Evan Seinfeld’s 55 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Evan Seinfeld is a famous American musician and actor, director, photographer, writer, and former pornographic actor. Evan has got an immensely tattooed body due to which he is often in headlines. Evan is the founding member of Biohazard and not many people know that Evan is the second cousin of the comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Let us see his multiple body tattoos and explore their meanings for him.

Evan Seinfield

Evan heavily tattooed body

“I was 17 and got a tiny Biohazard tattoo on my shoulder. The rest is history.”

Many, my son’s name on my neck, the portrait of Lupe on my ribs and a few small tats from around the world that remind me of my life travels.

A lot of hustling, music, porn, business, balanced with some life, love, sex, party. I am very blessed, really into my hobbies, collecting low black cars and riding my chopper! Putting on events and spending a lot of time with Lupe, my love!!

1. Demon Face Tattoo

Evan arm tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm, Evan has got the demon face tattoo.

Meaning: Demon face is the symbol of keeping away the evil and instill the feeling of fear in all those who approach you with wrong intentions. Their face is shaped in such a way that they tend to hold a menacing look towards the onlooker.

2. Spider on the Back Tattoo

Evan back tattoo

Tattoo: Covering the major portion of his back, Evan has a spider tattoo along with some letters inked beneath it.

Meaning: Spider is a symbol of strength, fertility, balance of life, and harmony. Evan’s tattoo might be symbolic of his nicknames as he has also appeared in several pornographic films under the fictitious names like “Spyder Jonez “Spyder Jonez”, “Spyder Jonez”, and “Spyder Jones”

3. Arm Tattoo

Evan barbed wire tattoo

Tattoo: Surrounding his barbed wire tattoo, there is another mysterious tribal face inked. The barbed wire is another way of showing the time that the person spent in prison and is also believed to reflect that the tattoo wearer. It is also considered as the symbol of incarceration.

4. Colorful Swallow Tattoo

Evan bird on hand tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a tiny colorful swallow on Evan’s left hand.

Meaning: Swallow is the symbol of freedom and infidelity. These tattoos are a way of depicting the past time or phase of your life which you have probably spent in prison. However, this is not the case with every tattoo wearer. Some people get the swallow bird inked as a token of positivity and growth. The tattoo is often linked with the popular saying, “done your bird, done your time”

5. Sparrow Tattoo

Evan bird tattoo

Tattoo: There is another bird inked on his body which is actually a sparrow.

Meaning: Sparrow has been used for a long time to represent that a sailor has successfully ended his journey. A swallow is the symbol of wisdom, growth, protection, and love. It is considered as an important representation of showing your love and commitment which, you cannot seem to express in words, otherwise. A sparrow tattoo is regarded as the reflector of the outgoing and easy-going personality of the tattoo wearer.

6. Black Arm Tattoo

Evan black arm tattoo

Tattoo: Evan has ample body tattoos but, a recent change came when said that he had made a lot of wrong tattoo choices and now, he did not want them any longer. Hereby, he got them covered up thus, turning the whole of his left arm into a black arm.

Yes, I have a ton of cover ups, just like life, we make mistakes, do our best to fix them and learn from them. I actually love the stories. Like, I had an ex girlfriends name here. She turned out to be a psycho bitch, so I covered it with this demon head!!!

7. Cobra Tattoo

Evan cobra tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of his neck, Evan has a tattoo of a hissing cobra.

Meaning: Cobra is regarded as the most sacred symbol and a token of sovereignty, knowledge, wisdom, and nobility. Cobras hold the most intimidating looks and are believed to be the most iconic snakes on Earth.

8. Dragon on Shoulder

Evan dragon on shoulder tattoo

Evan dragon on bicep tattoo

9. Dinosaur Tattoo

Evan dragon on right bicep Evan dragon tattoo

Tattoo: There are multiple creatures, demon faces, and reptiles that existed on Evan’s left arm before he got them covered with a black arm design. These tattoos showcase a person’s power and ability to endure all difficulties of life.

10. Fierce Looking Eagle

Evan eagle tattoo

Tattoo: Evan’s right shoulder carries a masterpiece ink. It is an elaborate fierce-looking eagle with wings spread.

Meaning: An eagle symbolizes the highest power and strength. It is also symbolic of dominance, luck, fate, focus, and freedom. Eagle is popularly known as the enemy of evil.

11. ‘FATE’ Tattoo

Evan FATE Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘FATE’ tattooed across his right hand’s knuckles.

12. Patterns on fingers

Evan finger tattoos

13. Finger Tattoos

Evan finger tiny tattoos

Tattoo: Across his left hand’s knuckles, Evan has got the first name of his wife, Lupe Fuentes inked. Lupe is a Colombian house music producer, a popular DJ, and also a former pornographic actress. Evan and Lupe got hitched in 2011. Evan was earlier married to Tera Patrick and later took divorce in 2009.

14. God-like figure Tattoo

Evan forearm figure tattoo

15. Black Forearm 

Evan forearm tattoo

16. Forehead Writing

Evan instagram tattoo post

Evan forehead writing

SPOOKY Tattoos

Across his body, Evan has got multiple ghost-like figures, skulls tattoos, and even skull heads. These tattoos symbolize a single idea that Evan bears the personality traits of a strong will and mind and can overcome all the difficulties of his life with ease. Ghosts are also considered as the symbol of evil, dead, and bad.

