Rocky Emerson’s 40 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Rocky Emerson is a famous name in the porn industry. She is a sexy tattooed star who belongs from California. She loves to hike, travel, and eat Mexican food. Talking about her tastes, she has often talked about Roky Erickson being her favorite musician. And guess what? Her name is inspired by her favorite musician’s name!

Rocky has a great affinity for art and photography. Her love for music evolves from the list of her favorite musicians whose names she shared in one of her interviews; King Crimson, Portishead, Mogwai, Mickey Avalon, and more. Talking about her heavily tattooed body, before entering the adult industry, Rocky has worked with a few tattoo artists, and her love for tattoos is all visible from her tattooed body. Let us explore their meanings.

Rocky Emerson

“I don’t have a favorite tattoo… all of my tattoos have been from friends, the designs don’t really bear meaning; they are more symbolic reminders of the people who did them. I worked in the tattoo industry for a few years and became close with a lot of artists in that time. ”

“One of my heroes is my tattoo artist Paco Dietz. He is an extremely caring man who is never afraid to admit what is on his mind.”

1. Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Rocky anatomical heart tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the upper side of her left arm, Rocky has got a tattoo of an anatomical heart.

Meaning: Anatomical heart is the way of showing your loyal friendship. This is the most preferred choice between the soul-friends when they wish to show their everlasting love and bond; this acts as the matching tattoo.

Many times, people also get the anatomical heart as a symbol of attachment, solidity, focus, devotion, drive, power, and dedication. In an interview, she had talked about this heart tattoo which also includes some name initials, as claimed by her.

Do you know? This tattoo is quite an interesting choice for those tattoo lovers who put all their heart and soul into their work, and guess what? This might be Rocky’s reason too.

2. HOMESICK Tattoo

Rocky HOMESICK Tattoo

Tattoo: Across her knuckles, Rocky has got the word ‘HOMESICK‘ inked.

She said she got it done when she was away from home for the longest time, in Las Vegas!

“I got it when I first went to Las Vegas.”

3. Anchor and Roses

Rocky anchor and roses tattoo

Tattoo: On her cleavage, Rocky has got a colorful tattoo of an anchor and a pair of red roses.

Meaning: Rose is the symbol of love and feminity. It represents admiration, romance, and companionship. Anchor on the flipside stands for serenity, respite, stability, determination, and vigor.

Anchor and rose as a combination show the tattoo wearer’s faith in her partner’s support. It is what keeps them going. Their partner keeps them strong and stable.

4. Tattoo on Arm

Rocky arm tattoo

Rocky, in an interview, claimed that there are some tattoos on her left arm that do not hold any special meanings for her but, they are there just for her love for tattoos. We guess this is one of them.

5. Universe Tattoo

Rocky space sleeve tattoo

Rocky right arm tattoo

Rocky forearm tattoos

Rocky arm tattoos

Tattoo: Covering the whole of her right arm is the tattoo of the universe which includes stars, the milky way, and an elaborate representation of multiple other elements. It can also mean affection and loyalty for either your loved one or yourself.

Having a cosmic tattoo means that you foresee your passion for someone is like a universe

She said that the tattoo includes everything:

“This is the entire space tattoo which includes all that I used to see when I visited space. I used to go with a photographer on a desert and we would record and see milky way. He would shoot me during the day and let shoot the stars during the night.”

6. Masterpiece Back Tattoo

Rocky back inks Rocky back tattoo

Tattoo: On her back, there is an elaborate tattoo presentation that shows a red-colored antler with horns and angel wings on its back.

Meaning: The tattoo on Rocky’s back is the representation of two forces of the universe, i.e. good vs bad.

The devil antler(Lucifer) symbolizes evil, and negativity whereas, angel wings are symbolic of good luck, peace, calmness, and positivity. Thus, their designs are collaborated as horns and halos to represent the balance between the opposing forces of the world. This also shows that the tattoo wearer is capable of maintaining a balance between their good and bad times and their own good and bad side, and thus, handle themselves smartly!

7. Sparrow Tattoo

Rocky bird tattoo

Tattoo: On her right wrist, Rocky has got a small tattoo of a sparrow.

