of water and create compassionate snakes. Now, dip your nails turn by turn in the bowl of water. Remove the tape gently. Clean up any lingering nail polish with a cotton scrub dipped in nail polish remover. Lastly, fix it with a top coat and you are good too!

4. Tiramisu Marble Nail Art

Tiramisu Marble Nail Art

If you are having a sweet tooth and desserts deck you up, you definitely should be choosing this as your marble nail art design. The beautifully swooshed shades of browns, beige and off-white connect you with yummy tiramisu, no? Let you be warned, after this, you may end up adding few more calories to your day, or you can develop a dead craving to eat Tiramisu! To start with, paint your nails beige as a base. Shwal your nails with tape under the nail as a nail guard against mess. Trickle in all the nail polishes in a concentric circle as shown above. Use a toothpick to draw a pattern of inside-out lines, four lines inwards and outwards.  Once you are done with the design formation, dip your fingers deep in the bowl.  The design should now be imprinted on your nails. Use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to clean the extras. Make sure you go for the top coat lastly.

5. Let’s turn Turquoise

Let’s turn Turquoise

Turquoise stones are one of the ancient stones in human history. It’s a very common rock amidst shamans and talismans. It has been used for safeguarding, peace, calmness, and healing. Also, it looks very mind-blowing. So what do you think about turquoise stone induced water marble nail art? Kickstart by painting all your nails in shade of turquoise blue. In a water bowl, scatter a few drops of black nail polish. Move the bowl around so that the nail polish disperses proportionately. Then, splash some rubbing alcohol into the bowl.  It should be adequately shattered and separated as shown in the above picture. Then, dip your nails one at a time into the bowl. Scrub up any nail polish marks that might have made its way onto your skin with some nail polish remover and a cotton swab. Allow your turquoise nail art with a last top coat, and you’re all set!

6. How About Marshmallowing?


White and Pink is a perfect combination that reminds one of the marshmallows. This marshmallow marbled nail art gives you a serene feeling within a fraction of seconds. Tally in few droplets of white and light pink nail polish into the bowl of water. You can use a needle to purl it around. Cape tape around your fingers under your nails so that you don’t get unnecessary nail polish marks on your skin. Then, dip your finger into the bowl of water one by one. You can do all nails or alternate nails, totally your call. Clean it up with a cotton sponge dipped in nail polish remover. Give the final touches with a top coat.

7. Periwinkle is here!


It’s monsoons here, so periwinkle can be the best form of marble nail art that your fingers can carry. You can make it by adding in drops of all the colors excluding the blue one since blue is going to be the last color in the middle of your each nail. Swirl all colors in a haphazard manner by using a toothpick. Dip your nails after this blending. Clean and dry the extra edges using cotton cloth or swab drenched in nail polish remover. Lately, fix them with the top coat.

8. Alright, Spring Look it is!

Spring Look it is

A blend of purples, blues and pinks are in for this spring. What is your say in this super cute combination? Start with a white base, giving it a subtle look. In a bowl of water, add a few drops of the nail paint in swaying concentric circles. Clout the colors gently with a toothpick. One by one, dip your fingers, into the bowl of water. Remove the extra edges and fix the final coat and you are all set to shine.

9. Some Retro Looks Classy too.

Some Retro Look

This is something coming straight out from the 1970s era, which was the time for autumnal shades. Variants like mauve, beige and avocado green were vogue then. You can do it easily by applying a white base and blending other colors.

10. Ocean Blue Sorbet Stands In!

Ocean Blue Sorbet

A spurge of white and stirs of blue- sounds perfect for a sassy summer!  White and blue strokes are just awesome for giving your nails a profound look. For such alluring colors, one can always keep the white color as a nail base. However, there needs to be some predefined safety sense while performing water marble nail art like one can always try and protect the skin around the nails with tape or petroleum jelly so that it does not irritate your skin later and can be cleaned effortlessly. Also, make sure to only gently swirl the colors in the bowl of water to give it less of an artificial effect. Always try using a larger bowl for more surface area is always better because you can dip all your nails in at once and don’t need to refill time and again.

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