17. Ghost Face

Evan ghost on bicep

Tattoo: Ghost-like spooky figure is tattooed on the right side of his upper body.

18. Wrist Band Tattoo

Evan ghost on hand tattoo

19. Ghost on stomach

Evan ghost on stomach

20. Ghostface on upper body

Evan ghost tattoo

21. Hand Tattoo

Evan hand tattoo


Tattoo: There is a devil face inked on Evan’s left hand. Devil face is nothing but a smart means to make other people afraid about your personality as when they see such tattoos o your body.

22. Head Tattoo 

Evan head design Evan head tattoo designEvan head tattoo

23. Skulls on Head

Evan head tattoo design

Across his head, Evan has got rather a masterpiece inked. It includes a skull face, a few patterns, and a tribal mask towards the backside of his head. His tattoo is a masterpiece and has made him more popular among his fans.

24. Forearm Tattoos 

Evan left forearm tattoos Evan left forearm

25. Leg Tattoo

Evan left leg tattoo

26. Tribal design on the pec

Evan left pec tattoo

27. Leg Tattoos

Evan leg tattoos

Tattoo: There are multiple inks covering Evan’s legs. There are Japanese dragons, some cartoons, characters from some movies, and dinosaurs.

28. Chinese writing

Evan letter tattoo

29. Skull on neck

Evan neck piece

Tattoo: Skull with crossbones is inked on the center of Evan’s neck. Skull is the symbol of mortality, evil, and death. When we combine the skull with a crossbones tattoo it is symbolic of poison, bad omen, danger, and toxicity. It is also used as a memento more on the tombstones which is actually a Russian word that means, ‘remember death’ in English.

30. Neck Tattoo

Evan neck tattoo

Tattoo: Below his skull and crossbones tattoo there is a tribal owl inked.

Meaning: The owl has multiple symbolism as per different cultures and beliefs. An owl is regarded as the symbol of protection though, many people commonly regard it as evil and relate it with the god of death.

31. Portrait on Upper Body

Evan portrait on stomach tattoo

Tattoo: On Evan’s upper left body, there is a tattoo of a portrait of a lady with angel wings.

Meaning: The lady is actually Evan’s current wife, Lupe Fuentes who is a famous Colombian house music producer, a renowned DJ, and a former pornographic actress. They are married since 2011.

32. Portrait of a lady

Evan portrait tattoo

Tattoo: There is a devilish face of a female inked on the upper right side of his body.

33. Right Forearm tattoos

Evan right forearm tattoos

34. Right-hand Tattoos

Evan right hand tattoo

35. Right leg tattoo

Evan right leg tattoo

Tattoo: There is a huge dragon covering Evan’s right leg along with a two-sided mace.

Meaning: Dragon symbolizes strength, courage, and power. Spiked Mace on the other hand is a weapon that is rarely used today.

36. Right Pec Tattoo

Evan right pec tattoo

Tattoo: There is a Chinese dragon tattooed on Evan’s right pec. It represents power, wealth, and good luck.

37. Right bicep Tattoos

Evan shoulder tattoo

38. Spooky Face Tattoo

Evan skull on hand

Tattoo: Evan has got a skull inked on his right hand’s thumb.

39. Neck Tattoo

Evan skull on neck

40. Snake and skull heads 

Evan snake with skulls

Tattoo: On his right bicep, there are multiple skull heads inked which are engulfed by a snake.

Meaning: The snake and skulls are used to represent the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

41. Spooky skull tattoo

Evan spooky ghost tattoo

Tattoo: Another skull can be seen on the left side of his upper body. The face highlights its teeth and a spooky nose.

42. Star Tattoo

Evan star under eye tattoo

Tattoo: Star, the symbol of protection, direction, and guidance is inked under Evan’s right eye.

43. Stars Tattoo

Evan stars on hand

Tattoo: Few more stars in the collection are tattooed near his right hand’s thumb.

44. Dragon Tattoo

Evan stomach ink

45. Stomach Tattoo

Evan stomach piece

46. Devil with horns tattoo

Evan stomach tattoo

47. Back Tattoos

Evan tattoo on upper back

48. Skull on head

Evan top head tattoo

49. Tribal designs on hand

Evan tribal hand tattoo

50. Vengeance tattoo

Evan vengeance tattoo

Tattoo: To the upper side of his left ear, Evan has got the tattoo of the word, Vengeance which stands for revenge.

51. Tribal band 

Evan wrist tattoo

52. ‘the spyder’ Tattoo

Evan writing on neck

Tattoo: On the upper side of his left shoulder blade, we can see the tattoo of the words, ‘the spyder’. It is a psedunymn under which even sued to work as a porn actor.

53. Mi Am Mi Vida Tattoo

Evan writing on shoulder

Tattoo: ABove the portrait of his wife, there is a tattoo of the Spanish words, ‘mi amor mi vida’.

Meaning: The Spanish phrase stands for ‘my love my life’ when translated into English. The tattoo is undoubtedly the writing dedication for his current wife, Lupe.

54. Stomach piece

Evan writing on stomach

55. Ying yang Tattoo

Evan yin yang ball tattoo

Tattoo: On his right bicep, there is a ying-yang ball tattoo.

Meaning: Ying Yang is the way of combining two opposite forces of the world, i.e. the male and the female the contribute to all the aspects and phenomena of life.  Yin is regarded as the symbol of earth, passivity, positivity, and femaleness whereas, Yang, on the other hand, is symbolic of maleness, heaven, light, and penetration.

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