Meaning: Sparrow is the symbol of love and loyalty for family. But, it can also represent liberty, freedom, autonomy, and the ability to overcome hardships and hardships. Bird tattoos are the best choice to keep yourself surrounded by happiness and freshness!

8. Burning Candle Tattoo

Rocky burning candle tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of her left bicep, there is a colorful burning candle inked.

Meaning: Burning candle is another way to showcase your hardworking nature and reflect how tough you are working and how you deplete yourself by doing numerous things at one time.

9. Crescent Moon and Butterfly on Stomach

Rocky butterfly tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of her body, Rock has a tattoo of a crescent moon and a butterfly.

Meaning: Crescent moon and a butterfly tattoo is symbol of motherhood and fertility. The Crescent moon is often linked with darkness, feminity, and hope. Some people also relate it with development, imagination, and articulation.

The butterfly is the symbol of fresh beginnings and transition in life. Also, they are regarded as the token of good luck.

Together, they are used to mark the beginnings of new phases and new chapters of life.

10. Burning Cracker Tattoo

Rocky cracker tattoo

11. Devil with Dagger Tattoo

Rocky FREEBIRD on hands tattoo

Rocky dagger piercing tiger tattoo

Tattoo: On her left hand, Rocky has a tattoo of a yellow-colored devil face along with a dagger piercing through it. This devil tattoo is her first-hand tattoo.

Meaning: She got the tattoo done by one of her fan cum tattoo artist who wanted to talk to her, and it resulted in this tattoo. Dagger is the symbol of disloyalty. death, and failure.

But, some people also regard it as the symbol of protection, bravery, and sacrifice. Devil is another symbol of destruction and evil. Rocky loves this hand tattoo of hers.

12. Satan Tattoo on Back

Rocky devil tattoo

Tattoo: Covering the major portion of her back, there is a tattoo of red-colored satan cum devil. The tattoo represents Lucifer, another name of satan, and represents devil and evil.

As per the Christian beliefs, Lucifer is the leader of devils, a proud and rebellious angel who rebelled against God and thus, was cast from heaven.

13. Cat Tattoo

Rocky Eagle and rat tattoo

Tattoo: Right under her right knee, Rocky has got the tattoo of a cat which actually represents her own kitty.

14. Eagle Tattoo

Rocky eagle tattoo

Tattoo: There is an eagle inked on the front side of Rocky’s right leg.

Meaning: The colorful eagle symbolizes luck, dominance, bravery, civilization, strength, sovereignty, clearness, guidance, and transparency. 

15. Arm Tattoos

Rocky Emerson tattoos

16. FREEBIRD Tattoo

Rocky finger tattoos

Tattoo: Across her fingers, Rocky has a word tattoo that says, ‘FREEBIRD.

The tattoo is her way of showing herself as the free bird who is set to live her life the way she wants to!

17. Fish Tattoo

Rocky fish tattoo

Tattoo: There is a colourful fish inked on the outer side of her left arm.

Meaning: Fish tattoos are the universal symbol of good luck. It also represents endurance, discernment, strength, forbearance, prosperity, and luck.

18. Mandala Flower Tattoo

Rocky flower tattoo

Tattoo: Rocky has got the tattoo of a simple MANDALA FLOWER on the left elbow joint.

Meaning: Mandala is used to represent balance, eternity, and perfection. Mandala flower designs are symbolic of the deep understanding of the universality of balance and also known as the Flower of Life.

It is meant to help the person ponder about the universe and everything that lies ahead of us in this complex world and the daily struggles of life.

The design of the Flower of Life is a complicated structure featuring dozens of circles organized in an overlapping form.

19. Japanese Flowers Tattoo

Rocky flowers tattoo

Tattoo: On her right hip, Rocky has got a greenish background ink design along with tiny Japanese motifs inked on it.

Meaning: Japanese flower motifs generally acknowledge the cycle of birth and death, as well as rebirth.

Some flowers are meant to bloom quite quicker than others, hereby reflecting the ability of each one of us to deal with our share of life problems in our own ways and how we preserve them.

20. Flower of Life Tattoo

Rocky flower of life with eyeball tattoo

Rocky hand tattoo

Tattoo: On her right hand, Rocky has got another mandala flower tattoo representing the Flower of Life.

