Estimated that your nail art experience was on a standard with a ‘Pinterest fails’ wing? Don’t fret, we’ve all been at the same spot. But, every freshman has to begin someplace and preparation really does make a man perfect. So if you’re seeming for a beginner-level design before you try a more lofty look, then polka dot nail art is a great offset point. And it seems amazing too!

Look 1: Stand-out ring finger

Step 1 – Begin with the base

File your nails well so that they are symmetrical and the same in shape and size. Then you must coat your nails with a base color. You can choose white, for example, so that you can experiment with any kind of color on it. Leave this coat on to dry for some time.

Step 2 – Go dotty

Drop a nail art/cuticle stick in black nail paint. If you want to be sure if you have the right amount of nail paint on your equipment to get the perfect dot, you must test it on some kind of paper. Once you are done with it, create the dots using the same technique over your nails.

Step 3 – Topcoat

After all your dots have been dried, you can finish your design with a glossy overcoat so that your design is sealed. You can either choose a single big dot or cover your nail with multiple dots.

Step 4 – Create a contrast

So that your nail looks really unique and striking to others, you can opt for bright and contrasting colors for the rest of your nails. You can even add a bit of glam and glitter with either glitter nail paint or dry glitter.

Look 2: Jigsaw dots

Step 1 – All about that base

You must begin by filing your nails so that they look even. Then apply your base coat preferably a nude color.

Step 2 – Create a contrast

Use a black nail ink to draw a diagonal line at the corner of the nail. Build up that color unless you have a clean finish.

Step 3 – Add dots

Now for the whimsical factor, it’s a chance to go dotty! Along your slanting line, devise three dots. To produce them, dip a nail art stick/toothpick into black polish and apply it to your nails to make polka dots. Then, flattened the polish smoothly.

Step 4 – Add white dots

Once the first set of dots are dry, create more contrasting dots that sit in the space along the line. As you’re using a different color we recommend using new/clean tools to avoid any color mixing.

Once the first set of dots have been cooled off completely, then you can make some contrasting dots along the line. Because you are using a different kind of color, you must use a new or a different tool for it so that the color does not mix.

Step 5 – The finishing touch

Once you are sure about your look, apply the top coat to seal your polka dot nail art designs.

Step 6 – Repeat to complete

Repeat these steps for the other fingers to get an amazing monochromatic polka dot nail art design.

Why is Polka Dot Nail Art So In?

When it comes to looking fashionable, the clothes and jewelry might have their own place but so does nail art which will enhance your overall look even more. Beautiful nail art can help you look more fashionable and would give you a super neat look at the same time. It might occur to you that not everyone seems to care about the nail art, however, they might add an extra oomph to the whole dress factor. We are not asking you to go the extra mile by getting yourself some extensions! However, a simple french manicure would be absolutely perfect to enhance the whole look!

Now, the trend of getting manicures for people who only have long nails is dull and old. Many people with short nails get beautiful manicures that will look nice. More hope for people with short nails, eh? If you have a consistent job and you are no model either, then we can totally understand how hard it is to manage a good manicure. Long nails and a beautiful manicure do need a bit of maintenance and honestly, no one can really afford a frequent trip to the salon. Shorter nails seem to be more useful in this case.

However, when you are planning to get yourself drenched in beautiful polka dot nail arts, make sure that you have your nails cleaned and buffed up. You can also file your nails in beautiful shapes and make sure your cuticles are pushed in and not chopped off. The polka dot nail art would come ten times better with some pre nail care tips!