Meaning: The flower of life with an eye in the center represents the ‘cycle of creation’.

21. ‘Hope’ Tattoo

Rocky hope tattoo

22. Alphabets Tattoo

Rocky ice cream tattoo

23. Rat and Fish Tattoo

Rocky koi fish tattoo

24. Self-Portrait Tattoo

Rocky portrait tattoo

Tattoo: On her left forearm, Rocky has got the tattoo of a gypsy lady who represents Rocky Emerson herself! She is a Serbian, and the Gypsy tattoos are the way to represent the Romany gypsy mode of life and the independence of traveling. Gypsy tattoos are also symbolic of fortune, autonomy, good wealth, passion, and living life.

“This gypsy lady is me and since I am aa serbian, I used to have a piercing. This represents me. It was weird to have myself tattooed on me but, the guy really di it.”

25. Shoulder Tattoo

Rocky right shoulder tattoo

26. Clock and Rose Tattoo

Rocky rose and clock tattoo

Tattoo: There is a clock, and rose inked.

Meaning: The clock face combined with a rose represents everlasting love. The tattoo shows the passion and admiration of the tattoo wearer.

27. Umbrella Tattoo

Rocky shoulder tattoo

28. Skull with Purple Rose Tattoo

Rocky skull and purple rose tattoo

Tattoo: Covering her right thigh, Rocky has got a blue-colored skull with a purple-colored rose in its mouth.

The skull describes life and death while the rose represents attractiveness and love. Together, the skull and rose tattoo symbolize a struggle between the beautiful and the ugly in times of evil versus good.

Also, a skull with a rose in its mouth shows the beginning of new times that have been achieved by overpowering and ending the struggles of the past.

29. Skeleton Guy Tattoo

Rocky skeleton guy tattoo

Rocky sugar skull tattoo

“I was reading a book and saw a skeleton guy and this is the design inspired from there.”

30. Burning Sun Tattoo

Rocky sun tattoo

31. Grim Reaper Tattoo

Rocky thigh NEVER ALONE tattoo

Tattoo: On her left thigh, there is a GRIM REAPER tattoo with the words, ‘NEVER ALONE.’

Meaning: The Grim Reaper symbolizes the “circle of life.” It is used to encourage you to lead your life with all the power, strength, and courage and remember that no one is ever alone in life.

The tattoo is the apparent fact that the tattoo wearer is aware of her lifeways and means and understands the way this universe works. Life and death are two essential means that happen to each one of us, once, and thus, if you are happy to be placed and born on this earth, you should not be afraid to accept the death; it shall come when it has to!!

32. Hand Tattoo

Rocky writing on hand tattoo

33. Portrait on Foot 

Rocky trash tattoo

“I got my first one in high school. I got two terrible stick-n-poke tattoos. The first real one I got the day after I turned 18.”

34. Figures Tattoo

Rocky triangle tattoo

“These two are the shapes I got from my friend, this is an impossible triangle, an impossible cube. Sumerian Symbols or planet of crossing.”

35. ‘BITE ME’ Tattoo

Rocky bite me tattoo

36. Arm Tattoo

Rocky arm tiny tattoo

37. Tiny Bee Tattoo

Rocky fly tattoo

“I think my first one is a stick and poke on my foot that my friend Holly gave me in a hotel bathroom on a Drama Club field trip. I guess I always knew I would have them. Most of them don’t “mean” anything. I mean.. they all have a memory of when it was happening and remind me of a certain time of my life or whatever but I kinda just let people tattoo what they feel like tattooing on me. Heavily tattooed people usually don’t have meaning to all their tattoos, we just keep getting more because we like the design or our friend wants to tattoo us or because we’re bored.”

38. Cube Tattoo

Rocky impossible shapes tattoo

39. ‘STOP’ Symbol Tattoo

Rocky little stop sign tattoo

40. Dagger on Hand

Rocky dagger tattoo

Tattoo: Rocky has got the tattoo of the colorful dagger across her left thumb.

Meaning: Besides being the symbol of treachery, failure, and danger, it is also seen as a symbol of safeness, surrender, and bravery.

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